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I'm a mommy with two kids - 5 and 11. Like...

I'm a mommy with two kids - 5 and 11. Like many of the women on the site, I had the amazing blessing of babies and it's something I wouldn't trade for anything in the world! However, two pregnancies definitely destroyed my once taut, pretty tummy.

I have always been quite slim- 118-120 pounds and eat healthy, but the saggy "soufflé" tummy never goes away. I call it that because it literally looks like a deflated soufflé! I went through a very painful divorce a couple of years ago. It did alot to damage my confidence in myself. I am so ready to put the past behind me and make a fresh start with a new bod!

So today I'm starting to freak out a little...

So today I'm starting to freak out a little bit. I'm worrying about swelling, drains and pain, but mostly about not waking up from surgery to see my kids. I'm 38 and of course I worry that there may be some complication and I'll regret the whole decision. How could kids understand that they lost their mommy over a tummy tuck, and now they have to live with daddy and his girlfriend. Ok...so maybe I'm being a little bit over dramatic. :) But, still I can't seem to shake that worry in my head. The idea that this is selfish or superficial somehow keeps going through my head too. I guess everyone goes through SOME second guessing? Anyways, I do have to say that this site has been tremendously helpful in calming some fears. SO many of you have had amazing, beautiful results and I'm hoping for the same. Another thing that has been really encouraging is that I recently discovered a couple of close friends of mine had tummy tucks years ago. It was great to hear their experiences, and it felt like a confirmation that I'm going to be really happy with my decision. I have mixed feelings at this point, but I'm keeping my eyes on the final prize- no more souffle tummy, no more tucking the skin flap into my pants or wearing loose tops to disguise it, and being able to wear a two piece bikini without the tank top over it- woo hoo! I finally got the courage to post some before pictures..

Got some bad news yesterday. I've been having...

Got some bad news yesterday. I've been having some abdominal trouble for the past few months and was told by my GI that I need a Colonscopy..UGH. He suggested that I wait on the TT until I have this done. SO, looks like I have to push my TT out two more weeks.. So bummed, but want to make sure I'm in optimal health before going through the surgery. I've waited this long, so I guess I can wait two more weeks...

Getting more excited! At least for today the...

Getting more excited! At least for today the nerves have subsided. I've been doing a lot of research and looking at as many before and after photos as I can. I have also read my PS's website and certifications a hundred times. I know I'll be in good hands. I recently discovered that my umbilical hernia is something that really needs to be fixed. It actually could be the cause of some of my current abdominal troubles and could cause more problems in the future. Pretty interesting and made the whole idea of going under the knife a little less nervewracking- if that's possible. I got my packet in the mail from my PS decribing the procedure and all the things I'll need to deal with pre and post op. It's starting to feel real now. I spent the whole weekend organizing my house. I have this urgency to make sure everything is ready, clean and dust free before my surgery. I DO NOT want to be sneezing post op!! I also looked through some Victoria's Secret catalogs and started getting excited about wearing lingerie without the souffle tummy.. fun, fun! A month and 11 days away and counting..

So unfortunately I have to postpone my procedure...

So unfortunately I have to postpone my procedure AGAIN. My caretaker had a work issue and will be out of the country for a few weeks. I'm now set for Nov 7. So... sigh.. have to wait. At least I'll be healed by bathing suit season! LOL

Yesterday was my pre-op appointment. I signed all...

Yesterday was my pre-op appointment. I signed all my forms, picked up my prescriptions and paid my balance. OMG-It's really going to happen! I can't back out now. And can I just say, I'M FREAKING OUT!! Everything from prepping my house, to the scar length and placement is on my mind! I'm trying to relax, but it's been pretty hard. I'm, of course, having second thoughts- looking at my tummy and wondering, is it really that bad? Maybe I can just deal with it. But, then I put on my jeans and see the flap, and imagine what it will be like to have a pretty, sexy tummy again. I can't quite imagine what it will be like to see my belly button again.. lol. It's been a long time. What have you all found helps with the pre-op anxiety? Anyone have any advice on must have's for recovery time? Also, any tricks to avoid swelling- besides the obvious low sodium diet. I heard coconut water is good to reduce swelling?

5 more days..goosebumps.. I cannot believe it's...

5 more days..goosebumps.. I cannot believe it's almost here. I visited my dr today for the last time before the big day. I had some final questions on my scar placement, and he took the time to talk to me, and draw a line where he imagines the incision will be. Nice and low. I think it's going to look great. The girls in the office were wonderful, as usual, at calming my fears. Starting to get more excited! Next few days I will be in clean, organize and cook mode. I'm a little stressed because I want to have everything ready, and make sure I have some meals prepared ahead. I know that will keep me busy and keep my mind off being nervous!

Deep Breaths.. Deep Breaths. Trying so hard to...

Deep Breaths.. Deep Breaths. Trying so hard to stay calm. I cannot believe I'm only a couple days away. I went shopping last night for some comfy sweats and a robe. I'm figuring that's probably what I'll be living in for a couple of weeks. I'm finishing up all the loose ends at work today. I am going to try to squeeze a mani and pedi in tonight. Maybe a beauty treatment will calm the nerves a bit? We shall see. I hired a maid service to do a top-to-bottom scrub of my house this weekend. That way, I can spend the weekend hugging and kissing my kids, and spending time with my family. Thinking about my babies makes me want to cry. I'm more nervous when it comes to thinking about them. Ok..No bad thoughts. I'm going to be ok. I'm making my grocery run this weekend, and stocking up on fresh, healthy food. Ladies, make sure you add yogurt to your list. The antibiotics eliminate good bacteria from your body, along with the bad, and this can sometimes lead to yeast infections. The Acidophilus in yogurt helps prevent this. So, yogurt smoothies, yogurt bars, greek yogurt, frozen yogurt, yogurt pies..I'm getting it all! HA HA! Do NOT want to deal with a yeast infection! Oh and make sure to pick up pineapple juice for swelling. Can you tell I'm a serious planner (and worrier)?? :-) At this point, the excitement + fear = me (one big bundle of nerves). Hope I can sleep this weekend!

The time is drawing near..It's TOMORROW!!! I...

The time is drawing near..It's TOMORROW!!! I cannot even describe the amount of anxiety I'm feeling today. Really getting nervous now. Been kissing and hugging my kids even more than normal this weekend. I'll be dropping them off to their dad in an hour. I know I'm going to cry! I'm trying to stay calm and think good thoughts. I have a couple loads of laundry to do, and an email to send to my boss, and then I will settle in and try to get some sleep before the big day. Not sure how this will happen, since I cannot seem to stop pacing the house! This time tomorrow I hope I'm comfortable and recovering quickly. Say prayers for me ladies! I'm going to need them so I will not completely freak out once I get to the hospital in the morning. Hugs to all of you who have gone through this and are about to!! It actually takes a lot of courage and strength. XOXOXO

Well ladies, I survived!! 8:30 am I was in...

Well ladies, I survived!! 8:30 am I was in
hospital and being prepped. I have to say
that my doctor, the anesthesiologist and the
nurses were all amazing. I was really
nervous and they made me feel relaxed as much
as possible. Dr. Shuster came and drew on me
and then they wrapped me with warm blankets and
booties. The anesthesiolgist assistant came
in to tell me she was going to give something
to relax. I felt cold in the IV and then don't remember
anything else! Apparantly though I was telling the nurses
how I wasn't going to be afraid and how I loved everyone lolol.
The next thing I remember was waking up
in recovery. What a great thing! Truthfully ride home
wasn't too bad, as I still had hospital painkillers in me.
I've been home now about 7 hours and have taken 2 vicodin,
one valium and my antibiotics. The pain is definitely manageable for me. The only super painful part is when I get up
to go to bathroom and forget to NOT use my core!!! That freaking HURTS!!! Feels like something is ripping. My great guy has been helping me get to the bathroom and back into bed and has been bringing me snacks- whole wheat toast with unsalted butter, vitamin water, smart water, banana, roasted, salt free almonds, and wheat thins crackers. So far so good. No issues keeping food down I'm finding that using my knees and arms is the way to slowly maneuver. I do feel like I've done about a thousand situps! My drains are working well and so far
Ive got about 15 out of each. So ladies, as scared as I was, all has gone pretty smoothly. The nurse told me I look hot- lol So cant wait to see my results! Kisses and hugs to all of you for all your encouraging words and prayers! I know they
helped !!! Now its time for recovery!

1day post op- feeling pretty well. Slept well last...

1day post op- feeling pretty well. Slept well last night and had a good breakfast this morning. My pain is a bit more today in
the incision area, but the pain meds are doing their job in keeping me comfortable. Saw my doctor today and was able to take a peek at my new tummy.. Wow. It made me cry! The nurse kept commenting how tiny my waist is. I didnt even recognize myself! The hernia was fixed as well, and now i have this cute little belly button. The Dr repaired muscles all the way up to my ribcage. I can tell when i try to move - sore sore core muscles! Im feeling really positive and happy i did this. Every day im sure will be better!

Day two post op- well this morning was not as good...

Day two post op- well this morning was not as good as yesterday. Woke up in alot of pain, since all meds had worn off. Felt like I'd been beat up. Took two vicodin and went back to sleep. Now I'm feeling good. Used the bathroom with no help and actually made myself a cup of tea. Just doing that wore me out! Whew! I then dozed off, tea in hand, which was not a good idea. I now have tea all over my bedroom carpet. Carpet Cleaning will be due after a couple weeks of living in my bedroom! Anyways, in bed now reading some magazines and relaxing. Today I do seem to feel extra tired. Maybe it's all
the healing going on!! I have my Next appointment friday. Dr says i will probably get my drains out by then! I hope so!

Woke up this morning at 3:30 am and can't sleep....

Woke up this morning at 3:30 am and can't sleep. My throat is so sore when I swallow. Did anyone else get this? I'm worried!! And my legs are aching. Probably from laying in same position so much. Anyways, now I'm feeling this sudden panic like something is wrong! I was feeling pretty good yesterday and now I'm feeling a bit scared. Is this normal? I felt like I was in the clear after surgery and that I made it. But now I feel this worry something will go wrong. Im going to try take valium and see if i can rest. Ladies this is definitely a journey. It really does take a while to fully heal both physically and mentally from such a major surgery. Gonna try to rest now.

Ok what is is this weird anxiety? I woke up again...

Ok what is is this weird anxiety? I woke up again literally in a panic and feeling warm. You know that feeling in a dream where you feel you have lost something, but you cant quite figure what it is? That's how I felt this morning. Surprisingly, my pain isnt too bad today, but my throat is hurting alot. It is really sore when i swallow. And Ive got restless legs- big time. I want to jump out of bed and run, but I know i can't. I think Im really not used to just sitting still so long! Anyone feeling similar? I think i may try to take a small walk outside today. Im going stir crazy!

What a difference a few hours makes. I'm day three...

What a difference a few hours makes. I'm day three post op and was having a bit of a rough morning.
My sister came by this morning and brought me an white sandwich and a frappuchino from Starbucks. Ohhh heaven! The cold drink felt great on my throat. The nurse says the sore throat is most likely from the anesthesia tube. So as long as I dont have fever, it should subside. I'm pushing the fluids and will be seeing the doctor tomorrow for another checkup. Funny
thing my sister said to me today is that the "thing" I feel that I am missing is probably my skin!! I started to laugh and thenrealized I couldn't- because OUCH! She really cheered me up being here!!! But, now I am wondering if that is true. Do we go through some sort of phantom pains as when someone gets a part of the body removed? It was a strange thought, but wondered if it had any merit. As I said in my earlier post, I really believe this is a mental journey, as well as, a physical one. Its kind of like saying goodbye to what we used to have or be, and accepting the new us - that can take an emotional toll as well, I think. What do you ladies think? Maybe I'm just being deeply philisophical due to all the pain meds.. LOL!

Ok it's day four post op. Actually getting up and...

Ok it's day four post op. Actually getting up and doing
a lot more today. I walked my dog who is the sweetest
because he waited for me as I walked like a hunched over granny. He has been coming by my bed looking at me with big concerned eyes. Funny how animals pick up on when you are not feeling well. My kids came home this morning, and will be here until their dad comes to get them for them. I have missed them so much! It's been such a joy to see them and get hugs. But, it has also been good for this mommy to rest since I honestly never do! Pain wise I'm feeling pretty good today. Once thing I am noticing is alot of stiffness and pain in my neck when I wake up. I know that's from sleeping on my back. That part is starting to get old. I'm a side and tummy
sleeper, so Im really starting to miss sleeping comfortably. At least the Valium knocks me out for the night so I
don't notice how uncomfortable I am. The other thing Im now dealing with is itching! Last night my incision was itching but I can't scratch! That's pretty frustrating. I have my doctors appt today so I decided to clean up a bit, considering I've been in the same clothes for about 3 days. Can I just say- I cannot wait to shower!! So for now, I got a spongebath - cleaned all the important areas, brushed my hair, put on a little perfume and changed clothes. I feel a bit more human today. I still have not had a BM which is pretty darn annoying. I've been taking Colace and eating lots of fiber, but so far- no luck. I think part of me is scared of it happening lol. I think I may have to try some MOM and see if that does the trick. For a few days post op, I have to say I feel I'm doing pretty well. This is do-able. It was scary and the unknowns were the things that kept me from doing this sooner. But with adequate rest, proper medication, and the right doctor, I believe this is something that is totally worth it. It has not been as hard as I anticipated. The hardest part for me has been feeling a bit isolated, and not being able to be as mobile. Everyday is getting better though!

Day 5 post-op. Overall feeling ok, but the blues...

Day 5 post-op. Overall feeling ok, but the blues have set in.
Feeling lonely and out of sorts. My butt hurts from sitting in the bed for so long. Mornings have been especially rough. I wake up really stiff from sleeping in the same position all night. Saw my DR yesterday. He said everything looks great, and if I feel up to it he said go to a movie or lunch to get out of house. He asked me to pinch an inch on my stomach - which I couldn't. That was very strange to see my skin so incredibly tight. And it's numb which is normal, but a strange sensation. Drains won't come out until Monday. (bummer) He also told me to have a BM- lol. So I finally broke down and had some Milk of Magnesia. after trying Colace with no results. MOM does
wonders. It wasn't quite as scary or painful as I thought. Sorry
TMI, but I know it's something that can be a concern for us tummy tuckers. I hope I can get out today. All my friends, my guy and family are busy. I think I will try to go for a walk and at least enjoy the pretty weather today. Surgery can be a bit isolating I've found. I have to keep reminding myself this is temporary, and I'll be up and out there again soon. Just got to give my body time to rest. That can be difficult for a usually busy girl like me. Hope all of you post op-ers are resting, recovering and feeling positive.

Day 6 post-op- Time flies when you are laying...

Day 6 post-op- Time flies when you are laying around
doing nothing. Sorry- this part sucks. Today I'm frustrated by everything..the drains, the sleeping sitting up, the pain in my tailbone from sitting, how I keep dropping things and can't pick them up, not having a shower and frankly, being smelly.. blah blah.. Yeah it's just one of those days! On a good note, I woke up alot less stiff today, and in no pain- until I coughed- oops that hurt. It's also getting easier to get in and out of bed. It's still a process to do it, but it's getting alot better. I am thankful for a healthy recovery and no complications. I know that when I'm back to work, I will probably be wishing for more days to lay around :) So trying to appreciate this time and stay positive! Monday will be my next appointment. I hope I can get the drains out, because I seriously need a shower!!! LOL

One week post op- Last night had to be the worst...

One week post op- Last night had to be the worst night through this whole process. Not pain wise but emotionally. I couldn't stand myself anymore, so decided to give myself a spongebath and wash my hair (yes, by myself). So the spongebath wasn't bad, except for the wet mess on the floor, but the shampooing was a seriously bad idea. I tried to do it in the bathroom sink and ended up with a soapy, tangled mess and an
aching back. I looked up at myself in the mirror- Drains hanging, pants drooping, hair tangled and wet and could do nothing but burst into tears- well, curse like a sailor- and burst into tears. It seriously was a very low point. To be honest though, after getting through it, I felt alot better. Hair was clean and knot free, new pajamas and some pretty smelling face lotion were on and I felt almost as good as new. Now TODAY- today is a different story!! I went to the Dr and drains are out- woot woot! the sun is shining, birds are singing, and I feel great! Seriously, ladies getting them out wasn't too bad. My Dr gave me a local at the drain site to help with the discomfort. He said it was much like getting a wax, and he was right. It pinches a bit, but let me tell you it was WORTH it! I am free!! They put on a full body compression garment that is crotchless- lol- kind of funny, but this is so you can pee without taking it off. Dr said he is really pleased with my tummy, and I'll be ready for Victoria's Secret fashion show soon.. Lol. Im excited to continue to heal! To anyone that is going through this, or is about to, keep in mind each day gets a little better. At the lowest points ( and there will be some) just remember that this is a process, and that each day gets better. Today, I am drain free and able to shower tomorrow! I feel worlds away from the sobby person I was last night! :).

9 days post op- took a shower this morning.. Yay,...

9 days post op- took a shower this morning.. Yay, yay yay!!
Amazing how something so simple can make such a huge difference in how you feel. It was a little scary and I took it slow. Luckily, I didn't get light headed. I got a good look at my
new tummy in the mirror. Wow.. is that really me? It's such a major difference. Even with the swelling (which appears to be minimal) I'm happy with the results. One thing I now notice is the tiny bit of stretch marks below my belly button. I didn't think I had any, because I could never see them before! But in the big scheme, they are barely noticeable. I wondered if any of you worried about your belly buttons? Mine looks cute but almost too tiny. Maybe I just have to get used to it? I know its hard to judge final results after only a few days. Painwise I'm doing great. I'm totally off painkillers and have been since Monday. I did take Tylenol yesterday night because my lower back was aching. I know its from walking around hunched over. Today, as I walked my dog, I noticed I am walking much straighter. Each day is a little better. My kids are back home and this morning I made them breakfast and got them ready for school. Life is starting to get back to normal. I have been really happy with this whole process. Everything has a gone as expected, and so far really pleased with how my tummy looks. It is hard to believe that only 9 days ago I had this surgery. I feel much better than I ever imagined I would. I really think keeping up with a healthy low sodium diet, resting and drinking alot of water has kept the swelling down. I hope I can continue to keep "swell hell" away. For those that went through it, did it start later in the recovery process? Was it once you resumed normal activities? Trying to understand what to expect in this area..

11 days post op- I'm really surprised at how well...

11 days post op- I'm really surprised at how well I am feeling. Still being very careful not to overdo it though. I noticed the other night a slight bit of swelling over my incision, but I had been doing alot that day. It goes down as soon as I get off my feet and rest. So for the most part I have been really trying to relax. It's been tough to sit still so much but I know it is important for my body to recover. I cannot stress enough how important it is to drink alot of water as well. I am finding that this keeps my swelling to a minimum. I'm going to try to post some photos later today. I'm amazed by how good my tummy looks so far, and to know it will only get better is pretty exciting! I look in the mirror and cannot believe that is me. I have been able to sleep on my side now a bit. That has been really nice. I have been getting little twinges of discomfort around my incision and belly button from time to time, but it is very minor. Again, pretty shocked at how well I am feeling for only being 11 days out.

13 days post op- had a busy day today.. Bathed my...

13 days post op- had a busy day today.. Bathed my dog (with my kids help), went to brunch and the car wash. I was exhausted and was sore. Definitely agree with many of the posters here, that your body will let you know when you have done too much. Also noticed some swelling, probably from the smoked salmon I ate this morning - but I could not resist! I took my compression garment off for a few minutes tonight and couldn't stand how it felt. Feels like my guts were going to fall out. Very weird feeling. Tonight I have been resting and taking it easy. Ate some pineapple for dessert after dinner to try to combat the slight swelling. Tomorrow is my two week appointment. I'm going to take tomorrow off and then I'm back to work for a couple days before Thanksgiving. I think I picked a good week to come back since it will be a short week. :) I'm nervous about going back to normal routine. Still getting little twinges of discomfort in incision area or belly button once in a while, but the recovery has gone pretty smoothly. A little bummed about my scar placement. It goes higher on my hips than I anticipated, but I'm hoping this will get better in time. I also hope this will help me avoid dogears. I also have a small vertical scar that may be difficult to cover, but again I hope as my scar fades, it won't be as noticeable. My new belly button is
really cute. I'm getting more used to seeing it now! :-) I'm hoping my updates are helping newbies or those considering the surgery. I will try to post some pics. My phone wasn't cooperating tonight.

2 weeks post op- went back to work today for a few...

2 weeks post op- went back to work today for a few hours. I am really glad that I have a job where I sit at a desk. I was pretty beat at the end of the day. Visited Dr today - he said all looks great. I'm a bit less worried about my scar. He explained that this will flatten out. I also received information about an effective scar treatment. They are silicone strips that help heal the scars and reduce chances of keloid. Overall still feeling pretty good. I do notice I tire quickly, but I know that's because my body is working hard to recover. Little by little.. Each day I'm feeling better, walking straighter and moving quicker.

18 days post op- had a great Thanksgiving with the...

18 days post op- had a great Thanksgiving with the family but definitely over did it. Was really tired and feeling aches and pains by end of day. Slept in today and feeling energetic. Today is the first day I easily rolled out of bed and had my binder off for a little while without feeling strange. I also noticed some of the numbness around my belly button is going away. My swelling around incision site is a bit better. I'm so excited now! I can tell it will look really good when fully healed. I'm adding some pictures to show progress. I am very eager to get to the gym. I feel like I'm losing major muscle tone in my legs and butt from sitting still soo much.. I know I still have over 3 weeks to go before going back to it.. Continuing to eat healthy, avoid salt as much as possible and drinking alot of water to keep swelling away.

3 weeks today! Visited Dr today. All looks good...

3 weeks today! Visited Dr today. All looks good he said- no edema. That's a relief. He said to continue to wear a compression garment. I can switch to Spanx if I want, instead of the full body thing I've been wearing. I'm still not allowed to go to the gym. My butt looks flabby from all the laying around! LOL. I just have to be patient. I noticed I'm walking completely straight today. Every week I'm realizing there is more and more improvement. I'm really happy I did this. Recovery was rough the first week, but it's been all downhill since then.

So I was feeling on top of the world today, but...

So I was feeling on top of the world today, but tonight I feel like crap. It was my first full day of work and I'm exhausted and so incredibly swollen tonight. I even feel like I'm swollen in my
face, arms and thighs. Just feel like one blobby girl right now. I also had some pain in my incision site so I took extra strength Tylenol and headed straight to bed after dinner. It's weird how you think you feel fine and then suddenly you don't. I understand now what they mean by swell hell. Sitting up in an office chair all day and eating some salty pretzels probably
didn't help! I have a swollen bulge right above my incision line- blah. I am realizing that the TT recovery process is a rollercoaster. It has ups and downs, times when you feel great and times when you hurt and need rest. There are moments of happiness and relief, mixed with frustration and an impatience to see immediate results. You have to really listen to your body and give it what it needs for each moment. Gotta keep in mind that it's all part of the process and stay focused on the end goal. I know it will be worth it when I'm sporting my bikini next summer. :-)

5 weeks, 3 days and wow.. I'm feeling awesome. My...

5 weeks, 3 days and wow.. I'm feeling awesome. My PS took my surgical tape off on Monday and said that I'm doing beautifully and am right on track. I am able to see my full scar which is a little scary, but I know with time it will look better and better. Today, I actually put on my jeans for the first time since surgery and it felt really different not to have that overhang of skin. I took a good look in the mirror tonight when I was changing into pajamas and actually squealed! I look so different! Things are starting to fall into place nicely. I can now stand up completely straight and stretch my core. When I do, my waist looks so tiny! And, I'm back to wearing my beloved high heels, which I missed while recovering..:-) The swelling is almost gone except for a bit near the incision line. I'm also noticing that the end of day swelling is less and less each week. My Dr. said I can go back to light workouts now, but to take it slow. I'm so glad I can start working on my flabby booty now! This Saturday is my company holiday party and I'm looking forward to rocking a fitted dress. Hmm..maybe a hot little number I might not have worn before because of my souffle! I can say at this point that this surgery was totally worth it. It's hard to believe it will only get better from here! Next steps is to start scar treatment. My Dr. told me to start applying silicone strips in another week. I will post some new pictures soon!

It's been a a while since I posted, but wanted to...

It's been a a while since I posted, but wanted to give a quick update. I'm a little over 3 months post op. Feeling amazing except for some weird itchiness in my belly region and a twinge here and there. This is all normal as the nerves reconnect and heal. The itchiness is a very weird and annoying sensation, because I cannot feel where to scratch- belly is still slightly numb in spots. In terms of cosmetic appearance, what a major difference. I love my new shape, the swelling is almost all gone (except for right above the scar line sometimes) and it's been so fun wearing yoga pants and a sports top and knowing my tummy looks good! I'm getting more and more excited for bikini season! The scar is healing nicely, but I do have a bit of puffiness still on my left hip- it looks like it may dog ear. I'm going to keep watching it in the next couple of months. I know it takes 6 months to see the full results. Dr. says if it does dog ear, it's a simple procedure done with local anesthesia. I'm not looking forward to that, but we shall see. I hope all of you are doing amazingly and are enjoying your new tummies, or are getting ready to embark on your journey!

My Two Year Tuck-versary!!!

Wow. SO much has happened to me since my surgery- new, amazing man, new life and new accomplishments. It’s hard to believe it has been two years. I'm still amazed with my results, and truly believe the decision to go through with this surgery was one of the best decisions I've ever made. My confidence has skyrocketed. At age 40, I'm able to rock the cutest bikinis, lingerie, workout gear and fitted clothing that I never would have considered after having my kids. I love to show off my abs now! :) In fact, I competed in my first fitness competition in May of this year (Yes, on a stage in a tiny, sparkly bikini!) and won both 3rd and 4th place trophies in my divisions! Far cry from the shy woman I once was - wearing tank tops over my swimsuit to hide the "souffle".

From a healing perspective, my scars are barely visible. They are now very fine white lines. I do have a tiny “dog ear” on one side that I’m considering having the Dr. revise, but it’s not very noticeable. I may just leave it alone. My lower belly still has a tiny bit of numbness in certain spots. I also notice when I overdo it at the gym, I can sometimes get a little swelling that goes away quickly after I rest. But truthfully, I’m pretty much back to normal. My core and my whole body is stronger than ever before. I’m heading out on a cruise in two days with my honey, and you can bet I will not be wearing a tank over my tiny bikinis! Actually, I may be naughty and skip the bikini all-together while in the islands- LOL! If you are on the fence about this decision, do it. Choose an excellent surgeon, follow the instructions you are given, and take good care of yourself. You will be thrilled with the results.
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