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My surgeon is Moises Salama and although I have...

My surgeon is Moises Salama and although I have not met with him as of yet, his staff Cynthia, Nancy, and Nomie have been great. He's actually booked all the way until March, however she promised she would get me the date I wanted and she DID. I'm so excited because I had my first child at the age of 17 and my last now at the age of 32. I have yet to experience a 2 piece bathing suit and i already have a huge nice butt so i just need this flat tummy to go with it. I've started taking my 325mg of iron and vitamin C daily. I have considered this for two years now but when i first seen the cut it turned me off but now with technology being more advanced i would so much rather the cut in which i plan to tattoo over it then to live with this belly pouch any longer.

I have good and bad news, the bad news is I have...

I have good and bad news, the bad news is I have to postpone my surgery until the end of October but the good news is I have to postpone it because of New employment paying much more $$$$$ so i'm sure we all know which one I have to choose. I will still continue to work out until a month before just because I like to maintain my weight 155-160 pounds. I also think I would rather get the surgery in the winter so I can recover well and in the summer of 2014 I just BURST out with my new body lol. My BBL is also scheduled for Feb 2014. I'm already shapely and have a huge ass I just would like a lift.

Patiently waiting

So if anyone has a November date with Salama that they are going to cancel please let me know ladies thanks. I had to cancel my June date because I went back to work, however i'm patiently waiting for a November date because Summer 2014 is mine. I already have the thick thighs and big BOOTAY lol just need this tummy to be nice and flat. Ive also been doing my squats and ive still been taking my iron pills to prepare my body for the surgery. Although i'm at work and cant make it to the gym often I use the stairs at work to keep me strong lol.

Less than 90 days away

Hi ladies i'm less than 90 days away and my nerves are begininng to kick in lol. It's really happening almost time. I'm booking my flight and hotel next week and my date is Feb 10, 2014. I started taking vitamin c and my iron pills daily. I go to the gym three times a week to maintain my weight of 165 lbs. The summer is 2014 is mine powwww hello Salama here i come lol.

I'm twenty nine days away

Ok ladies so I'm twenty nine days away from my surgery and idk if I'm more nervous or excited. I've already started packing, maxi dresses, of course all my woman necessities, tank tees, antibacterial soap, robe, and the pain killers o and a ice pack. My date is feb 10 for my tummy tuck and after three kids it was finally time I treated myself to something. I will keep u ladies updated fully pix and all to assist bcuz this site has helped me.

Three weeks away

Three weeks away omg I'm so ready for my new body plus I work out. I do kick boxing which lifts and firms your ass, my booty already popping lol. I'm packed I got 4/4 gauze, ice pack, neosporin, maxi dresses, cotton socks, sandals, a sweater, lots of panties, feminine products, anti bacterial soap, I've filled my prescriptions, robe, kindle, laptop and a few other things. I'm also taking vitamin c, and I bought bio oil and vitamin e.

Update 12 days away

Okso I leave next week on February 8th and although my surgery isn't until February 10th I wanted to enjoy two days of the Miami life. I'm all cleared I faxed all my blood work in and everything is complete and I'm ready to go. So far everything with the office is going fine with the exception of one thing I keep receiving calll's saying that I owe a balance when in fact I do not my balance was paid in full over a month ago. After I explained the same story over and over again and they dig in their records each week that they call me they see that my balance has been paid in full. That is the only annoying situation that I have had thus far. I have a little more packing to do and food shopping for my kids lol then I'm all set .

scar treatment

Purchased this today to use for my scar after surgery. Heard its really good.

omg 4 days away

My hands are sweating, I'm so ready though. Monday is my day people can't wait to update you guys. Stay tuned.

Pre op

MY Pre op is today at 630 pm not sure why it's so late but hey I'll be there.

1 day post op

Ok ladies going to make this short and sweet bcuz I'm in pain. It's done now I'm in the recovery stages. I'm walking bent over of course bcuz i can't apply pressure. Its a lot of pain but more uncomfortable than anything. Salama is a very nice doctor and made me feel very comfortable. My neck is swelled a bit but he said that's normal. I was feeling very dizzy afterwards. So advice rest rest rest.Still not feeling up to sayeating so I'm drinking lots of Gatorade.

2 days post op

Feeling much better today, I'm guessing bcuz all of the anesthesia wore off, I'm finally able to eat with feeling nauseous. I'm very sore tho but I'm up walking every hour. Took a shower today to felt great lol. I'm also using arnicare which is good for the soreness. Ok ladies going to rest ttyl

Day 4 post op

I'm still hunched over but have enough strength today to walk around alone, I'm not over doing it though but walking is great to keep your blood circulating. Oh and tums bcuz the gas is a killer, i feel every bit of it and it hurts like HELL.

day 5 post op

Hi ladies feeling very good today. So some friends of mine decided to make me laugh and I caught spasm in the muscles of my stomach. It felt very weird. So now I'm taking a muscle relaxant so piece of advice after a tt nooooo laughing lol. I'm still swelled and bruised but I see a huge difference.

one week post op tt

Getting into the garment today. Hopefully its more comfortable, and these drains are so annoying. I forget and tug at them sometimes and boy o boy that shit hurts.

last drain removed 9 days post op

Had my last drain removed today thx god. Those are very uncomfortable. If you can ever avoid going to his office on a Wednesday please do so if not be prepared to wait a few hours. Other than that day your appointments will be fairly quick.

Last day seeing the doctor

Last check up today to ensure no fluids are building up from removing the drains.

still lots of swelling almost three weeks post op but waist looking great

Getting back to normal pain is at a low, and I'm very swelled in the abdomen but loving my results.

one month post op

Just stopping by to post a updated pic ttyl ladies

six weeks post op

Hi ladies just dropping in to say hey. I still have lots of swelling in the abdomen but im in love with my new tummy, no regrets at all ;)

Tresses by lucky

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5 month's post op

9 months post op and just completed my liposuction Nov 5th

Ok ladies how are you. Both of my experiences with Dr Salama have been nothing short of amazing. This man's craft is definitely knowing how a woman body should look. My liposuction to my entire back was completed November 5th. I feel like a train hit me in the back literally. I didn't expect it to feel this bad, however I have no regrets. I am done though I don't need anything else. I have a big booty of my own that shows way more now because of my small waist thanks to Dr Salama. He's always very attentive and responds to me in a timely fashion. That means a lot to me especially since I live in NY. He cares and is very down to earth. Ladies choose him you can't go wrong. His prices are affordable and his work is impeccable. I will upload photos shortly.

photos after liposuction Nov 5th and tummy tuck in February

Enjoy the photo's hope it heLPS ladies
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