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My journey is almost complete I am having a breast...

My journey is almost complete I am having a breast lift and implants as well as a full tummy tuck. I am scared to death but I need this for my own sanity I have worked hard for my "new" body now time to enjoy it!
I have been over weight my entire life and with my skin it is hard to see myself as small I am hoping after this surgery I will finally feel the way my husband sees me as sexy!

19 days to go!

So I am 19 days away from my makeover I am beyond excited to not have all this skin hanging off me! But I have had a few people tell me that the DDD breasts I want will be to big on my small frame but I am used to having G cups so these now deflated DD are not large enough in my opinion ugh just so confused I would rather feel they are a tad to large then to small.

14 days left!!

I am no longer scared now I am just nerves!! here are my before pics... I really hope I have a flat tummy after. I have been overweight my entire life and this skin now drives me crazy excited it will be gone!!

i made it!!

I am doing pretty well. I have been upwalking every 2 hours my pain is very managable except my butt geez it is hurting lol . My breasts are only 330cc smaller than i wanted but they look great! He removedd 3.5lbs of skin. I had no lipo there was no fat to lipo anywhere . Today i go in to go over post care then the 2 hour drive back to my parents.

Honestly it is better than i thought it would be! Will post again soon

pics day 1

day 3

Just took a shower and am washing my binder looking better and standing better

obsessed with it even swollen

Never in my life have I had a flat tummy!

no more drains!

I feel so free without them!!

love the difference


Ok the swelling is getting to me. It is playing with my mind I hope it goes down soon. Tomorrow is my 2 week post opp check up. Hoping for a good report

3 weeks down!

So I am now 3 weeks post opp I swell a but more in the late afternoon and evening ... I am still wearing my binder as I find it more comfortable than the other garments actually ordered 2 more lol

So my breasts have started itching and it is horrible. I hope it goes away soon.

I also started scar therapy using the silicone strips

7 weeks out today!

So I am loving my new body.. still get swelling in my tummy but I don't have all that skin hanging !! So my breasts I love in clothes but my implants still have not dropped in to the pocket and it's driving me crazy .. I am going on vacation with hubby next week then I will have to call the Dr and see what I should do :(
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