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I had saline breast implants 14 years ago and a...

I had saline breast implants 14 years ago and a tummy tuck 5 years ago. Then decided on a new baby ????. Now I'm FINALLY ready to get a redo. Scheduled for Sept 19th with Dr Don Revis in Ft Lauderdale.

My left breast has moved down, so the PS will perform internal bra stitching to keep the new implants in place. And a "mini" or donut lift around the areola to prevent big scars but lift the boobs. I think I'll get them slightly bigger too. I am a 34DD right now.

My tummy tuck scar has always been high, so the PS will move it down an inch or two and get rid of the dog ears. A little lipo on the flanks and stomach.

I've got my pre-op appt next week. Then surgery Monday the 19th, follow up on the 20th and driving home after that.

Pre-op appt complete- 10 days til surgery

Met with Dr Revis for my pre-op, and he is such a sweetheart. Very nice guy, his office staff is super friendly as well. Alexa took my before photos. Then Dr Revis consulted with me- we decided on 550cc saline implants. My old implants are 450s (I think) and I want about 100cc more to give them a bigger look. He is getting me 475cc implants and overfilling them. To get more upper pole fullness.

My tummy tuck scar will be lowered and I'll get lipo on my flanks and stomach. I will need drains again (boo) but completely worth it if I can get better results. Since I live out of town, I'll drive back a week after surgery to have them removed.

My surgery is scheduled for 230pm and I can't eat after midnight the night before, so I will be starving! I have to arrive at the hospital at 1030am. My husband will drop me off and pick me up when they say I'm ready. I got my prescriptions for norco, flexeril, zofran, and an antibiotic. I have to fill them before surgery. Need to pick up colace too!

I have to get blood work done, so I'm going to Quest in the morning. I'm so excited the second time around!!! I know I'll have a toddler at home to take care of after surgery, but I made it work last time. My plan is to lie around on the floor with her, have a basket of supplies nearby for us both. My husband is taking a few days off work but that's it. No super pain pills til he is home with her.

Surgery in 2 days! Driving to Ft Lauderdale tomorrow

I'm anxious and nervous! My surgery with Dr Revis is on Monday morning. I have to be at the hospital at 530am for my 730am surgery. My husband will drop me off at the hospital and pick me up sometime around lunch. I must be showered and hair washed the morning of, but no lotions/deodorant/makeup. And no food or water. I'll start my antibiotics tomorrow as well as the colace and arnica.

I've got my big fold over yoga pants and a zip up hoodie to wear post op. Probably live in that outfit for days!!

I'm nervous about my 15 month old. She is a mama's girl and will want me constantly. Her two big sisters will be there to help hold her, as well as my husband. I'm hoping my plan of lounging on the floor/couch with her will work, otherwise I'm going to hire a mothers helper for a week or two.

Surgery is done!

My surgery was at 730am this morning, I had to be there at 530. Took my antibiotics, colace, and arnica before hand with a little bit of water. But otherwise no food/drink allowed! They gave me zofran in the hospital before surgery. The hospital staff was friendly and helpful and had so many great things to say about Dr Revis.

When the dr came in, wow he is a morning person. Super happy and cheerful! He asked me again exactly what I wanted, he drew out on my body what we were doing. I wanted 100cc more in my implants than before, and so I ended up with 500/525ccs. Dr Revis gave me 475cc saline implants and overfilled them, to give me more upper pole fullness, which I asked for.

I woke up at noon, and had juice and crackers. My blood pressure runs low, so I had to stay in recovery a little longer and get more fluids before I could be discharged. I can't see my results yet, but my boobs are nice and high and look way bigger!! My waist is smaller, so hoping the lipo looks great. I'm wearing a binder and the after surgery bra, so at my follow up appt I'll see every thing for the first time.

The internal bra area is my most sore, but otherwise I'm walking around a little and feel ok. Sore muscles and tired. Nausea from the pain meds and zofran doesn't help enough. I made myself some soup and am sitting up in bed watching tv. I don't want to sleep all day and not sleep tonight!

My follow up appt is tomorrow afternoon and then I'm driving back home 4hrs away.

Day 3 after surgery- feeling pretty good!

It's day 3 and I'm finally home, away from the hotel/hospital. I feel pretty good. Sore, but nothing major. I've stopped taking the Narco and switched to Ibuprofen (Tylenol does nothing for me). I haven't pooped since day before surgery and don't want to wait so long!! I'll take the Narco before bed tonight.

I slept pretty well on my back and switched to one side for a while. Laying on my left sides gives me a painful burning sensation. I think it's from the internal bra. I did manage to shower today, yippee. Once I'm up and moving, I feel good. But going from sitting to standing is a pain.

My boobs look huge and weird. I hope they turn out better! I know to give it a few months. I hope I chose the correct size! Going up 100ccs didn't seem like a big deal.

Ok I'll keep y'all posted!

Day 4- having one of those down days

I know, I know, wait a couple months at least to see the real results. But I'm impatient. I'm not loving my results. Boobs look wide and flat, not perky. And not as close as I wanted. In a bra, I think it will be nice. Major improvement from what it was! The internal bra is no joke, painful. One boob is lower than the other, so perhaps the other side needs to drop a little.

I'm all bloated from the lipo, so I can't see my tummy results yet. The scar is still high, but no dog ears, yippee. I think I'm going to love my new waist, it's just hard to see it right now.

I'm going to try not to over analyze my body for the next week and give it healing time!

One week after surgery

Slowly starting to see results and I'm liking it! My breasts were very swollen after surgery and they've gone down. They've dropped a little too. The left is still lower than the right but I hope they end up even. I am enjoying the new size too! 500/525ccs, I didn't think just a little more would make such a difference but it has.

My belly is numb, itchy, and swollen. I have no idea how the scar revision will look, but the dog ears are gone. Yippee! I like the shape I have, I think Dr Revis did a great job sculpting it.

I'm off all pain meds. I occasionally take a muscle relaxer, the internal bra can be painful at times! At night after I've been using my muscles all day. My binder likes to ride up under my boobs, aggravating the internal bra even more.
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

So far the Dr is awesome about responding to my questions. Did an online consultation since I live far away. He emails back very quickly. The office staff is also very friendly and helpful.

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