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So I loved my 1200's I definitely got my monies...

So I loved my 1200's I definitely got my monies worth out of them. My husband deployed in 2013 and when he came back I was ready for baby #3. I practically begged him for it. And so... I got it. Word of advice- don't get pregnant after a tummy tuck! He didn't ruin my boobs or my tummy, but damn it was uncomfortable to carry him! Instead of carrying him outwards, I was carrying him more up and down, if that makes since?
Anyway. Had the baby, la de da.... He's my little sweet angel who gave me reason to live... But j gained weight all over he place! My arms, hips, back- it was gross. Not to mention the back pain and the sharp pains throughout my boobs. So after my attempt to work out (started out strong) we moved to NC and I kinda started slacking.
Sent an email to my good old friend dr Revis. He said the boob pain was most likely from being pregnant and the milk coming in... Cause nerve damage. And quite honestly, but that time I was sick of getting eye fucked by every man within eye sight! I mean example- maintenance man came over my and made sexual comments to me! Literally couldn't exes be in my own home without getting sexually assaulted in one form or another! I mean I had baby puke on me for Christs sake!!! So dr Revis agreed that I needed lipo, he was okay w doing the dog ears and was ok w the breast reduction and implant exchange!
So I saved up what I could and waited the 4 month long waiting list, and headed for Fort Lauderdale!

I'm post op just 1 day shy of 3 weeks today. I'm exhausted so I'll update tomorrow with the deal of what happened. But damn post op depression is kicking my ass!!! Bad!

Almost 4 months post op and still taking pain pills because...

I'm going to be 4 weeks post op on Wednesday. I start to feel so proud of myself cause I'm off pain meds, but then I get some pain somewhere! And it's not just aches, it's literally pain!

My nipples look nonexistent. Like my skin is pulled so tight that my nipples aren't there. I specifically asked to somehow make my nipple stick out, and he said the downgrade alone should make my nipple pop out more... I've still got time, so I'm hopeful he is right. My first time looking in the mirror made me cry... So they better pop out. If not, I'll have to go somewhere local to get something done to my nipples. I need nipples.

So as of right now, my boobs are still puckered. And my right boob is leaking what looks like iodine, but Dr. Revis said it's completely normal. He said its old blood, and sometimes it happens A LOT. So I'm going to take his word...

Also, my left dog ear incision got opened back up on accident when I was putting on my spanx. So that's lovely.

I know eventually I'll like what I see in the mirror... But as of right now, I feel hideous. I cry so much because of how I look. I feel like I got lipo for no reason because I'm still fat. I feel like my boobs are so Frankenstein like, they'll never be what I want. I know I'm just freaking out... But damn. I'm ready to look normal again. I'm ready to get back to work. I'm ready to feel attractive (even in the least).

Anyway. I'll post my 3 week pics, as well as my little boo boo w the dark blood.

Does everything look ok?

I'm literally in tears

Where is my nipple?!?
If I would have know I wouldn't have a nipple, I wouldn't have gotten lipo and I would've told him to stick to making my boobs perfect!!!
I'm seriously sooooo upset!
And I'm soooo fat. When is this lipo supposed to kick in? Revis said 6 months I'll see the change, but I don't think that's how it was last time?

I've hit a huge depression right now.
Some feedback would seriously be appreciated.

Convo w Revis about my nipples

He's so easy going and short. Am I the only one who over thinks EVERYTHING?!

At my psychiatrist office

And whatever reason, they weighed me.
I'm literally in tears.
201?!? I don't understand how I can gain this much weight!
I understand swelling, but I'm like 6 weeks out? I'm so upset right now.
I wish I had more people following me on here for some reassurance.

6 weeks post op +pics

I'm having a rough time this go round.
My boobs look boxy, my body doesn't look any different than before, and I still have no nipples.
Dr Revis said I could stop wearing my spanx at the 6 week mark, so I'm free from those. I feel jiggley. Like places that didn't jiggle before, jiggle now.
I know I have time to heal, but this weight gain, no nipples and no obvious change in my overall body is depressing.
I contacted Alexa and she said dr Revis took out 2200 ccs of fat. But I still see no change and the weight gain scares me.
Anyway... here updated pics.

Still looking fat. Boobs still boxy.

My husband said I did this with my last surgery; cries, complained about the outcome, yada yada.
My whole body has changed! I gained weight from laying up healing, my high profile boobs look boxy as hell still. No more dog ears, so that's a plus... but I'm still very upset with my weight. I'm obviously heavier. And my scars look horrible!!
I'm hoping w time that everything will fall into place.
Also! I did research online about flat/inverted nipples and there's this thing out there called the Nipplette. So I ordered it and I'll begin to wear it all the time once I get my nipple shields (to hold them in place).
I'll post pics!
Ps- has anyone has strange periods after surgery? Mine have been SO off!

3 month post op

My areolas are different shapes. One is perfectly circular, the other is more oblong/oval. So I'm disappointed right there. I'll have to take updated pics and post them, as well as send them to Revis.
I started back at the gym. When I started back I was 200 lbs!!! When I had surgery (including lipo) I was 180. 14lbs dropped right away but I'm still not where I should be. But I'm still going to keep going.
I wonder if there's anything I can do about my areolas from NC... seeing as Revis is all the way in FL.

So I've been using this thing called the nipplette to make my nipples more erect. Google it if you have flat or inverted nipples. I haven't been able to wear it every day, but I have noticed a difference.
I still wear my undergarments to bed. I still have some sort of hope that it'll help.
I wear a sweat band around my stomach to the gym... it's soaking when I take it off.

I hate that I have to do all this working out even though I paid for lipo. I guess my body reacted differently this go round.

Either way. I'm down in weight. Just not where I hoped to be.

I'll post pics when I can.

Totally unhappy

Ok so for one, my boobs are still huge. I told him I wanted to be a D cup. Guess what size I am? An E. I can't find sports bras to save my life! Plus there's these huge lines from the internal sutures from my upper areola to my upper boob from the lift. Very visible!

I have these huge birthmark looking scars on my thighs from the lipo... I was also smaller before surgery. Now none of my jeans fit. But his response to that was "it's from being laid up and healing"... no. Not the amount of weight I gained. Now I'm busting my ass at the gym for something he was supposed to do.

I already had a horrible self image, but it's even worse now.

He did awesome the first surgery... I'm not sure what he was doing this time around.

Money wasted and self esteem destroyed.
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Revis is my go to man. I will never go to another doctor again. I have hope that I will turn out perfect like I did the last time. I take his word over everyone else's and I trust only him with my body. He's very personable, sweet, yet honest. He's an all around great man and Doctor!

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