On a Journey to Look for the Perfect Boobs! I Am 27 , 5'2 & 135Lbs with 2 Kids (4 Months 21 Months) - Fort Lauderdale, FL

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I just found out about this site about a month ago...

I just found out about this site about a month ago and I am in love with it! I don't know much about BAs (how the sizes works and what not) but I do however, have wish pics! Anyways, I am currently seeking for the perfect surgeon somewhere in Florida and I live in Boston, MA. I haven't gone to any consultations yet, but I do have one scheduled on March 26 with a doctor here , just so that I can get an idea of what would look great for my body and what to expect. I've also been contacting Dr Revis in Florida because he's one of the surgeons on my list and I love the outcome of his work!

Anyways, I am 5'2 weigh about 135 lbs (I was 158lbs when I was preggo) I have (2) kids and I've breastfed both for only 3 months and it has taking a toll on my breast. I am sooo sad about it and it no longer looks as full as before . It's so saggy and ugly that it makes me feel self conscious about having intimate with my husband. I am also planning on having a BA at the end of 2015 (yes , long way to go) but only so that my 4 months will be 1 year old and my other will be 2. Just so that it can be easier for my husband to look after them while I heal *hopefully*.

I am thinking about going for about 450-500 CC Mod Plus with Cohesive Gel silicones. I'm hoping that , that will achieve the look I want.

Anyone have any recommendation on sizes? Some Input will be much appreciated!!

Forgot to mention ..

I measured as 34C at VS.. Which I feel like I'm not. I feel like I'm a 34A. Looking at my boobie picture is so depressing ????

More Wish pic

Sigh. 34DDD

I'm thinking with my wide body that I should get 34DDD only because I've had so many people telling me to go big because they will shrink a bit after once you're healed. I'm dying to see how that'll look with my body type!! I wanna try on sizers!! How do I make one?

Consultation rescheduled !

So.. I've recieved a call from Dr Brooke Seckel office that they would have to reschedule my consultation from March 26. I was like "what!?!" Because when I first booked it the scheduler told me that would be the earliest. Then the lady told me the only one they have available now is for next Saturday , march 7!!!! Omgg I'm so excited! I'm hoping I will get good vibes from this doctor. I haven't done as much research on him because my mind set was on dr revis in Florida but after talking to my husband, he said I should do it here - in Boston- instead because id be in pain flying back and what not. So i might reconsider that especially because I have two babies at home as well. I guess I'll start reading deep into Dr Seckel! I just hope he would be able to achieve my wish pics or come close to it!! If anyone ever had BA done by him, please lmk what you think!!!

First consultation was just OK.

So I finally had my first consultation with DR Brooke Seckel ! I would like to say that it was a good consultation but.. Idk. I was so nervous that my mind went blanked ! He asked me what size do I want to be once I get it done, I said "DDD" and their eye kinda widen . So he said, "let me measure you and see what we can do". Then he gave me some gels to try on that he thinks will fit my body type, he suggested 450CC or 475CC max which will give me a full D cup. When I tried it on, it just didn't look as nice as I thought it would be. Maybe because I have a little gut on my tummy which makes it look blah. I wasn't so excited after. I also forgot to bring a sports bra so they lend me theirs and it was kinda loose so he put on a surgical bra to tightened up a bit. I also wished I wore a plain SOLID tank top instead of the ones with buttons in the center and lines going down horizontal ????. I rushed out the house because my baby was woke up and I had to tend to him til he calmed down so I just grabbed a tank top real quick!

Idk, overall I think I will continue my search. I have some pictures but it's not noticeable at all since I was not fully prepared!!! :( . I will definitely be prepared next time though!

Ok so here's the pics I got; I wasn't wearing the proper cami/top

During consultation he let me try on 450CC (what he thinks fit my body type). It looks like it blend in with my belly; is that how it's suppose to be? (Yes, I know I need to work out more especially after having 2 kids in a row lol) I want it to be a bit bigger . More noticeable. He suggested moderate profile with mentor silicones. I will make sure to wear proper top next time!!
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