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Hello gorgeous ladies (and gents if there are any....

Hello gorgeous ladies (and gents if there are any... I haven't seen many)! I am so glad to have found this site! To see others opinion and support is very encouraging :)

So... A little background on myself: I'm 28 years old and I used to weight 203 lbs at my heaviest. Then I took control of my life began eating healthy and working out and lost weight... And after I got bored of working Out a gym I joined crossfit and began eatin Paleo with very few days with grains. I lost extra weight and was in my ideal weight for my body. I was energetic and strong... Yet there were areas that no matter how much I lifted how much I ran how many kettle bell swings or pull ups and push ups I did it did not change... Belly pouch, upper arms, and inner thighs and the thickness of my back. It was more of my genetics I guess because I'm naturally bigger on the top than my bottom. I actually have abs I can feel them... But can't see them because of the pouch :( Today, I had lipo... In all those areas. I'm So swollen! I can't even see the a shape to me. Did anyone go through this? Also, I'm peeing like crazy...

Three days later

So, the next day after surgery I decided the garment was too loose on my arms. It just felt like there was nothing holding my skin in place. It was a weird feeling. I went to a store that specializes in garments and bought a much better one. It was all great until time for bed came around... I couldn't breath properly. My mattress curves a bit so it wasn't helping me lay flat and balanced. So I slept in the living room and all was good. Last night however was a different story. I went to the movies and my arms began swelling and tingling from the pain. I tried switching the garment loosening it etc... nothing helped so I just switched to the post op soft loose garment. and finally was able to sleep and the swelling in my hands and forearms went down. I did call my doctor at 11 yet he called me back in three minutes. He wasn't too concerned but said he wanted to see me the next morning just make sure everything was good. Today I saw him and he is very pleased with my progress. He says I'm healing wonderfully and chose to take the stitches out. I must say that although I don't feel that tight feeling the new garment gave me, that for now i think ill keep the flimsy zipper garment on. sigh.... I like the other one better... maybe Ill try again in a week.

Second day new garment

Day 10

Good news: I have finished all the meds, my upper back, tummy, arms and inner thighs are coming along just fine. I hardly have any soreness, light bruising and very little discomfort. Only time I have to be careful is getting in and out of my caror plopping down on a chair... That's a no no.

Bad news: seems like all the pain I don't have everywhere else has move to my flanks. Holy crap. I mean really. H O L Y C R A P. and you know when the pain decides to flare up the most? At night of course. I've tried everything! If i sleep on my tummy, my arms swell.... if i sleep on my side im not comfortable long enough as my flanks start flaring up. It's so hopeless! Whats more is that they are also numb in this weird way! Another horrible thing: the garments SUCK. The zippers are irritating, the straps hurt, everything sucks about the garment... Not to mention that I live in Miami and that its literally 91 degrees outside and feeling hotter than that! My arm garment from the doctor was really bad and it hurt so much I went and bought the white one in the picture... This one has better support but its itchy and the compression can irritate my forearm and its not like its that super tight. I just hate this whole itchy garment thing. Ugh! Otherwise...I'm starting to see little differences here and there and I'm keeping the good things in mind every night my flanks don't let me sleep. Also, I started arnica p gel and pellets and bromelain... It might be too late but I want to try anything to make the swelling and flank pain to go away!

I haven't rated the overall rating as I am waiting for the very final result. However, as you can tell, I am HIGHLY pleased with my doctor. I met with MANY different doctors before selecting him and I feel like I made the correct choice :)

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