Bbl W/ Dr. Salama 2/11 - Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Hi ladies I'm new to this and wanted to share my...

Hi ladies I'm new to this and wanted to share my journey with you wonderful gals. Ok, so my mother and I both were lucky to get an appt with Dr. Salama the same week. Mines is on 2/11 and my mothers is 2/14. Cynthia, Nancy and Jules are amazing I contacted them last week and told them that I wanted to get the procedure done no later than late February. I don't know how they did it but they did, I heard the wait was like a year luckily we got ours right away. I will be in Florida from the 10th to the 25th and I plan on staying my first 10 days at the recovery house (serenity recovery retreat) and rent an apt for the next 6 days from If you ladies can tell me how your stay was at the recovery house I would really appreciate it. Also some tips and tricks pre and post op. What I cannot forget, what I need etc... Thanks ladies :)


I just received a call from Cynthia and they will be able to do both my mother and I on the same day which is February 11.!! YAYYYY.!!! Only down fall is that I had already booked my flight and can't cancel or reschedule my return flight. BUT, Cynthia was generous enough to work with me and give me a deal I could not resist to stay at the recovery house. Soooo now I will be staying there the full term of my recovery and I'm ok with that :-)


Today I'm exactly 30 days until surgery. I have already started taking my iron and vitamin c. Still waiting on my packet from dr Salama. I have already had lipo in the past so I'm a little scared I won't be able to get 1000cc so I'm considering getting my inner thighs done as well. Although they have asked me to gain 5-8 lbs .I will attach pre op photos. My measurements are :
Chest: 40
Waist: 33
Hips: 46
Weight: 179.8

I forgot to mention

I forgot to mention that Cynthia called me some time last week and told me I wouldn't be able to stay at the serenity house for the full 16days. So I booked another return flight and my mother and I come back on the 20th which I find to be a little soon but what can I do now.?


Sorry I haven't been updating lately I've been a little discouraged. Still haven't gotten clearance from my doctor and surgery is right around the corner I'm so upset. I will keep you guys posted.. Also I finally got my packet from Dr. Salama's office it took forever. I wish they would have sent it out earlier so I can begin to prep for everything like labs, taking vitamins etc... Hoping for the best though.

wish pics

A couple more wish pics... And still waiting for clearance from my doctor :-(

Any ladies going to be at the recovery house around Feb 10-20th? Looking forward to meeting you all.

Updated pre op pics BBL 2/10

So today I finished paying my remaining balance. Feels good. I'm super excited and still a little nervous I still haven't been cleared for surgery but I'm staying positive and hoping everything works out. I have attached some pre op pics current weight and updated measurements. I DO NOT PLAN ON GAINING ANYMORE WEIGHT SO THIS WILL HAVE TO DO.

Chest: 40"
Waist: 34"
Hips: 46 1/2 "
Thighs: 29"

Current weight: 184.2lbs

Ladies who have stayed at the recovery house any tips? I would really appreciate it.


YAYYYYY.!!' Just got news that I was cleared for surgery I'm so happy, nervous, excited all of the above.!!! I love the staff at Elite especially Jules she is such a doll can't wait to meet those wonderful ladies.. Also I'm looking into places I can get my post op massage. Right now I'm thinking about go with massage envy.

How many CC's

I'm having a really hard time trying to figure out how many CC's I want and if I even have enough fat to get the amount that I desire...

I just want to say thank

I just want to say thank you to all my supportive BBL sisters here on real self. You all have really helped me with your own personal experience and advices. Muahhhhh 7 More Days Until I'm In BIG BOOTY LAND.. I'm so press I just want to keep updating my review. I will also try to upload pre-op pics of my mother if she lets me lol.. Until tomorrow Bbl Sistassss

More pre op pics

My mothers pre-op pics.

Here are a couple pictures of my mother Pre-op she will also be getting Bbl,lipo of inner thighs and arms. I won't be updating her journey just posting pics for you guys can see.


I'm finally here, Justin picked us up right on time at the airport and took us directly to our pre-op appointment. The ladies at elite are so friendly and professional. My mother and I signed all the paper work and Nomie thoroughly explained what to expect. The girls at the recovery house are awesome. "Brazilianmia" is so gorgeous I wish you guys could see her in person she is such a sweetheart. Heidi the nurse at the recovery is beyond sweet not what I expected at all I love her already. From now on my updates will be really short but I will upload tons of pictures. Wish me luck ladies.

So nervous please pray for my mother.

I'm so nervous tears running down my face a pray everything works out fine for my mother. I'm more scared for her than I am myself. Please keep her in your prayers. Thank you


Hey ladies my mother and I are both doing fine. I've been in bed all day been feeling very dizzy and throwing up a lot.. I got 1400cc and my mother got 1100cc.. I haven't looked in the mirror yet but everyone says I look great. I will take pictures for u all tomorrow.. The pain isn't at all what I expected, it's actually ok. Not bad at all. Also Heidi is fuvking amazing I don't know what I'd do with out her seriously. I seriously recommend the recovery house to everyone they are so helpful, and know how to handle every situation. I'm going to keep this update short I'm getting sleepy. GN dolls

Oh wait

About Dr.Salama I love him and Alex the anesthisiologist. Salama is very serious and I like that, but Alex on the other hand is a hilarious. They made me feel very welcomed and safe. I will get more into details about them tomorrow.

Post op pics

My butt is huge omg I hope it goes down some. Other than that everything's fine

So far looking good

I don't know how I feel about Irene the nurse. She's not attentive at all she hasn't even came to give me my medication not once. If it wasn't for Heidi I wouldn't know what to take and when. I really do miss Heidi she took really good care of us, was very attentive. Don't get me wrong Irene is a sweetheart but I feel like she's taking this job a little to lightly. Not only that my mother and I tried to take our garments off and called her she only took it off over our butt and started to walk away my mother was like where you going she can't bend over to pull the drains out the garment.. Smh. I do like her but she needs to get it together.

First massage wasn't as bad as I expected

Justin was stuck in traffic today he was supposed to pick my mother and me up at 9:30 and got there a little over 10 which was perfectly fine with me because I was feeling really lazy today.. Irene is great, my mother and her have there differences but I like her she's so kind just have to talk to her communication is key she's not a mind reader. Anyway so Ellien I don't know how you spell her name did my massage she's great. No complaints it was a little painful in certain areas but I sucked it up so she could be finished quicker. After the massage she gave me some juice and I went to the bathroom. When I came back from the bathroom she showed me my new garment which is now a size XL I was wearing a XXL at first. She helped me put it on and then added the foams. It's not tight to me I feel like I could have did a Large but it's cool. When we were done I asked if I could squeeze one more massage in before I left so I have one more massage on Wednesday. Also Noemi was telling me about if we write a review for Dr.Salama we get a free waist cincher. And while I was like "oh I have a realself account" she cut me off and was like "well let me explain what you need to do" very rude and snobby and she does that a lot to me. I know she doesn't like me, I can tell by the way she looks at me. I started noticing it when we were waiting on clearance from my doctor she would get really irritated by that. Other than Noemi everyone's super sweet to me especially Cynthia and Jules.. Oh, I also noticed I didn't get really bruised which Is a good thing but I'm starting to notice stretch marks on my butt which is annoying I will start moisturizing tonight.

Irene is the best

Ok so Irene has grown on me so much she is so sweet and an excellent cook. We go on all day talking and I don't want her to leave tomorrow :-(. Here I attached a photo of one of her excellent meals she is really the bomb in the kitchen lol. I had to let you guys know.

Moms post op bootayy

She looks good so far I haven't really seen her stomach or back but I will update when I get some pictures



Ups and downs

Yesterday was bad but today has been a little rough for me. I've been getting a lot of migraines. I spoke with Dr. Salama and he told me that the headaches are from anemia. Which makes sense because I haven't been taking my iron pills. It's very important to do this 30 days before and 30 days after surgery ladies. So please keep that in mind. Also I'm going to start taking the make me heal post op vitamins and supplements. I leave Thursday and I want to be in tip top shape for my trip back home. Any advice on how to sit? I have the half foam roller so I was going to place that on the seat then put my boppy pillow over and try to apply all pressure to my thigh not butt. I hope that works. But I'm open to any other opinions.

Post op vitamins

This is what I'm taking

6days post op

I got my second massage today and omg you feel like your in heaven afterwards. Eilyn is such a doll omg she is so sweet I want to take her home with me. We have a new nurse at the house named Liz and she is just the sweetest thing ever, EXTREMELY attentive. Always there to lend a helping hand. Also today Nomie was super friendly, i don't know what the hell I was talking about maybe I was tripping because my mom loves her to death lol. Shes just the type of person you have to get to know before judging. Apparently i was judging a book by its cover. I told her I'm running out of pain meds if I should buy something over the counter. She said Tylenol extra strength is good for the pain and Motrin is a good anti inflammatory I got my squeem from her today and I'm super excited to start wearing it. But I have to wait 2weeks to wear squeem over garment and 5weeks to wear squeem without garment. I've had nothing but great experiences with each and every staff member at elite. I can't complain. Would I go through all the pain again? Uhhh probably not, but if I had to go through any surgical procedure or recommend a friend or anyone it would have to be elite and the nurses at the recovery house. Salama is also very kind in his own way and very direct I love that he doesn't sugarcoat shit he knows his stuff. So about the booty still very stiff and huge. I haven't been walking as often as I should but I will try to walk atleast for 20 minutes every 2hrs because it's very important in the healing process.

I hate my butt

I swear I feel like I ruined my body 1400cc is just too much and unflattering for me. Any suggestions on how to lose volume but not the shape? Dr. Salama did a great job on me but he just gave me too many CC's I'm so emotional right now I just hate everything. I don't want to be walking around with a big ass but looking all cartoonish.. I hear when it drops and fluffs it will get bigger I'm so upset wtf have I done.

Flatness at bottom of booty

I have this really flat section on the bottom of my booty I had it a couple days after surgery and Dr.Salama said it will round out but I don't think there's hope.. Also the swelling has gone done some and it's started to soften up around the top part. Patiently waiting for my end results.,.. Also do u ladies know when I can stop wearing the garment?



Loving my body

All you ladies were right. I'm loving my body day by day. My one and only complaint is that flatness on my right butt cheek. Also can you ladies recommend any thong garments that aren't uncomfortable yet still has firm compression on the waist? I will upload updated pics later on today.

Pure hell

Omg ladies I've been going thru hell these past couple of weeks. I developed deformities on my right butt cheek where I had the flat dent. Then it became very swollen and a red bump formed then literally today just started to drain like crazy. I'm in so much pain thanks a mill to Dr. Salama he's been with me the whole time replying to all my texts. I think I have an infection and a seroma but I won't know for sure until Monday when I fly back down to Florida to get check by Dr. Salama.

More pics

More pics
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