Consultation review - My Experience with Doctor Revis. Fort Lauderdale, FL

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I Read about Dr Revis on another website, Heard he...

I Read about Dr Revis on another website, Heard he could potentially. Fix my Symmastia I contacted him online sent him pictures of everything. He told me not a problem. We set up an appointment for me to to see him. Everything was going fine till I told him that I was assigned the male gender at birth he didn't know till I brought it up. HE told me he runs a conservative practice he doesn't do anything crazy so he would no longer be able to preform the surgery on me. I asked him isn't surgery the same regardless, Than he said with a stern voice that he does not do breast implants on MEN... I was in shock, literally in tears. I traveled all around the unitied states interviewing with several of the top plastic surgeons never had an experience like this one. He also had me banned on the Justimplant's forum that he runs. Such a sad day, when discrimination hits you dead in the face. Sad thing is many transgender people have there rights taken away all the time. Im lucky that most people would never know unless I told him. However im glad he did not find out while I was on the operating table... the thought scares me till this day.
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

Terrible human, Not a good person.

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