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I have wanted a breast reduction since I was 23...

I have wanted a breast reduction since I was 23 after the birth of my amazing daughter. I wear a 36DD Bra to would like to be a C cup (Small or Mid C cup).
So I officially started researching BR in 2010. I decided to save in 2013 after visiting my aunt in Florida and seeing how amazing she looked after implants.
After interviewing 4 doctors and reading countless reviews on real self I decided to choice Dr. John Michael Thomassen MD. Since I am from the Caribbean, I did a virtual consultation via emailing and the office responded promptly to all my email and within 2 days I got all my questions (all I had at the time, I have more) answered, was given a quote, paper works to fill out and a potential surgery date.
I am traveling on 25th June 2015 to Florida for 6 weeks, so I want to do surgery in June in order that sufficient time can be spent with the doctor post-surgery. Once I pay 20% of the surgeon fee I would lock in the 29th June 2015 as the surgery date for my long awaited BR.

the date is set 29 june 2015

so my surgery date is set. 29 june I . ......i paid my down payment yesterday and received my prescription today to do all my pre surgery tests.

All of this has happened in a virtual way via emailing.

Michelle and Illeana..tthats the doctors aassistants are very communicative.

I am happy thus far.

5 weeks & days away

Hello all, just some updates. So my date is booked 29 June 2015 and i cannot wait exactly 5 weeks and 5 days away.

I have gotten my prescription for tests to be done. BPB, CBC with differential, PT/PTT, Urinalysis, Unrine Culture & Pregnancy Serum

I have an appointment on 8th June 2015 to get these tests done, it takes 2 days to get back results. Also the Michelle, Dr Thomassen's practice coordinator email me some vitamins & supplements to take 2 weeks before surgery (Vitamins C, Bromelain and Probiotic) Has anyone been taking these? oh i am supposed to stop all other vitamins 2 weeks b4.

Just a reminder, i am from the Caribbean travelling to Florida to get this procedure done. And Dr Thomassen and his staff has been in constant communication with me via emails and or telephone calls. I haven't actually met them yet but i am impressed with the level of communication thus far.

29 days until my BR

So I don't know why my mind is making scared. ..I am going crazy thinking about all that could do wrong (not waking up, wound opening, hematoma etc). Has anyone been going through these feelings?

I am trying to calm my nerves by reading reviews on realself and following people who have done their BR already. Thank god for this site, its like this is the only forum that understands.
In the mean time I bought 2 front closure bras and I have tried on one just to see how it fits..yikes...:)
There are some more pre op photos.

Yeaaaa..am now a member of the small perky tities club

I had my BR yesterday and am happy to report it went well. I must first give thanks to God for watching over me. Secondly to my PS and sweet caring nurses, thank you.
Now is recovery mode. As for feelings wise, I just have tightest in the chest area but no serious pain. I am napping not sleeping, dont know why though. i thought the pain meds would have done the trick....oh well, sleep will come :).
I will write you about my surgery day experience in my next update.

Day 1 post op

So I promised the tell you'll about my surgery day experience. ..so here goes.

Surgery day

I arrived at the surgery center at 6am sign in then a nurse called me to review my paperwork and do a bunch of signing (consent forms and so forth). Then a next nurse call me inside a room where I change in my grown, compression stockings and some crozy socks. The place was cold as ice. The nurse started speaking to me about where am from. ..my daughter etc..I guess she was trying to calm me. Then she put on my IV, she also put into the IV antibiotics and some meds to dry out all my boby mositure. Mannnn that made my mouth dry as the desert.
Then the anathesiologist came in...ask how am feeling ( nervous as well I said) he promised to make me comfortable and give me some medication through the IV. I felt like i drank wine. He then told me when I go into the operating room he will give me the anesthetic and I will feel a cold chill going up my arms and the next thing I will see is the nurse in recovery room.
My PS then came into the room ask how I was feeling and who will bring me home after. He confirm the size i wanted to be and then started to do his drawing on me. He assured me everything will go great and i will love the results.
The nurse came back in to check on me and I ask her to snap a pic of the girls all drawn up. I was wheeled into the operating room abt 8:15. That room was freezing I had to get like 5 hot blankets on me. I then felt a chill in my arms and the next thing I know I was waking up to a nice male nurse. He was talking to me but I swear I didnt understand a word. I was in and out of it. I remember asking him the time. And it was 11:30 am. He gave me an ice cube..my throat was very dry, I had about three cubes. I wasn't feeling nauseous so he gave me apple juice to see if I tolerated that as well. Then I was given some crackers and I didn't vomit.
I was feeling a burning sensation in my chest and some tightest so the nurse gave me on meds through the IV. That meds worked instantly and I was smiling. He told me once I used the restroom I will go home so about 5 mins after he helped me to the restroom and I peeped for like 2 mins...I swear...lol
A female nurse help me get dressed while he called my aunt to come pick me up. My pressure was checked and i was given some gauze. The nurse then gave me some post op instructions my PS left for me and I was discharged at about 12:50pm.
The ride home was not bad. I took my pain and antibiotic meds and went start to bed. I woke up about 4:30pm eat some crackers and drank plenty water. I was in pain so in called the ps office to find out if I can increase my intake of pain meds and I was given the go ahead.
I had bled through the gauze onto my bra and soiled my dress so my aunt had to put some more gauze. I had plently naps through the night. So that was my surgical experience.

Day 1 post op PS visit.

So I visited my ps today he took out the bloody bra and gauze and examined my little perky titties. He said I was healing well, they are swollen and they will go down soon. I go back to see him on Tuesday 7th July and he will change my tapes and have me apply a antibiotic cream.
So I will continue to rest rest rest. I have posted a couple of pics of my new girls. If anyone have any questions please don't hesitate to to ask.

Day 2 post op

So I wanted to give an update.
I change my pain meds I am now taking Tylenol instead of vicadin and I feel a thousand times better. I only take them when needed. I am also taking my antibiotics with proboitc, vitamin C 1000mg and bromelain for the swelling. ...bromelain is doing wonders..I will encourage anyone doing surgery to get some to take 2 wks b4 and 2 wks after surgery.
I took a bath today...bottom half of my body though and used a wash cloth for the underarm and neck area..so that's my bath..lol.... I intend to keep the surgical area dry for at least a month.
I had a little blood flow through my gauze..but nothing to shout about..I just changed the gauze so that I keep dry.
All in all I think the healing is going well thus far. Thank God.

9 days post op

So here goes my post op 9 days update. I had my 2nd PS visit 7th July and he thinks am healing well.
All the tapes were removed and am now to apply antibiotic ointment for 1 week. I go back to see my PS on 12th July.

Things I have noticed:

1. Sensation in both boobs;

2. One nipple slightly biigger than the other. PS said he can resolve that if need be. Personally I dont have an issue with it cause one was always bigger than the other. But my PS is a perfectionist. ..so oh well I will wait and see; and

3. My belly is huge..lol...small boobs and big belly. I am not stressing though..I can fix that.

All in all am doing great amd feeling awesome and I will continue to rest and follow my PS instructions to the T.

Until next update.....stay safe you'll.

8 weeks post BR

Well it's been a while since I have been on here. I hope all have been healing well.

My healing progress has been amazing.

Things that have happened

1. The doctor has reduced the size of my right nipple when I was at 3 weeks. This was done under local anesthetic;

2. I have had stitches come through my horizontal incision on my right boobs and the Areola incision. Also one came through the vertical incision on my left boobs. I dealt with this issue by using my sterilized tweezer to pull on it then cut the stitches very close to my skin. I cleaned the area then used antibacterial ointment to prevent infection. The areas are healed now :).

I think that's all that I have to report.

Oh this was the best decision I have made. Absolutely no regrets, I am in love with my small perky breast.

6 months post BR

I am just reporting that the decision to do BR was the best decision I have made for me. I absolutely love my boobs now.

1 year today ????????????????????????

Well peeps what can i say.

First i give all the glory to God. I got through my procedure without hiccups and for thank i am grateful.

I must add that having a BR was the best decision i made ever. I love my titties now. My self confidence is on the highest peak now.

Things that i want to mention.

1. I have 2 minor scaring issue...its not a bother to me. (see pic below)
2. I have full sensation in both boobs...i am happy about that.
3. Gravity has happened ????????????????....boobs have dropped slightly. They are still perky doh ????????????????????.
4. I wear a 34 D Cup now.

Can't remember other points now. If you'll have questions ask away.

A little advice before i end. Ladies, please stop procrastinating.....just do the BR, TRUST ME, you will feel awesome.

Until next post, happy healing to you'll that have had the BR and to those still thinking about the BR, make the decision quickly.

Laterz peeps
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

My PS is amazing....a few hours afer the surgery Dr called to check in on me. That's was a welcoming surprise. So let me back track a little. I met my PS for the first time on june 26th, 3 days b4 surgery and he was very pleasant and took his time explaining the procedure and the risk involved. He even drew on a piece of paper the procedure while explaining. Thought that was so cool cause a picture always helps in understanding stuff better (kudos for that). Dr Thomassen has made me feel comfortable from day one and I am glad I chose him as my PS. I will recommend him to my family and friends and to anyone in the Lauderdale area looking for a PS give Dr Thomassen a try. He's the best!

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