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Ive lost 80 pounds over the last two years, and...

Ive lost 80 pounds over the last two years, and while the experience has been good for my self esteem, it's also left me with a lot of sagging skin and deflated breasts. On top of the weight loss, I also had two full term pregnancies and breast fed one baby. I plan on also doing a tummy tuck, thigh lift, and BBL over the next year, however I decided the first procedure I wanted was a breast lift and augmentation.
I had one consult with a doctor who lived closer to me in New England, but he had limited experience with extra large implants, which is what I eventually want. I decided to do internet research on who the best docs were for xl breast implants, and whose lifts I really liked (as many end up with an unfortunate square bottomed shape I find unappealing). The doc I found whose work and reputation seemed impeccable was Dr. Don Revis. I now have surgery scheduled for Jan. 8th, and I could not be more excited. He's answered my every question with kindness, warmth, and best of all, speed! I feel completely confident that aside from the typical surgery risks, I have the best chance for a desirable outcome with him.


I thought I should include current breast pictures, as I appreciate seeing others before and after photos. I'm 5'9, 195 lbs, and I wear sz 14 pants and sz 12 tops, and my current bra size is 38DD - though as you'll note, that DD is compromised of two floppy pancakes that I basically drop into well shaped bra cups :(

One week until the big day!

I can't believe how happy I am - it's almost here! On Sunday I fly to FL, Tuesday is my pre-op, Wednesday is SX, and Thursday is post-op, then back home on Saturday :) I hope I feel okay flying that soon after surgery, but if nothing else I'm sure some pain medication will get me through.

Thankfully my boyfriend is going with me, so he'll be taking care of me during recovery and helping me out on the way back - I can't imagine how much harder this would be if I had to do the whole thing by myself.

I have to say, I'm getting a little nervous about the pain. Seven years ago I had lipo on my arms, chin, thighs, and knees, and I remember being incredibly uncomfortable for several days afterward. I remember though that one of the hard parts was that it felt like everywhere on my body was painful and covered in gauze - at least this time it will just be my breasts!

I have to admit, I'm already looking into Docs for my next go round - TT and BBL! Hopefully next summer....

If any other ladies are having lifts around the same time, I'd love to hear from you and follow your stories - it would be great to have buddies to share the experience with :)

Pre-Op (Day before surgery!)

Today I finally got to meet face to face with Dr. Revis, and all around it was a fairly good experience. I arrived right on time, but unfortunately the woman scheduled to go before me was late - she didn't arrive until after me, so I believe that slowed everything down. I waited in the waiting room for I believe about half an hour. During that time I filled out some forms, and the office staff was kind enough to let me know what was going on and that it would be a little bit longer.
Before I met with the doctor, I met with his nurse, Renee. She was absolutely AWESOME, super kind and warm, and so good about answering my questions. She is a total gem, and definitely made the experience way more comfortable. She went over all the pre and post op instructions, and double checked on some details regarding paperwork. She then took my boyfriend and I back to the examination room, where she took photos of me, again making the procedure as comfortable as it possibly could be. After that she brought in the sizers for me to try on. I already knew that I wanted them to be as big as possible with my mastopexy, so we started with 600 cc's, then went to 700. We left the 700s on so Dr. Revis could see how they looked. This was when the really long wait happened. I'm pretty sure we sat in the exam room for about 45 minutes. She did keep coming back to check in on us, which was very nice, but man that wait felt long - mostly because I was so excited about finally getting to talk to him!
When he finally came in, he was incredibly nice, though obviously in a hurry. He took my measurements, and then took the time to answer my questions, and while it did feel a bit rushed his answers were thorough and his manner was extremely reassuring. I was concerned about nipple placement and size, how the implants would sit, and how long I needed to wait before I could size up (since my eventual goal is around 1000 cc's). Apparently the nipples are sized using an instrument called a cookie cutter (a little disturbing!), and he uses ones that are 4cm across. My nipples will be about 8 or 9 cm higher than they are now - yay! After he left, Renee let me try on the 800 cc sizers, and told my boyfriend and I we could take all the time we needed to look at the different sizers again. After today I feel even more confident that I've chosen the right doctor for my procedure.
Tomorrow is the big day, and I'm the first surgery scheduled which is very exciting! We get to the medical center at 5:30 in the morning and surgery is scheduled for 7:30. I'm a bit nervous, but also thrilled. I'll try to post pictures as soon as possible afterward, though I gather it will be two days before I can take the surgical bra off. My next update will be after the surgery! Wish me luck everyone :)


So yesterday was the big day :) I was a bit nervous, but my boyfriend was incredibly supportive which helped. It also helped that I had such total faith in my doc and his abilities!

We got to the hospital at 5:30am, which was great because I wasn't starving from not having eaten since the night before, and I didn't have a ton of time to be anxious. They whisked me through my papers, blood work, and IV, then the nurse anesthetist and Dr. Revis came to see me. He marked me up, and we talked a bit more about the procedure, then they started my anesthesia and off we went!

When I woke up in the recovery room, I had this sense of pressure across my chest. It wasn't painful, just strange and uncomfortable. Unfortunately I started having issues with my O2 levels - every time I started to drift off, they would drop because I would forget to breathe. I think it had something to do with the chest pressure - it was like I was trying to avoid expanding my ribcage to minimize the discomfort. Finally they took me back to the pre-surgery unit, where my bf was waiting. They wanted me to rest, but unfortunately I kept having the breathing issue, so my bf would have to rouse me everytime I started to nod off.

Eventually it stopped happening, and I dozed a little, which felt nice. The nurse then came back in and asked if I was in pain. I said yes, because while I didn't have sharp pain it felt like there was an elephant sitting on my breasts, and it was a super disconcerting sensation. She gave me a flexoril and hydrocodone then, and while it was still uncomfortable it didn't bother me as much.

Dr.Revis came in then and told me some incredible news - I didn't have to have the full anchor lift - just the lollipop AND he was able to get 800 ccs in one side and 700ccs in the other - the difference being because I naturally had a bigger right breast.

I have never been more excited than when I heard that news, since I knew a full anchor lift would have been a harder recovery, and on top of that they were way bigger than I thought would be possible :)

Pretty shortly after that they started to prep me to go home. BF helped me get my clothes on, and they wheeled me out to the car, and that was it!

I'll post about how recovery has been so far later today, as this post is quite long and I am feeling very sleepy :)
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

So far every interaction I've had with Dr. Revis has been exceptional. He is a doctor known for his kindness and attentiveness, which I've already experienced through our online communications, though I've yet to meet him in person!

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