One year later!!!

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I've thought about getting the procedure for years...

I've thought about getting the procedure for years now. I've finally committed to it and now in anticipation of my surgery date I can not stop thinking/dreaming about boobs. Hahahahah! I think most of my anticipation/anxiety is from the fact that I will be traveling from the DC area for the procedure. eeeekkkk!

Definitely getting silicone and know that they will be placed under the muscle. I've tried on sizers at various offices however I'm still a little unsure as to how many CCs I should get. I know that I want a FULL C. I am currently between a 34 a/b but most of my bras are a B.

Any suggestions on CCs? Oh I'm about 118lbs and 5'2.

Still deciding on size...

I am still deciding on size and trying to keep myself busy so I do not start stressing so early. I have about 3 weeks to go before surgery. I will post before pictures closer to the date.


So I go in for my lab work over the weekend. I have def. had thoughts of backing out but it's just nerves. This will be my first surgery. Does anyone have any tips on easing my nerves?! Hahahaaa. Counting down to boobie land.

Almost there!!!

So my labs are complete and now all I have to do is look for a few sports bras and rearrange my home so I'm not reaching for a whole lot. I think I'm deciding between 400 and 421 depending on the brand but I guess I'll have to wait for my pre-op. Does anyone recommend one incision over the other? The doctor said I can do either aeriola or in the crease. I'm thinking I'll go crease but still undecided.

Countdown and anxiety

The doctor/ nurse received me lab work and everything is a GO!!! Woohoo. I had an anxiety attack yesterday but I'm fine now. I'm just trying to do some things around the house before I fly down to Florida. I can't wait until surgery day has come and gone because the anticipation is causing these anxiety attacks. Oh and I will post before pictures sometime this week. Does anyone have advice on how to handle pets after the surgery? I have a big dog and I'm not sure if I will be allowed to walk her.

Tomorrow is the day

I am calm and excited. pre op went great!!! Deciding between 400 and 425... I will decide day of. See you guys in the other side.

There officially here

I can't believe it!!!! It's 3 in the morn and I can't sleep. I def have Frankenstein boob which I was hoping I didn't have. They are sitting so high up to my collar bone it's scary but all was expected thanks to you ladies on real self!!!!! Thank You!

So as you may have read I was having a few anxiety attacks about five days before surgery but once I flew into Florida I was all smiles. It could have been the weather and the thought of buying new boobs.

Morning of surgery I was up and showered and ready to go. I met with Marie (she is so awesome) and she took me back to get changed. Later the anesthesiologist came in and explained everything to me!! He was super. Dr. Wigoda came in and marked me up. I ended up going 400cc mod+ under the muscle with the incision in the crease. Dr Wigoda is great. He answers any and all questions I had!!!!

Sooooo The next thing I know we were talking about what music we all liked and that's all I remember. The next thing you know I'm awake telling the nurse that it was "typical" of my mother to go get a pedicure.

So far so good everything has been great on a pain scale I would say I thought the pain would be 9/10 and so far I've experienced a 5/6. Not too shabby. I did feel some sharp sharp pains on the left side of my boob and I just laid down and took pain meds.

Post op is tomorrow and I'll update everyone. I promise to post pics as soon as possible both before and afters.


I'm feeling great so far. No real pain and I'm actually back to work. My boobs are still sitting very high and boxy but I'm patiently waiting for them to drop. Dr. Wigoda and his team are awesome.

Adding another pic

Adding pics

7 weeks post op

Sorry I've been missing action. So far everything is doing fine. My boobs still have a ways to go as far as dropping and fluffing goes but I am patiently waiting.

Adding another photo

Week 9...frankenboob no longer!

Everything is going well. I'm massaging and the girls are dropping. It's week 9 and they are getting softer. No pain just stiffness in my muscle when it gets cold! Happy Holidays everyone and I hope your new boobs are treating you well.

Week 10 and 11

Hi everyone the girls are doing great. My right one is now sitting higher than my right but I'm right handed so hopefully it will eventually catch up with my left. I'm so excited I have a NYE dress that has the girls pretty much all they way out. I wish they were dropped more but oh well. For NYE they will have a life of their own. Happy New Years everyone!

NYE dress

Hi ladies I had a great time during NYE and so did the girls. I thought if show a picture if them all dressed up.

Almost 4 months post op

I've been slacking with posting pictures. I apologize. Everything is going great and the girls are doing fantastic. It's super cold here so the girls always bundled up. They have def dropped. The right is a little higher than my left now but I think that is because I'm right handed. I able to pretty much do everything now I was doing before the surgery, the only thing that is uncomfortable is sleeping on my stomach...not a big deal really. Hope everyone is staying warm and for those in warmer climates... I'm jealous. :)

Doing great

It's been a while but I have officially surpassed the 4 month mark and have no regrets. I would recommend anyone to my doctor even if you're from out of town. He is worth the trip. I barely wear any underwire bras as they have been a challenge to buy so I stick to cami's and sport bras. I'm still massaging daily and haven't had any pain for a while now. I think they still need to drop just a tad. I've added some recent pics. Enjoy and happy boobs everyone!

5 months and loving them

Okay so it's been a little over 5 months and I wouldn't trade the experience for anything. I love my boobies!!!! Everything is going great and I haven't had any pain. I barely ever wear a bra or it's a tank bra that I usually wear. Hahah it's actually nice to say I don't need one. Other than that everything has been fine. They are in the way a little when I work out but I'll take the full C/ small D's in they way. I can't wait until summer. I hope everyone is doing fine and enjoying their new boobs!!!

6 months post op

I can't wait to pull out the swimwear!!!! One of the best decisions ever!!

One year later

It's been a little over a year and I wouldn't trade the decision I made for anything. Ladies do your research when selecting your doctor I can't stress that enough and listen to your gut. I love love love my boobs. I'm about a 34D, silicone unders,400cc.
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

I'm so glad I found Dr. Wigoda. His work is amazing!!!

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