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Ahh, the life of tuberous breasts. Everytime i...

Ahh, the life of tuberous breasts. Everytime i have doubts, i take pictures of my breasts. I remember the first time i took pics of my breasts- i was stunned! When i lean forward, they turn into goat teats. :( This explains a lot. It has been rough having them. I remember in high school, boys would tell me flat out something was wrong with my breasts, and they had only seen me clothed. Nowadays men just drop hints. What else can i do but laugh?

Most women have roundness to their breasts when they lean forward. I dont. My breaets tissue may have to be scored.

My surgery is in December. cant wait to look womanly!!!

Yes, I'm Getting Big Boobs. 150+lbs/29/female/athletic/ Breast Implants/no Kids/800-1200ccs/ Dr. Revis

Hello all! I think this is something women should be more open about. Yes, I do plan to get a lot of ccs relatively speaking. I will go up to 1200ccs if the dr will allow that. I'm hoping for at least 1000ccs.

One cup size is 120-200ccs. I'm not crazy about saline, and I will want to switch to silicone later. As of now silicone implants in America are too small, a bigger woman's body will easily eat up 800ccs. I hope my breasts will finally drop and round out. I hate having nipples almost on my collar bone. I have to be very careful about wearing tshirts or my bra will show. Low cut tops are ot of the question. I'm a 32dd and flat chested. I have nearly 0 projection. I can go up several cup sizes and no on will notice. Everyone thinks i'm a b cup. Cups sizes are irrelevant as most women wear the wrong size. For example, our skinny friend who says she's a 34dd is probably closer to a 28h. With implants I could get up to a 32j. Remember bra sizes are relative to the band. I hope this post was helpful!

This is a freat example of why to not go by breast...

This is a freat example of why to not go by breast size. The same size breasts on a 4'8, 85 lb woman may be large. On me, it is very little. I have very little projection. No one believes what bra size i wear.

Also, i dont believe any surgeon should be expected to give any particular bra size. Bring in pics of what you like or dont like about other womens breasts. Aim for certain proportions. You may ask for a 'd cup' look when you may already be a dcup. Also, by dcup does one mean 28d or 38d??? Theres a big difference between the two.  For the look i want, i will need well over 1000ccs. I hope to start with 1000-1200ccs saline then upgrade to silicone later.

Surgery Anxiety! 29 Years Old/ Breast Augmentation + Lipo/ 180lbs

*sigh* I am having anxiety about my upcoming surgeries. Ive been waiting a long time for this, but im scared. I may come out looking really different, which is what i want, but ive never known anything different. It hasnt been easy having my body. Ive been unhappy for 20 years. Yes, 20 whole years.

I look in the mirror and think,"This may be one of the last times i see this body." It almost feels like grief. At the same time, i look forward for a new, super secy body. I hokd fat around the middle, so its hard for me to look fit. I put on a few lbs for max effect re: my abdominal lipo.  I hope for up to 1200ccs. I cant wait to buy new bras and new sexy tops. I almost feel pubescent! I hope i get close to the size i want, which is another source of anxiety.  Right now im a 32d-almost comically small for my body size. A lot of women who are thick around the middle also have big breasts. Why not me? *rhetorical question* I have always felt stuck in the wrong body. #anxiety #boobjob #breastaugmentation #muscles #fit #biggirl #lipo #liposuction

I am a Revis girl!

My experience was awesome! I got 550ccc mentor overfilled to 800ccs on Dec. 14, 2016. I love them! I got exactly the shape i wanted. He was very professional and jolly. I had abdominal lipo along with my boob job. My recovery was very easy, and i was back to my workouts in a month.

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