650cc Mod+ BA , 38 Year Old, 5’ 5”, 155 Pounds

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ABOUT ME I’m 38 years old, 5’ 5”, 36B, 155...

I’m 38 years old, 5’ 5”, 36B, 155 pounds, with 2 children (I didn’t breast feed), and live in Florida. My body is slightly disproportionate in that, according to hubby, my rear end has some pretty admirable projection (thankfully, that’s popular right now) but not so much on the top. I’ve always thought it would be nice to have larger breasts, but the desire for BA didn’t really start until the last couple of years when I started losing some fullness on the top of my breasts. I utilized realself.com significantly in my research and making my decisions, so I greatly appreciate all of the people who have posted their stories—good and bad—and pictures on here. I’m hoping that my story also contributes to the decision-making process of others.

Not only do I want to pick the right PS and get the right result, hubby was also very invested in this. He’s an attorney, somewhat of a pessimist, and, accordingly, researches everything to the nth degree. Money and distance were not parameters for me, but time and convenience were. I don’t work but time is especially important for hubby as he rarely takes more than a day off at a time and I knew I’d need him for about a week. So, I did a tremendous amount of research on doctors, procedures, and implants with hubby quizzing me about everything including certifications, specializations, industry contributions and involvement, prior disciplinary actions, and lawsuits. I was pretty much set on Mentor MemoryGel smooth round mod+, 500 – 600, under the fold. Because of the time and convenience constraints, I limited the search to PS located in Florida. I had three consults scheduled: PS in Tampa, Jacksonville, and Dr. Revis in Fort Lauderdale. I did the consult in Tampa first (with hubby). Then Dr. Revis (which was a fly-in without hubby). Based on my consult with Dr. Revis, I decided to go with him and so I cancelled the Jacksonville consult.

Dr. Revis’ office is in a convenient location in Fort Lauderdale, close to the airport. He has a small stand-alone office building with a small, dedicated parking lot. His office space isn’t overdone or extravagant but he also didn’t cheap out either. Hubby wanted to make sure that the PS was investing in his business, but not too much. Plus hubby has owned AMG Mercedes in the past, so he appreciated Dr. Revis’ choice of vehicle. Sometimes, hubby can be so weird in his decision-making process.
Anyway, my consult with Dr. Revis ran for about an hour. He was very thorough in his explanations to my many detailed and specific questions and in taking chest measurements to determine which implants would be in the best range of choices. I had conducted a fair amount of research, and, given all of the information and constraints, he was overall the best PS for me. It seemed like I was a good choice for mod+, which I knew would suit hubby as he likes side-boobage. The office staff were very nice, accommodating, and very experienced. My arrangement was pre-op on a Tuesday, surgery on Wednesday, post-op on Thursday and then head back home.

So, I wanted to be well-prepared and cozy, so here’s what I bought and / or brought on my trip: wedge pillow with arms, memory foam pillow, travel neck pillow, blankie, zip-up polartec jacket (get into thinking zip-up everything for a while), a bunch of thick yoga pants, knee-hi socks, Sinecch (arnica montana), ScarGuard, vitamin E oil, Chapstick, and body cleansing wipes. I had my wisdom teeth taken out a couple of years ago, and the dentist highly recommended drinking pineapple juice before and after to help with inflammation. I didn’t have much inflammation back then—I’m not sure if it was due to the pineapple juice or not, but, in any case, I love the taste of it so I stocked up on three large bottles for this surgery.

In my case, some money went to the PS, some to the anesthesiologist, and some to the medical facility, so be prepared to pay separately as requested. I did the usual bloodwork a couple of weeks beforehand and I also did an EKG and chest x-ray for good measure.

I had previously made reservations for three nights with the Hyatt House in Dania Beach and paid Dr. Revis’ corporate rate ($175). Hyatt House is about 12-miles from Dr. Revis’ office, but the rate was good and my husband liked the idea of a larger suite without housekeeping staff busting down the door every day. He didn’t want to be bothered and wanted me to have my privacy. Staying at the Hyatt House ended up being the perfect choice. It’s a quiet location (but they’re going to build a huge retail complex next door at some point) and convenient to restaurants, shopping, etc. We drove to Fort Lauderdale from where we live in Florida and, as one might expect, traffic was horrible. We arrived at the Hyatt House and dragged everything upstairs. We made a grocery store run and hubby wanted to see where Dr. Revis’ office was. We got settled in the suite and watched a little TV (p.s. the Hyatt House has a very limited TV channel line-up).

My surgery was scheduled for 2:30 p.m. and I was advised to be at the Broward General Medical Center at 10:30 a.m. I was a little bummed with the late surgery time, mainly because I had to stop food and fluids at midnight—and I knew I’d be hangry come 2:30 p.m. I hadn’t fully decided on the size, so I tried more sizers on. I was thinking 600 (or less). Alexa asked hubby what size he thought. He, of course, like the 650s. Alexa supported that size, and mentioned that a lot of patients wished they had gone bigger. Dr. Revis came in and asked what we had settled on. He thought 650 was the right choice as well. As I indicated, hubby likes side-boobage more than projection, so hubby liked the mod+ more than the HP. Dr. Revis measured me again and said that the mod+ would fit my frame better and give me a finger’s width of cleavage (which is apparently a good look). I was a little apprehensive about going to 650, but thought the combined opinions of Dr. Revis, Alexa, and hubby ended up making sense.

I was given prescriptions by Alexa for a muscle relaxant, pain, anti-nausea, and an antibiotic. Coral Ridge Mall is right down the street from Dr. Revis’ office. There’s a Target there, which is where we decided to get my prescriptions filled. We used insurance and it took about an hour for the prescriptions to be filled. It’s an old-timey mall but has a TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Home Goods (the TJX Companies are keeping this mall alive), so the hour went by fast. Hubby used to live in Miami and he wanted to drive down to the Keys (which I had never been to), so we spent the rest of the day exploring and him reminiscing. I received a call from the Broward General Medical Center and responded to the usual million pre-screening questions. I also received a call (which I missed) and an email that afternoon from Dr. Revis’ office indicating that my surgery had been moved up to 10:30 a.m. Woo hoo! Hubby stayed on me to make sure I had enough to eat and drink, and then we hit the sack early.

I woke up, showered (no lotion, perfumes, etc.), and enviously smelled hubby drinking coffee. Then we headed out. Traffic, as usual, was horrible (we gave ourselves about a half-hour lead). My surgery was performed in what is called the “Same Day Surgery” or “SDS” section of the Broward General Medical Center. There’s a parking garage connected to the SDS section by a second floor walkway. The entrances to the parking garage (which is free) is via South Andrews Avenue or S.E. 15th Street. The optimal place to park is on the second floor of the parking garage as close to the walkway as possible. There’s a patient pick-up and drop-off point just outside of the walkway. The parking garage fills up pretty fast. I was scheduled to be there at 7:30 a.m. so there were plenty of spots available. There are speed bumps in the garage, so taking it slow out of the parking garage after surgery is helpful. Once parked and through the walkway, you’ll come to a small security guard stand. The guard will want to see your ID and the ID of whomever else you’re with. The patient doesn’t get a badge (the wrist ID comes later) but your companion will get an ID. The next step is the patient intake desk, where you’ll get a placard with a number. The waiting area is adjacent to the patient intake area. It isn’t super-cozy but it’s well-appointed with TVs and magazines. There are bathrooms just past the walkway and also around the corner (left facing the patient intake area). Try and hold your pee for now—you’ll need it. Once your number is called, you’ll be accompanied into the patient receiving area.

You’ll be put into a semi-private prep area (about 4 beds total and an accompanying rest room) where you’ll get a hospital gown, socks, and a party hat to change into. The intake nurse will take your clothes and put them into a locker (don’t bring valuables or have your companion hold onto them). You’ll then be asked for a urine sample to check for pregnancy. The intake nurse will get you settled into the hospital bed with warm blankets. Once you’re made comfortable, the nurse will ask another million questions followed by an IV set-up. The folks that will be involved in your surgery will all come to introduce themselves (anesthesiologist, nurse anesthetist, and surgical nurse). There’s a lot of waiting and a lot of people coming in and out, but you’ll have a TV in your area if you and your companion get bored. Dr. Revis came in next and marked me up, and answered my last few questions. After that, I got an IV dose of Valium to relax me. Not too shortly after that—around 10:30 a.m.—it was go-time and a last smooch from hubby. Hubby’s narration takes over from here as I can’t remember anything past this point…

Back in the waiting area, there’s a monitor that has a bunch of numbers on it. That monitor indicates whether a patient is in surgery, in recovery, etc. There’s a representative in that area who will give you the case number of the patient, which matches to the monitor. After about an hour, my surgery was finished and Dr. Revis gave my husband an update in the waiting room. Hubby waited another hour or so and then started pestering the hospital staff. After another hour, they led him back to the first recovery area where I was located. After making sure that my vitals were good to go, I was rolled into the second recovery area. I was extremely groggy and ended up being in recovery for about 4-hours. During that time, I was given my choice of juices, crackers, etc. and received some Flexeril (I was still on IV). Hubby was starting to be insistent about my getting out of my stupor so he started the discharge process at about 4:30 p.m. I wasn’t having any complications: I just wanted to sleep.

When ready, the nurse asked hubby to get the car ready by the patient pick-up area in the parking garage and then they wheeled me out. Hubby had brought along my neck pillow, regular pillow, and a blankie. He softly wedged the blankie between my chest and the seat belt strap so it wasn’t painful. On the way back to the hotel, I felt every little bump in the road.

I was in hurt mode for the rest of the evening and hubby was driving me crazy. It wasn’t so much pain as it was the massive amount of pressure on my chest (it felt like an elephant was sitting on me). I just wanted to sleep but hubby pestered me with plenty of fluids, yogurt and soup, and pills. He also made me walk a few laps around the suite every hour or so until about 9:00 p.m. After that, he said I could sleep the rest of the night. I mostly did, but needed his help to pee a couple of times and he woke me up at the pre-determined time to take pills. Alexa had called to check-in on me but we missed her call.

In the morning, I was still in hurt mode but not like the night before. My post-op appointment was at 11:30 a.m., so hubby made me oatmeal, had me eat a banana, gave me lots of water and Gatorade, and had me do a bunch more laps. I watched TV as he packed up the suite and brought everything down to the car.

We were seen immediately by Dr. Revis. Hubby and I hadn’t peeked, so this was our first look at my new boobies. As expected, at this point, they really didn’t look that great. He gave hubby and I instructions (surgical bra off in a couple of days, shower after 48-hours, keep the area dry, start massaging in a week, etc.). I wasn’t that swollen and didn’t really have any bruising, which, I have to admit, hubby deserves a little credit for with all of the ice pack applications and fluids. Dr. Revis made a small adjustment to the surgical bra because it was a little too tight.

Dr. Revis described the $200 Mentor extended warranty (of which he probably gets a cut). Hubby is totally against extended warranties of any kind and thinks, statistically, they’re an absolute rip-off. Time after time, I’ve seen him cut a salesperson off mid-pitch and tell them not to waste his and their time because he wasn’t going to buy the extended warranty. Imagine my surprise when hubby jumped in and asked more about the extended warranty (he went to the Mentor website later that night and bought the extended warranty). Hubby said, considering the possible complications, he thought $200 was worth the price. I sort of liked his reasoning, but sort of didn’t (hey, I don’t want to have any complications).

After my appointment, we drove the long drive home. Again, I felt every little bump in the road. The drive was very painful but the blankie between me and the seat belt strap was very helpful.

I’m now able to get around a little more and hubby is doing less and less so that I’m moving more. My pain isn’t that significant (mostly pressure, tightness, and soreness), so Hubby said no more hydrocodone and is weaning me onto acetaminophen. Hubby peeled off the gauze dressings (as per Dr. Revis’ instructions). Everything looks good at this point: typical swelling, but no real bruising. I’m sleepy, still applying ice packs every half-hour or so, and hubby is still making me do a few laps. The hospital called to check-in on me. So far, all good.

Day 3

Chest super tight. I'm cautious and slow when moving my arms. Can barely lift my arms to chest level, prefer to keep them close to my sides.

Day 7 - 1 week

Jan 28
Just now trying to upload 5 months of photos! These are at the 1 week mark. Sitting very high on my chest, super square and hard as rocks! I didn't even try to start massaging them, they were so tight. Basically, I just wore a front zip sports bra most of the day and night. Sleeping on my back was a killer! I slept on an incline, with pillows on both sides to keep myself from rolling onto my side during the night.

Day 9

Jan 30
Barely past the 1 week mark, at 9 days after BA. Chest still tight. This is after my hubby had oiled them up with Vitamin E oil. They look square and small for being 650cc. So, so, so bloated. You can see that most of the implant is still high on my chest, above the nipple. No dropping and fluffing yet! A couple small bruises on my right breast.

Day 12

Feb 3
Had a laugh after getting dressed. Can't button my shirt over my chest! Guess I'll just have to wear a tank underneath and show off that new cleavage! A side photo in a super comfy, soft bra I found a target. Still no dropping and fluffing, with a lot of the implant showing above the nipple line.

Day 13

Feb 4
Day 13, looking slightly less frankenboob-ish. Starting to round out a bit and not look so square. Still look small to me, for being 650cc. Also still have the surgery tape over incisions. The more I move around, the softer they feel, not really massaging too much, just a little in the evenings.

Day 17

Feb 8
Still high on chest. In photos they don't look so square, but from my own perspective, they look like I'm smuggling two books under my shirt. Took a few photos with a thin, no-underwire bra that I got from Target, and one with no bra. Its the same bra that I have in a plum/purple color, posted earlier.

Day 18 & 19

Feb 9 & 10
More photos. Looking symmetrical, SLOWLY dropping, still pretty high.

Day 30 - 1 month

Feb 21
Finally at the 1 month mark. I'm just starting to feel normal again and able to lift my arms above my head without doing it really slowly. Even thought they've softened up a bit, they're still pretty firm. Still sleeping on an incline and not getting much sleep. My left boob is dropping faster than my right one and making them look asymmetrical, but I know that the righty will catch up. Incisions are still pretty purple, but that's normal for me.

Day 47

Mar 9
47 days post-op. I can definitely tell dropping is happening! Like all the other updates I've read, one boob starts before the other, and in my case its my righty. Noticing that I'm feeling my implants less and less, like they're becoming a part of my body now that I don't notice as different. Still a ways to go.

Day 49

Mar 11
Almost 2 months post-op! Just a little over a week to go. As NONE of my swimsuit tops fit now, I tried on a few swimsuits at Target. Loving how I fill out the tops now! Most of these are size XL, but the leopard print one was an underwire cup style and was size D/DD. The last couple of photos are of an old suit top that barely covered my new boobs!

Day 68 - over 2 months post-op

Mar 30
2 months and 1 week post-op! Left boob still hasn't caught up with righty in the dropping & fluffing department. But loving that they are both looking more round instead of square like in the beginning! Implants falling into the pocket and looking more natural. Right incision is directly in the crease, but left incision is slightly on the underside of my boob. Not noticeable when facing straight-on, only when looking up from underneath.

Day 76

Apr 9
Decided it was time to buy some actual bras for my new girls. I'm growing tired of wearing sports bras, even though they are super comfortable. First stop, Victoria's Secret. I tried on 36DD and 38D lightly lined demi bras from the Body by Victoria line. Both sizes fit great, with the 38D being a little looser around the band. The lighting in VS was super orange for some reason in the photos, so I saved some in black & white. You can see the bump in the top of my left boob, as it still hasn't dropped to the same level as my right.

Day 80

Apr 13
Not much change. My left boob has dropped & fluffed more than my right, so I'm just massaging and waiting for them to even out. Incisions flat, but still purple, normal for my skin.

Day 108

Just past the 3 month mark! Loving the way I look in sports bras and regular bras! I remove all the little cups that come in most sports bras because my boobs fill them out so much better now! This is one of my favorites, I think it's a Danskin from WalMart. Super soft and comfy.

Day 125

May 28
4 Months post-op. Took some photos over Memorial Day weekend. This is a D/DD underwire cup top from Target in blue. Love the fit, it secures the girls well. Even without the neck string, it stays up! Much more confidence at the beach with these two! Haven't taken any nude shots in a while to compare the dropping and fluffing left to right, but I will soon.

Day 149 5 Months!!

June 21 - Five Month Mark

It's been 5 months since my BA. It seems like I just had surgery yesterday, but looking at the progression of photos I can see how much they've changed. I have no more weird shooting pains that would come and go, and I can sleep on my side. I do sometimes feel like I'm laying on top of something foreign, but usually once I slightly adjust my position, I feel normal again. Working out is interesting. I regularly go to spin class and that's no issue, but when holding weights of over 25lbs for squats or when doing pushups, I feel my chest muscles contracting and it feels really weird. I just make sure to do pushups slowly and concentrate on how my chest feels so that I can stop if I feel any pain. Other than that, life is pretty much back to normal.
I took TONS of pictures today in almost all of my sports bras, the 3 regular bras that I have and a few swimsuits. I'll try to label the photos as best I can.

5 Months pics continued

5 Months pics continued swimsuits

5 Months pics continued

After posting all those pics in sports bras, regular bras and swimsuits, here they are NUDE and compared to my wish boobs.

6 Months Update

Ladies! Just a quick pic upload of the progress at 6 months. Not much of a change from 5 months that I can notice.

7 Months

Finally went to Soma for a fitting and came out with two 36DDD bras. They don't look any different size-wise than my Victoria's Secret 36DD bras except that the straps are wider and thicker. I also found a 36DDD swimsuit top on clearance at Victoria's Secret which keeps the girls secure--I don't feel like they're going to pop or fall out!

1 Year Post-Op!!

It's been one whole year since my BA. I haven't posted since month 5 or 6 because life's been busy and I don't think they've changed much since then. My right breast is slightly fuller than the left but in swimsuits, bras and under clothes it's not noticeable (but my OCD tells me it is!!) Incision scars are still purple but I scar very easily and I don't expect them to fade until about year two from my own personal experience. Bra size is 36DD - 36DDD depending on brand and bra style. So far, loving the way my boobs look!
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

Loved Dr. Revis! His office was super efficient and aesthetically pleasing. The exam rooms were spacious. I appreciated the amount of time that Dr. Revis and his staff spent with me during my consultation, looking through photos with me to determine what look I liked and didn't like, and even measuring me a couple of times to compare to the sizing of the implants so we could choose the best fit. I ended up going with smooth round 650cc Mentor moderate plus memory gel implants. I was an out of town patient, flew in for my consult, and when scheduling my surgery, was able to schedule my post-op for the day following surgery so that I could travel back home to recover. Overall, my experience with Dr. Revis was superb. I would highly recommend Dr. Revis for breast augmentation!

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