24, 5'4", 135lbs, Fitness Freak, 32B to 32DDD, Silicone 600cc, HP, Under Muscle

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So after over 6 months of researching, I have...

So after over 6 months of researching, I have chosen a doctor, and finally had my pre-op! I decided to go with Dr. Don Revis in Fort Lauderdale, FL. After many consultations and research, I feel confident in my decision. His work is seriously amazing and I couldn't be more excited!
I am scheduled for April 1st, and I just completed my pre-op appointment today! I asked all the remaining questions I had, showed Dr. Revis pictures of what I hope to achieve, tried on all the sizers, and signed all of the final paperwork! Later this week I will be going in for blood work and then I'll be set until the surgery! Feel free to ask me if you have questions!

Wish Pictures

So I realized yesterday I never added my current measurements or my "wish pictures"! These are examples of my desired final look...

Last night before surgery!

Tonight is my last night before surgery! I'm quite nervous but trying to relax. I decided between 550-600 but am leaving the final decision to Dr. Revis based on my wish photos, my body type, my activity level, etc...

I'm getting an areolar incision, under the muscle, silicone....

Here are my last "before photos"!

First Day Post Op!

Today is my first day post op and it's been almost exactly 24 hours since I've been home. Yesterday after surgery it took me awhile go wake up the from anesthesia. They took me to the car in a wheelchair but said my vitals were fantastic the whole time. I've been sleeping A LOT since we got home, almost continuously. Thankfully my boyfriend is a nurse so he has been keeping me on track with all the medications at the right time. Nothing is super painful, everything just feel extremely tight. I need help sitting up and sitting down, and I get a little dizzy when I walk but besides that it's not too bad..!

3rd Day Post Op

Today is my third day post op! Unfortunately I'm not feeling any better lately, I'm just as tense and tight as I have been. I've been sleeping more than 20 hours a day! I'll wake up for a little bit and fall right back asleep. I've been taking my meds, taking arnica montana for the swelling, and icing with frozen corn every so often. Is there anything else I can do so that I don't feel like I have two brick balls on my chest? :(

5 days Post Op - Big Change

Today was my 5th day post op and waking up today showed a major difference. I have been taking all the pain meds I can since my surgery which has caused me to sleep almost non stop all day, every day. Today was different! Last night I actually couldn't sleep much. I kept waking up, not from pain, just because I've slept alot I guess. Today after I woke up, I actually got some things done and I didn't nap at all. I did still take my pain medication but I didnt have the NEED to, as in the pain was f as bad as it had been lately. I did the dishes, did some homework, watched tv, and then left the house for the first time since surgery. I had my boyfriend drive me to Whole Foods, our trip was only about 30-45 minutes but I was definitely tired and "feeling it" in my boobs. When we got home thankfully it was time for another dose of medicine because they did hurt a little. Also I've been feeling an air pocket on the top my right breast. Sometimes it actually hurts but mostly it doesn't. When I massage it, it almost makes a fart type sound. I looked it up, and it seems kind of common in the first few weeks. Tomorrow is my first post op visit so I'll ask about it then. For me today was the day I officially started feeling better :)

One Week Post Op! Yay!

Today is exactly one week post op! Pain was pretty bad last night but I think that's just cause I was doing too much. So I started pain meds again last night but only taking them as needed. Results are getting better each day! :)

2.5 Weeks Post Op

Im currently 2.5 weeks post op and they're looking great! I did get an infection in my left incision so I had to start back on antibiotics again but it's not too bad. After 3 days on antibiotics the infection essentially went away... I went to the beach for the first time since surgery and I definitely learned to use a ton of spf the first couple times. I normally use tanning oil and I rarely ever burn, but this time I used spf 15 and I got ridiculously burnt. It's been 3 days and the burns are still bright red, lesson learned!

32 Days Post Op!

Woohoo! 32 days post op! Time really flies after the first two weeks! I am really happy with my results so far. I've had a few concerns between my minor infection and some major pain but all is well! I am approved to start light workouts again, mainly only training legs... but it's a start! Dr. Revis and I discussed how fast I dropped and that we both like the placement they're at now, so I'm wearing underwire non stop now... Even to sleep. I went to Victoria's Secret to get measured a weeks ago and I'm officially a 32DDD! I wasn't expecting that one... LOL. I didn't realize how different it is shopping for bras after a BA, I guess because the shape and feel of a natural breast is a little different than ones with implants. Luckily I found several bras that for really well! I would recommend the Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Unlined Demi, Dream Angels Lined Demi, and the Body By Victoria Lined Demi. They all work really well with my size! Also I found one really good strapless bra too - the Dream Angels Multi-Way! I feel like I have a lot of knowledge to share because I've gone through a roller coaster so far so please feel free to ask me any questions! I would love to help!

6 Weeks Post Op - Workout Advice!

So I am currently 6 weeks post op, I got understand with an areolar incision... I started working out again recent and looked around for good workouts to start with after surgery. Surprisingly I didn't find much, so I decided to try some things out and wrote my own! Attached is my upper body workout I created. Keep in mind to do all exercises slowly, squeeze the target muscle, and know your limit! For weight, I used about 25-35% what I was using before surgery... For instance, biceps curls I used to do 15-20 pounds but now I'm doing them a different way and only doing 10 pounds! Enjoy, and ask questions! I will be following up with a leg workout as well! Happy lifting!

3 months Post Op

Sorry it's been awhile since I've updated. I am finally able to do my normal workouts that I was doing before the surgery but getting back into everything is pretty hard. My advice would be to not let yourself fall out of your diet while you're recovering. I've gained weight and it's harder than ever to get back into what I was eating before. Besides that all is well, I've had no issues!
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