*1 YEAR & 9 MONTHS POST OP*-450 cc HP ,smooth silicone ,under , areola incision w/ Dr.Revis!

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Have been on the hunt for a Doctor for Breast...

Have been on the hunt for a Doctor for Breast Augmentation for awhile now! I originally booked a consultation with a doctor in Lethbridge, AB for May.4,2015 , but then decided to go see Dr.Revis due to great reviews and girls in my town with BEAUTIFUL results who flew down to see him! When I emailed Dr.Revis asking him questions last month, he responded within an hour which made me feel like a valued client already! I was skeptical sending pictures of my profile to him at first ( never have I ever taken pictures of my breast and sending it out like that), but I did .. And he reassured me on the steps of what he will be doing if I were to go see him down in Florida for surgery. I then contacted his patient coordinator , Alexa and asked her questions about surgery for out-of -town patients and the next thing you know I booked my surgery for January 2015! I just felt so comfortable talking to Dr.Revis and Alexa I knew there and then that I wanted him as a doctor to perform my surgery! I can't wait to go see him in 2 months for this is going to be a Christmas present to myself (been saving up for it ) ! Yay!

My profile:

5"2' ; 110 lbs
pre-op - 32B
BA date- January 2015
Silicone,smooth, areola incision , high profile, 400 cc

Will post pictures of before and after=]!

Pre-op Pics!

Thought I put up some pics of my profile as of today =]

Super duper flat chested! Haha!

My Collection of "Wish Boobs"

These next 2 months are going to kill me haha!!! I seriously can't wait and I hope the next couple of weeks will just fly by=[…

I've been looking through a lot of pictures lately finding the ideal size, shape, profile etc.. that i want! And then I made an album on my phone dedicated to "Wish Boobs" haha.. Thought I would share my collection so far ! =]

450 cc Rice Sizers!

I've been counting down the days already (49 more days!) and I can't wait to go for my pre-op and try the actual silicone sizers =[ So in the meantime I made 450 cc rice sizers to get an idea of my desired boob look. Oh boy let me say.. I CAN GET USE TO THIS HAHA! Do you lades think this is a good size for me or should i go up to 475 cc since i'm so flat chested?

Thanks for all the help!!

Sport Bras...

Sooo.. I had a crappy weekend and just felt like complete sh*t overall, so my sweet boyfriend surprised me with flowers and a gift card to Victoria Secret to help cheer me up ( he reminded me that boobies are in 6 more weeks!!) =]. I was hoping to utilize this gift card on Black Friday to buy 2 sport bras for my new-coming boobs, but I was wondering how you ladies estimate the size ?? Again i'm a 32 B cup size and hoping to get between 400-475 cc silicone implants ! Appreciate all the help!!


Oh woww.. I remember 2 months ago I was telling my boyfriend, " 56 MORE DAYS TO GO UNTIL BOOOOBIES!" and now it has come down to "7"! I have to say, the holidays sure helped make the time go by and I couldn't be more excited to ring in the New Year! "New Year, New Me" WOO!

Can't wait to meet Dr.Revis and his staff!! I feel like I'm such a bugger to Alexa (Dr.Revis' patient coordinator ) for I've been emailing her so much lately =[ But she has been such great help and I can't wait to thank her in person for everything!

I'll update again next Tuesday when i'll be finally trying on sizers in Dr.Revis's office!!!


This would happen to me!

Hello ladies! My rant of the night...

So my flight to Fort Lauderdale was suppose to be in 7 hours, but due to mechanical issues my flight has been cancelled =[ They re-booked my flight for Tuesday, but that is my consultation day and I would be upset if I were to miss that.. So I had to called the flight company and had to stay on the phone for an hour trying to work something out.. They eventually got me on an afternoon flight for tomorrow to which i arrive in Fort Lauderdale at midnight.. I guess it's wayyy better than going on Tuesday morning ! It just sucks that I miss a whole day of my "vacation" there ..=[

Will update again on Tuesday morning after consultation=]!! Can't wait !

Consultation w/ Dr.Revis Today!!

So today I finally had my consultation with Dr.Revis and I have to say he is by far the most sweestest plastic surgeon! Even my boyfriend said, " wow he's so humble! Good choice on doctor! I can see why a lot of people like him!" When entering the room, he had a genuine smile and introduced himself to me and told me to shoot all my questions at him haha ! And so i did and he sat there answered every single question I had ! He did not rush me at all and even asked me questions to get to know me better , which I really appreciate in a person=] So after talking and getting him to measure me and all that jazz, I have decided to go with 450 cc HP smooth silicone areola incision under the muscle! Can't wait for tomorrow now! Surgery is in 13 hours! Need to get my rest , so i'll update you ladies tomorrow afternoon! =]


Hello beautiful ladies!!!

So today i had my surgery at 12:30 in the afternoon=] Dr.Revis came in with his positive energy which made me much more excited to get the procedure done. Again, he is a very sweet and has the kindest heart for a plastic surgeon! The last thing I remember from today was me getting rolled into the OR room and BAM! I woke up in the recovery room with boobs! My boyfriend then came and told me I kept asking the same questions to him and the nurse ( I don't remember) and my question was of course, " Where's Dr.Revis!? I want to thank him =[ and did he say he put 450 cc in me?" ahaha . Unfortunately , Dr.Revis left after my surgery to go answer some of his patients questions at his clinic, so I texted him with my "thank yous!" OH yeah that's another thing! He gives you his cell phone number to reach him about anything, so that is nice of him how he makes time for his patients literally 24/7 ! I really enjoyed my journey with Dr.Revis and his amazing staff ! Couldn't be anymore happier with my results!

Pre op- B32
Height- 5"2'
Weight- 115 lbs
Got 450 cc HP smooth silicone under the muscle with areola incision
POST OP= Not sure, but hoping for D32 or DD32!

Post op- Day 1! Frankenboobies!

Finally got to see the girls today at Dr.Revis's office! I am quite happy with them so far! They are sitting high, but I know they will drop and fluff and become perfect soon!! I hope my scars around my nipples will heal nicely too=[ (just looks bloody right now).. but again time will only tell haha! I'm excited to finally buy clothes that will enhance my body now and wear certain things that I could not before ! Okay i'm going to end it here since i'm getting tired from all these meds I'm on, but you ladies will hear from me soon =] And I realize today is going to be my last encounter with Dr.Revis, so if you are reading this I just want to say , " thank you for everything you have done to boost up my well-being! You have changed my life for the better and words cannot explain how happy you have me feel these past 2 days! " I'm going to miss this sweet doctor=[

Day 4 Post-Op

Finally made it home today and now getting ready to start my last semester of Uni tomorrow ( WOO HOO!) ! But thought I would post an update first of how i'm doing =]

Day 1-3 Post op- I expected the pain to be worse for I only took 2 pain killers in total those first 3 days ! The tightness and cramps probably bothered me the most after surgery and the fact I couldn't get up by myself haha..

Day 4- I stopped taking my muscle relaxers and only had 1 tylenol today on my flight home and I have to say I feel great!! I notice i've been hunching my back a bit while walking, but in time i shall get use to the weight of these new girls haha! I love them already!! I also noticed that my right boob is dropping faster than my left one , so hopefully that is normal!

Will update again soon =] Can't wait until they "drop and fluff "!!

2 Weeks Post Op! Loving "my girls" so much =D!

Today marks my 2 weeks since surgery and so far everything has been great! I'm so grateful to have such a fast recovery and that my new pair of boobies are looking more and more wonderful each day! They have dropped significantly since my last post and I know I'm just going to love them even more in the next couple of weeks! The steri strips are slowly coming off now and I had my first glimpse of my scars that don't seem that bad under the bloody mess haha! Well I don't know what else to write except that I have a few zingers here and there and that massaging has been fun haha! But again, my whole experience since day 1 has been lovely and I can't thank Dr.Revis enough for his fabulous work!


Hi ladies!! Geez.. does time ever fly by! I kinda miss the experience of after surgery and feeling the excitement of just getting my boobs done haha! But things are getting a little bit more exciting now since my boobs have dropped significantly compared to 4 weeks ago ! I'm having bit of boob greed and wish I went up to 500 cc, but i know this is going to take time and that they have a few more months to fully drop =].. "Patience is a virtue".. My steri strips finally came off the previous sunday and I am now using Scar Guard and hoping it will help flatten out my right scar and make it less dark appearing, so we'll see how that goes! I'll probably be updating monthly for I feel that's when you can see the progress more better, so thank you for reading and I wish all of you ladies the best xx!

2 Months Post- Op!

Hello ladies!!

Quick update! So last week I emailed Dr.Revis for my follow-up and he gave me the thumbs up to wear any bras now.. So as one would guess..I ran to Victoria Secret haha!! Got measured as a 32DD! Wooo! Never thought in a million years I would ever be that size , but geesh did it ever feel nice to hear those words "DD" hhahaha. I'm still having a bit of boob greed here and there, but I keep reminding myself , " at least you have boobies now!!" And it's nice that I can play them up now! (or down if I need to..) . But overall I'm happy and i know i still have many more months to see the "full" results =[. Oh, also! My scars..I'm still using ScarGuard, but I would say they are 70% reduce now and super happy how they been healing so far!

The bra i'm wearing from Victoria Secret is called "The T-Shirt Perfect Shape"! Absolutely love it!

Thanks for reading! Will update again next month xx!

3 Months Post-Op- Still having boob greed!

Hello ladies!
Here's another quick update! My girls have been doing just fine the past month and I feel like I fully D&F , but again.. not really quite sure haha! They are definitely squishier now and I'm still a 32DD in bras ! My girls look huge in pics, but in the mirror .. I just don't see it.. I still feel like i should of went bigger (thought 450 cc's would be HUGE!) And lately i've been questioning my profile.. Should I have went with moderate plus to get more cleavage and to look more fuller ( again i'm not sure haha..) Ah i hope this "boob greed" will go away in the next couple of months.. And i know i should work out and tone my stomach a bit ! And then maybe i'll feel like my boobs are the perfect size for my body! Regardless, i'm happy that i have boobies now opposed to what I had 3 months ago!

Hope everyone is doing well=D

Forgot to upload my bottom view!

I can tell they have dropped and fluffed a lot !!


Hello RS ladies!! Here's my 4 months update:

Boobies are still looking the same i think? Seriously wish I went a bit bigger=[! Can't really notice them when wearing a bandeau for example which makes me sad !! I really hope slimming down will make them look bigger=[ Just got back from my New York trip, so toning down starts now ( ate everything down there !) ! Need that beach bod ASAP!


Pictures as requested=]

I'm not sure what to say as they still look and feel the same to me compared to last month! If you ladies have any questions , please feel free to ask xx!


Hello !! Quick update! I'd honestly say they still look the same as last month and I'm honestly trying to love the size I have right now ( as already mention before… I've been having boob greed)! Been back at the gym and hoping to lose some weight and enhance the look of these girls! Bought some new bathing suits, so thought I'd share what my girls look like them as of now=D!

Pre op: 32 B
Post op- 450 cc HP which has brought me to a 32DD /34 DD [at some places ]

The mint bathing suit top is in a size L from La Vie en Rose
Red/ Black bathing suit top is in a size M from Pink by Victoria Secret!

Thanks for reading my update=D!


Holy.. Where does the time go haha! I feel as this point the girls have dropped a bit more compared to 2 months ago and with that said a bit more bouncy haha! They are super squishy now and with bra size, i'm still what I was since the 2 months mark ( 32DD ) so i'm quite happy with that ;)! I don't know what else to update you ladies on, but hope everyone is doing well and for those ladies who are on their journey to get a BA, I wish you the best of luck and happy healing!! xx!


Update as requested :)


I will write a mini update soon! In a rush to go out haha but here's some pics ;) ( don't think much has changed except that my boobs are squishier than ever !! )

Ps. I still have boob greed :( sigh


Hi ladies! So not much has changed with the girls ! They are very natural looking and I can hide them up or down which is the nice part . I still want to get a revision done in the future and get 550-600 ccs . Reason why I want to go a bit bigger is because I want a more full look with a bit more cleavage which I don't have if let lab say I'm wearing a low v cut shirt or bikini . I can achieve that look with push ups , but the point of my surgery was hopefully not to wear push ups anymore :( . So hoping to get my revision done in the next year or 2.

For those just reading this part my stats are :

Pre BA : 32 B
Post BA: 450 cc HP which gave me a bra size of 32DD( although I don't feel like I am one haha)
Height : 5"2'
Weight : Was 115 before BA , now 125 :(
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

He is simply amazing and the most sweetest doctor there is! His bedside manners were wonderful and it just made me so much more excited to get the procedure done rather than scared! His welcoming smile just lights the room and you just know you are in good hands! I like how he gives his patients his cell phone number too just in case of emergency or if you want to ask him questions! He's literally there for his patients 24/7 and you can just tell he really values and care for all of his patients! I can't thank him enough for he has truly changed my life and my personal well-being! I'm proud to say , "I'm a Revis's girl!"

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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