A New Dra.Duran Doll Coming Soon!

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Hi ladies, I have been stalking this forum for...

Hi ladies, I have been stalking this forum for almost a year now and I have fallen in love with some of the procedures I have seen. I have been thinking on doing a brazilian butt lift for a while now. I'm 21 i weight 236 i plan on loosing some weight before my procedure, no kids just a boyfriend and I want this procedure done so bad. Like I'm obsessed with this website, just felt like writing to get any tips on what I should get or things I should take before and after surgery. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks dolls

I've been looking online and really don't know...

I've been looking online and really don't know what I need to get I just don't want time to come and I am not prepared, I made my down payment and I'm trying to save the rest of money, I can't wait to get my body right! I have been reall self conscious about my body and always felt like getting it fix especially how I don't have any ass I want a big ole booty.
But first I want to loose some weight I want to get down to atleast 190. Now I'm 236 I know it's a long way to go but ill get there, any one have any weight lost tips or ideas?

Hello ladies, so I'm going crazy because I'm not...

Hello ladies, so I'm going crazy because I'm not sure if I still want to do my surgery, it's like this is something I really want but then I just go into this state as if I just shouldn't do it. I still don't know what I am in need of even if I wanted to do it, and I want a great volume to go into my butt! Is 1200cc to much? I still need to loose this weight I don't think ill have enough weight lost by time as my surgery date come around and I really want great results! Ladies what do you think?

Hello ladies so thanks to ConfidenceLover I'm goin...

Hello ladies so thanks to ConfidenceLover I'm goin to stay on track with this procedure, I just need some help on websites I can go to for pre n pos op supplies. I really would love a board for my stomach after surgery! Still trying to get my weight down. Looking into some doctors think hard about yily sent her my info so just waiting on a response from her, but also lookin at Salama since he is in the FL area. But just shopping around with my options I want my choice to be the best choice and get fantastic results.
I would like at least 1200cc to my booty n I would love some hips also. I just don't want it to look to fake, that's why I'm trying to stay away from the social networks and taking and posting pictures of myself anywhere but here, but where I work I'm bound for people to see me so I'm loosing weight so it won't be so noticeable.

Anyone knows how to get in contact with Dra Duran?

Well ladies I need some help, I had a restless night thinking on which dr I should go to, waiting on a response from Yily, but does anyone have Dra Duran info so I can get a quote from her, he work is very nice also!

This Wait Is A Killer...

So I'm still waiting on a quite from Duran or Yily and its killing me!


Quote* damn autocorrect

Wish pics of duran

Place to stay in DR.

So Yily gave me a quote of $4500 that's including a TT,BBL to ALL the major areas and that's not bad still want my quote from Duran because I love her booties! Question have any of you ladies stayed at a hotel other than the recovery rooms, I want to stay at a hotel or vile because I want to bring my mom and I need privacy! The journey is getting so real! *deep breaths*

New Dra Duran Do coming soon

Okay is anyone else having trouble with Dra Duran email, because I'm trying to send her some more info about me but its not goin!

Frustrated! Help!

Okay I'm still waiting on a quote from Dra Duran and I really want her to do this procedure on me because I like her results that she gives, I have also emailed Cabral still waiting on a quote from him and got a quote from Baez for $4000 and from Yily which was $4500. I am just exploring my option but if Dra Duran answers me I'm not searching anymore! Can someone please tell me how to get a quote from her I Facebook msg her but she stop replying to me I know she is a busy lady I just wanna have my dream body!

Still Waiting....

Okay so I'm still waiting on a quote from Duran can someone tell me how to get a quote from her, I'm trying to sort out everything I wanna do my surgery in Oct. I wrote her msgs on fb I'm not getting any ansa... Guess it's a waiting game!


Okay so Dra Duran finally got back to me! YAY! Two long and horrific weeks! But she quote me $4000 for a bbl, and $5000 with a tummy tuck. And she told me I have to drop some more weight which I'm planning on doing! So ill send her my deposit next week and book my date and I'm almost there! Yay Me!

Weight Lost Tips

Any good weight lot tips? Or detox that I can do to drop major weight?

Torn between Doctors!

So I'm really torn between which doctors to go to! It's like I want Duran to make me a Duran Doll, but I wan a doc who will get me my dream body I wanna b curvy and with a big ol booty. Yily work is nice for small frames and waist but she doesn't give much of a booty! Haven't seen much of Baez work, and Cabral is up there but he has a past that I'm afraid of! So confused now I just want my choice to be right!

Wish pix

Love her results

Date set

So I set my date with Dra Duran and I'm ready had to set it back until next year April but its fine just the thought of setting my date is fine!


Does anyone know how to send Duran the deposit! I didn't understand the info that Elizabeth told me Idk if its a Citi bank or what is her Paypal still working? And how long came u keep your date for before sending your deposit! Because I have it I just wanna send it!


Okay ladies Happy 4th of Judy!! I wanted to know if the depo shot would have any effect on the body during surgery?

Back on track

Hello once again ladies I know I have been gone for a min but I'm back now I have all my money in order for my procedure that's what I was doing, but I need Durans info to send my deposit I know that my surgery won't b until next year April but I don't mind. Hope everyone is doing well but if anyone has Duran bank info please let me know
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