BBL with Doctor Pane at Strax, Ft. Lauderdale

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I've heard several horror stories about this place...

I've heard several horror stories about this place and was very hesitant at first to come here but I have finally decided to just go with it! Dr. Pane not only performs surgery at Strax but at several other locations in Florida. He has many years of experience and I have not read 1 bad review on him. The day of my consultation he was very kind and answered all of my questions... I had a really good vibe with him so I set the date! One thing I am concerned about is the amount of CC transferred he mentioned 700 I think that's too little.... How many CC did you guys have transferred?? Thanks!


I went for my pre-op on Friday and they called me today with results! Everything was great so now I'm super anxious/excited!


Tomorrow will be a week since my surgery! I'm still a little sore and have a lot of bruising and swelling. My butt today feels like it's about to explode! Lol not sure if I should massage it or not.... Still have not sat down I was told to wait at least 10 days but I'm pushing for 2 weeks.

When did you sit down after BBl?

I've seen online one week-two weeks and doctor told me 10 days. I don't want to sit too soon and mess it up!! How long did you ladies wait to sit after BBL? How did you like your results?
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