BBL & Breast Reduction - Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Finally, schedule a BBL and breast reduction with...

Finally, schedule a BBL and breast reduction with Dr. Salama. My surgery date is November 22, 2016 and I have to arrive one day before to meet with the doctor. I schedule everything though Nancy the Patient Coordinator at Elite Plastic Surgery. She was very helpful with answering all my questions. I'm still very nervous so far.......Anyone else schedule with Dr. Salama around this time?

Wish Pictures

Some wish pictures from Dr.Salama website. I didn't want to add any photos that was way out the box so I decided on realistic results.

My Before Pictures ????

I really want to increase the size of my butt and achieve a smaller waistline. I'm also having a breast reduction done by Dr. Salama in March 2017. I shouldn't done the breast reduction first but, I want a big butt NOW. I figure once I achieve what I want back there maybe I can see what size I won't up there.......????Hope that was a good decision but anyway these girls got to go 34HH UK size????....... I wish I could put all that in my derrière!.........Lol ????

Current Status

I'm 5"6 in height and approximately 166 pounds. My goal weight is between 155-160 before my surgery date. I already know I'm overweight so no need to remind me and I'm still gonna be overweight before and after the surgery. Lol.....I'm 26 and a mother to two one boy (9) and one girl (7). I'm hoping that I can achieve the right amount of derrière on my first BBL. I have read lots of reviews and see that some ladies aren't satisfy the first go around. I'm praying that I don't fall in the same boat as those ladies. After my BBL I'm having a breast reduction the following year by Dr. Salama. I just can't wait until November......I'm trying to get ready for my surgery, but I'm just wondering do anyone have an idea of what to pack. I know the basic, but I'm looking to see if theres anything that anyone thought was a must.....Thanks :)

Honest Review

You can definitely follow my journey before and after my surgeries because I will be completely honest. I'm investing a lot of money into myself so if anything is wrong I don't have a problem with sharing my experience with others. I'm not trying to be an a**hole but I hate wasting my money. It didn't matter what doctor I was going to this is just me. I know all the negative reviews about different doctors from reading reviews on here so no need to tell me what this one was or is capable of trust me I already did my research. I believe Dr.Salama is a good doctor from reviews and comments on here. I have received personal references about him and I know all is well. I can't want until November for a new me!

Surgery this Tuesday

I been waiting for this day forever and now I'm scared. I continuously see many of Dr.Salama patients complaining of lumps and uneven areas. I know everyone heals differently but, too many people are complaining about the same thing. I still want to go through with the surgery I just have many negative thoughts because I can't stay off RealSelf....LOL....This is exactly why I haven't been posting but the time is here so I'll keep y'all updated.

Did anyone have chin lipo with Dr. Salama?

As, you know from the earlier post I'm having my BBL this Tuesday. I was wondering did anyone have chin lipo with Dr. Salama.......Did you like results? Is it even worth getting?......I just need some type of answer. I'm really considering chin lipo. I've read many posts on RealSelf about chin lipo and many people didn't see a different.


I been meaning to update but, I just been little tired. I had my surgery done as planned on November 22 around noon. Dr. Salama was very nice and informative. I was kind of nervous when I first meant him but, his sense of humor made me feel very comfortable. My results are exactly what I wanted and I can't be more happier.The ladies at the office were very nice. Overall I would recommend him to anyone seeking to get cosmetic surgery.

Before and After

Took a selfie while waiting on my garment to dry.

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