BBL 5'1 155lbs SO EXCITED! - Fort Lauderdale, FL

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I've gone to a couple consultations regarding...

I've gone to a couple consultations regarding getting a BBL done here in California and ultimately I've decided to Fly out to Florida and go with Dr. Salama. After reviewing many profiles here on RS, I feel that the look he achieves on many of his patients is what I'm going for. I want a perky, high projection, round, bubbly booty. I sent in my before pictures....and I'm just waiting on the doctors feedback. Then, all is left is to book my date and put down the deposit! I really hope I can get a quick surgery date.. I want to have my dream booty ASAP! (So if any girls have a surgery date that's before mine, I would love to switch with you.. I will post mine as soon as I get it!!) I'm really really excited about this entire process and RS has been complete lifesaver as far as easing my mind about all of the worries that go along with having surgery.

SEPTEMBER 6th Ladies!!

Talked to Cynthia and they had a cancellation! So I'm booking my surgery date for Sept 6th' I'm Booking my flight today and will (hopefully) be staying at Serenity Recovery retreat (my date is approaching so quick... I'm going alone, so I NEED them to have space for me!!) ahhhhhhh! I'm SO excited!! Anyone else going in the beginning of Sept?! Let's netflix and chill with our huge asses! Lollll

Before pics!

I'm 5'1 and weigh about 155- which is almost 35 lbs over my 'normal' weight.. But at 5'1 my weight fluctuates quite a bit. I'm comfortable between 115-125lbs. Posting wish pics next!

Blood work and EKG

Has anyone had these tests done without the help of their insurance?? I feel like I'm going to be kicking myself once I see how much these tests are putting me out.. I'm looking into getting health insurance even if it is just for a month or two. From the places I've called, they said they don't cover anything that goes along with cosmetic surgery. I'm not looking to have the insurance to cover any part of my surgery yet, I'm wondering if that includes prescriptions and lab tests?? Lord knows I could use the help on those! Still looking for a recovery center as well... Ah so much to plan, so little time!!

Research and reservationss

Make yourself a cocktail ladies.. Let me tell you... It's taken me forever, but I've finally made my reservations! I'm flying in from Ca 9/5 @9:30am for my preop- I'm staying in ft lauderdale near the airport for the night...then SURGERY in the a.m. I've decided to go with Miami Escape as my place of recovery and booked my stay with Ms.Dani. -Michael will be picking me up from surgery. I'm staying for a week at Miami Escape and I'm also staying in ft lauderdale an extra two nights before I fly home on the 15th!! Anyone else have my dates?? So soon! I'm lightweight freaking out lol. I'm so excited..

Wish pics

Hour glass figure & projection!

Dr S & Miami Escape??

Has anyone else that's had surgery by Dr. Salama stayed at Miami escape for their recovery? I've heard the trek to and from for massages anddd the postop apt is a little rough.... Would love opinions and suggestions!

Blood work

Appointment is Thursday! I'm doing whatever I can to build my iron, as i know from past experiences.. it's typically low. Any tips to build it up quickly I would greatly appreciate!! Pic-freshly squeezed. (Spinach, baby kale, parsley, carrots, orange, lime) it's sour and tastes like earth, but it's actually not bad at all :) -but I like juicing! Lol

CLEARED for the 6th!!

My blood work and EKG came back positive and I am all cleared for surgery on September 6th!! & Holyshit, am I excited! Will anyone else be there at that time?? I'll be in Fl until the 15th :))

Compression stockings??

Are they necessary?? .. the nurses didn't say I needed them, but from what I've been reading about swelling I'm a little worried /to not have them and I actually need them. Any opinions ladies that've had a BBL before ? Also.. If you recommend them, what's the best kind to get?


COUNTDOWN!!!! :) :) :) Everything's booked and I'm getting my last minute Amazon purchases by Friday! This last week is going to fly by.... Dr.Salama, here I come! I'm readyyy

If anyone's looking for a recovery house having surgery next week..

Miami Escape is actually having a deal right now call and talk to Dani- she's been super helpful with me so far!

Flight home

Forgot to mention it's going to be a 4 1/2 hour journey....... hoping I can manage it like a champ! Ugh I'm really not wanting any pressure issues with the elevation :(

On my wayyyy



Layover for about an hour then back in the plane.. The plane was really warm and not that ventilated so I got sick. Threw up riiiight when I got off :( ugh I'm dreading the flight homeeeee! Wish my boyfriend came with me.. If I have do to it again, I'm 100% bringing him. Miss him already....

Salamas office???

Just got to my hotel was supposed to head over to my preop appointment right away but I'm getting no responses from their phones. I've been calling and calling.... I'm really hoping that they didn't have a clerical error and are actually closed today my surgery is scheduled for tomorrow wtf?!

I'm here!

Preop, signing papers, final payment and then it's BOOTY TIME!! :) :) :) wish me luck ladies! I'll keep you guys posted..

In recovery

Hey girls! I made it out of Sx without complications. Im resting at the RH now and am feeing wayyyyy better than I did right out of Sx. Almost everyone has been saying it's freezing when you get out, but not me... I was burning up and throwing up. It sucked.. But the nurse gave me an anti nausea shot and that kicked in about half hr afterwards and I felt 10000X better. (Oh yeah..since I came from out of state, my pharm wouldn't fill my painkillers, so we had to pick them up after sx. And yesterday (Labor Day) this one near my home was closed. That sucked bc it added about 40 mins to my journey to the RH) I'm the only one here, so the ladies have been very attentive :) I'm not sure what my butt looks like yet, but I do have huge bags under my eyes.. I will post a pic of my booty tmrw when Salama checks it out.

Btw... Salama is not "cold" or a man of very little words. He was very friendly and very informative. He's ideal :) I can't wait to see what he gave me!!

I haven't taken any pain killers yet, bc they pumped more into my Iv righ before the nurse removed it. That nausea though.... Fml throwing up is not fun when your this sore!

Also... Bags. Huge bags under my eyes, I'm hoping that'll go down tmw. It looks like I'm recovering from a boxing match lol.

Anyways... I'm back in bed now. I've peed twice; the first time got a little messy, but no probs the second time around. Those funny female urinals make me feel like a boy. Shaking it off n all LOLL!

Back to bed for me. Goodnight ladies!!

Day one

Ok.. Where do I start!? I did a lot of walking last night bc I couldn't sleep. The aggressive lipo on my tummy was super sore and sensitive. My booty didn't really have a lot of pain compared to my belly. This a.m I had my post op.. The surgical tape they had to take off hurt like a biiii! But once the lipo foams were in, I felt Soo much better. Now, as for my booty... The pain completely switched. Once I got back to the RH, I immediately took a pain killer. (I'm probably at a level 8 pain wise now...but I have very high tolerance for pain and I'd say it was almost a 10!) ugh today's been rough... But I'm managing and the girls here are very nice. Molly is an angel! I snapped a cpl pics in Salamas office.. Can't wait to see the results when the swelling goes down :)


Happy so far! Projection is on point!

Not sure why they didn't post

Trying again...

One last try..


Tight garment :(

They gave me a butt out garment and whoooooo.. Let me tell you.. OUCH! with all the swelling and compression from the garment, I feel is making it more swollen. I go to my first massage tmrw morning and they're going to give me another one; I'm just hoping its not going to be as abrasive as this one feels. My RH nurses have me lookin' all types of funny with these maxi pads sticking out, but having them as a 'buffer' between my garment and skin is wayyy more comfortable! My first shower felt amazing.. I stayed in there for awhile. Even washed my hair ;) oh yeah I forgot to mention... The first night sleeping on my tummy was almost impossible. Post op they put in the lipo foams and yessssss it felt so much better. I was actually able to get some sleep last night! A little tip though.... Move move move... Waddling around really helps!

First massage 3days postop

Alright.. So I was superrrrr nervous for my first post op massage after reading so many posts about it being unbearable pain; but I didn't cry.. So I think it's bearable- but everyone's pain tolerance and recovery is different! Don't get me wrong... It definitely didn't feel GOOD lol. It hurt.. Prettyy bad. The gross part was hearing all the fluid build up squishing around as the nurse (Celia) massaged me. She was sweet though and asked if I needed a break(didn't take a break bc I just wanted it over lol), so that was nice. My hips and tummy hurt the most to massage. I do fee like my swelling is going down, but I'm still too to swollen to change into my 2nd garment.. Here's a cpl pics I snapped before my shower :)

Day four

It's getting easier and easier each day. Sleeping is still pretty rough.. I'll sleep past my 2hr 'move-mark' and I get really stiff and sore. But once I get up and move, I'm back at it again! I feel that recovery is going pretty smooth for me. Some of the girls here at the RH are having a harder time, so I'm helping them out she I can too :) everyone is so sweet and everyone is also doing this process alone.. So I feel like we've made strong connections, very fast. I'm sooo glad I chose to stay at a RH. Best decision.. Hands down! Oh yeah... As for the bathroom situ- Still no BM for me. I'm dreading it bc my 2nd drain is riiiight between my cheeks.. Some of the girls have it on their butt cheek, mine is riight between. (Less scaring - so I'm fine with I'll keep you posted on that situation when it does go down. Lol like I said before move move move move.. DO NOT just lay I bed in pain bc it only gets worse before it gets better. Feels exhausting to move, but relieves the pain soo much, so do it!


Sorry it's beene awhile Ladies! I just got back to Cali last night and boy am I gladd to be home! Dr. Salama put 1300ccs in each! ;) love my results so far..

Lovin' my progrASS

Haha.. You like how I did that? ;) love my new body so far! Booty for dayyyss.. Keep a positive mindset girls. Recovery had its ups and downs, but it'll be worth it!

Lump on my tummy

On my left side of my abdomen when I'm looking down.. I used to have a roll there.. But it's swollen.. it almost seems like he forgot an area of lipo; or it's just the swelling and I'm really hoping it'll go down. My bf says it's very minor and I'm being more critical in myself.. But hey, I didn't go through all this pain for a lumpy tummy! Lol I'm sure it'll go down though.. Calling the office tmrw to get advice. I know I'm just 3 days over two weeks PO (so welling is expected) I'm just a tad worried.. My bootys doing swell though. Softening up everyday!

4 mo postop

Lost quite a bit of volume, but I'm still happy with my results. One thing I have to keep reminding myself is that my body improved dramatically and I love the way I look naked.. ladies that've already had a BBL's weren't lying when they said that you get booty greedy! I think I'm always going to want that volume and fullness that I had after surgery. I'd say my results gave me a very curvy, naturally biig ol' booty.. if I could go back in time and do it again, would I? absolutelyyy.. however, I would stress my desired hip projection a lot more I wish I had a more dramatic hourglass figure, but I'm definitely happy :)
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I have another detailed review (check it out) but here's one specifically directed at Dr Salama. He's amazing.. This entire process was about as effortless as it could have been. I'm only a little over a week PO, but I'm very pleased with my results so far. Salama is a doll.. Well, I guess I'm the doll and he's the creator lol! If your on the fence, trying to decide between Drs.. I 100% recommend using him as your surgeon. He's a very nice guy. Seems shy at first, but depending on your personality (and how cool you are...) he opens up right away and makes you feel like your in the right hands. He is very thorough and informative.

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