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Finally got my date, June 24 and this time I'm...

Finally got my date, June 24 and this time I'm going to do it all. I've trying to gain 15lb for the past 15 myths after my first bbl and so far only been able to hold 10. Will keep trying till surgery day but already know it's not gonna happen so I've decided to add implants and get it over with. Very excited but a bit nervous about the implants I must confess...

Before weight gain and after BBL

My fatty jiggly butt now and how I'm hopping to have it after implants

So hubby took a pic of my horrible butt today and we did a little photoshop to try and get an idea of what to expect. Hope I can achieve at least something like that after. There's one of the back we r still working on it and I'll post after is done.

Pre op yesterday

It was the day to sign papers and pay balance. I was stressed out after and a little upset bc everything was about BBL and nothing on the implants . Even when the girl was going over the things with me she was still only talking about fat transfer ugh I was really upset. Than she starts to look again at the dr's notes and finds some implant notes but with wrong info on shape and size OMG I almost lost my mind. Anyways I said I wanted to see Dr Salama again b4 the sx day to make sure I have the right notes on what I'm getting "inside my butt" and they got me another consult on the 18th. I just felt so frustrated you know? I don't want to get the wrong thing implanted! I'm just getting very nervous and anxious I think. But I think this is major pain in the ass xs to go uncertain with things. Anyways I looked into the pre/post op info papers they gave and again, NOTHING ABOUT THE IMPLANTS!!!
So my mind starts wondering... Is that a sign? Should I just get fat transfer again? But I don't have enough fatI'!!! Im going crazy in the middle of the night. Barely slept 4hrs :((

Final consultation

So I went to see dr Salama today for the specifics about the implants and now I feel more comfortable about everything. He ckd his notes in front of me and it was down as oval shape and after examining my buttocks size again he agreed that round would suite me better. I asked how many cc and he answered " I'll only know when I open the pocket under the GM...it will be the largest fit for the pocket. I have to be able to stitch it closed w/o forcing it inside". But he said he doesn't go bigger than 400cc which, I think, would be big enough for me. He also said I have enough fat to surround it and fill in my right hip and bottom so I'm happy :)). Not asking for hips, just projection and perkiness. And it's funny bc I see all u ladies with implants asking when it's going to drop and soften and Ik what u all mean by that but I keep thinking to myself "I hope mine doesn't go down at all and doesn't soften too much" lol I just want it to be perky...Oh and when I told him about stopping to take the iron supplements after getting the runs this past weekend he was like " how come? It's supposed to get u constipated not the runs" than I told him since the beginning I was kinda going more than once a day until this happened. Turns out I was taking 5x the required mg daily. The box says 65mg so I added up to make 325mg as the instruction said right? Big mistake, BIG. It's still one a day. So I guess that's what I got for not ckg with them to make sure b4 I started. Anyways, just want to pass on the info as he told me to so u ladies don't make the same mistake as I did. Some of them already did bc I asked about the dosage and a few said 5 a day but I guess they were lucky not to happen to them idk. Well I'll be a bigbootybitch in 6 days... Pray for me pls I'm still a little scared bc of risks of infections and stuff. He told me he has done about 24 of this procedure and 2 had to be removed due to it.

New wish pics from real patients on RS

Hope the girls on new wish pics don't mind me using them. I just think they r soo perfect and would be soo happy if mine ends up looking as good as theirs :)

Last day pre op

Hi ladies, today was the most crazy day for me. I planned everything so I could have a peaceful pre op day but things never go as we plan right? I had to work and I think all the people in the neighborhood wanted massage today bc they couldn't stop booking me. I'm so tired but I guess it was good in a way that I didn't have much time to be thinking about the sx. Well thank God the day is over and I can rest now. They called me at 4pm to inform me that my time for xs had changed from 7am to 12pm so I will have a little time to prepare in the morning. I'll be really hungry thou :(. I'm feeling more calm tonight and hope not to have another nightmare like last night. It's so weird bc I've had at least 6 sx and never had this happening b4. Ta ta for now and I'll post pics as soon as I can after.

I made it!!!

My sx was 12pm and got to come home around 6pm. Yes it's was a painful night laying in bed and even worse getting up to pee. Lexi82 you are my hero. I can't imagine going through this w/o pain meds and I'm also taking muscle relaxer. The pressure on the implant sight it's almost unbearable. I'm swollen from head to toe and one of my drains is leaking a lot so I'm a BigBooty mess. Woke up feeling a little bit better. But this sx is no joke

Day of surgery

There is my big BOOM

3 days post op and first massage

I got to see my body for the first time today and got the first garment to wear. The results r good so far and I think after the massage the drains will work better and the swollen will start to go down. One of them leaks too much though and I have to change the dressing like 3 times a day and that will be hard to do now with the full body garment. But it is what it is. I hate this drains and can't wait to get them off. Massage was painful but not as bad as I thought and I feel much better after. My hamstrings r very stiff and Celia told me to stretch and walk more. One day at the time I'll get there. Almost no pain anymore just discomfort, stiffness and muscle spasms. Still didn't go #2 and it's the expectation is making me nervous coz if I'm home by myself when that happens I won't be able to put everything back by myself with drains and shirt and foams it's so overwhelming I just pray that someone will be home to help me.


Ladies I'm about to loose my mind on this one. I've taken all the stool softener my dr said I'm eating/drinking everything with fiber but nothing works. Ugh I'm soo frustrated bc I'm always so good at this and it's been 6 days since I did it last. I'm also sooo swollen this am idk what happened cus yesterday I was ok and I've been drinking pineapple juice all day long. My drains haven't worked much I look like a balloon . I have my second massage scheduled for tom but I think I'm gonna try and get one today. If anybody had that prob and have some advise pls help!!

Day of surgery

There is my BOOM

6 days post op

I feel like I have a huge balloon attached to my back lol it's hard as a rock. My hips are also hard and swollen from the fat injections but I can already see the hourglass shape and I LOVE IT !! My lower back has the S curve I've always dreamed of. I know it's way too early to say anything and it will change quite a bit during the next few weeks but I like what I see so far. :))))
I'm trying to upload pics but RS keeps deleting them ugh

5 days post op

Very swollen but I already like it :)

2nd massage

So yesterday I had my second massage and idk if was bc of the constipation but it was soooo much painful than first one. After They ckd my drains they called dr Salama m he wanted to see me. He ckd and told me to empty them only once a day n take notes of the volume and color for 3 days to see if they can be removed. I'm praying for it to happen bc I'm so annoyed by it already. And also told me use the suppository like ms. Boob2bootay said and yessss it worked, thank God. I don't see much change on it so I'll post more pics after drains r removed.

9 days post op

I'm feeling so good today I'm taking care of myself now no help needed from hubby or daughter. My bowels r back to normal thk God. I still have the drains n I think I'll keep them till next week just to make sure. Swollen is back down I'm walking pretty normal. I think I'm healing pretty good. I'm not good with selfies but I tried to take some after shower b4 putting garment back on. Still very bruised but getting there.

13 days post op

So I went back to see Naomi today hoping to get my drains removed since all 3 of them have been under 25cc of fluid per day but turns out she wants to wait another couple of days on one of them just bc the color of the fluid is a little Dark. Bummer :( Buuuut I agreed with her "better sure than sorry. So 2 down one to go. It feels soooo much better already. 2 little holes to care for with lots of antibiotics ointment and soon they will be closed. She also put me on antibiotics orally for 5 days more. But it's ok. Gotta do what we gotta do right? She said I'm healing very well n pretty fast and should be be clear to go back to work in 8 days or so. I'm feeling great!! A couple of pics just to give u guys an update. Will take better ones after last drain is removed and I can dress normally again lol

Ops one more pic

Forgot about this one I took 11 days post op

14 days post op

I've always loved this dress and never had the confidence to wear it. The day is coming!!! I'm sooo happy!!

18 days post op

Last Thursday I got the last drain removed and it felt soo much better. Now I can wear anything o want thank God. Healing continues to go very well and o plan on going back to work this Tuesday July 15th. My work as an LMT doesn't require sitting but is a min of on hr standing on horse or arch stance which puts a lot of pressure on quads, hamstrings and of course the gluteus. Naomi said I should start slowly and listen to my body so I will not do sessions longer than 50 min nor back to back clients. I'll have a min of 30in brk after rs one. Also no more then 4 a day for the first week and no deep tissue . I'm used to do 3 clients 1 1/2 sessions back 2 back twice a day deep tissue massages but I have to get back one step at the time. My liver has been bad for the past couple of days and Ik it's side effects from all those meds and I've been trying to detox it myself with juice and Mill Thistle supplement but if I'm not back to normal by tom night I'll see my PCP on Monday. My appetite is gone and feeling very tired no energy and my abdomen hurts south that I haven't been able to use the board and sometimes I even have to get rid of the foams. No fun at all. It's been a lousy weekend 4 me bc of that but it shall pass and I managed to take a few pics to update. I'm not good with the selfies but I tried.


My stupid phone seems to type an o every time I mean I and some auto corrections than I don't know how they happen when I'm typing fast but I hope u guys can figure out what am saying since RS doesn't let u edit once it's been posted.

3 weeks post op "Seroma Scare"

Omg omg omg, that was the scariest thing so far for me. I went to see my regular doctor this morning bc of the abdominal pain I've been suffering from during the weekend and she draw my blood to test for bacterial infection and also stool test. I will know results I'm a couple of days and if positive, more antibiotics of course. If negative and pain still persisting then ultra sound... I was feeling so well b4 this oh God pls let it be nothing... She put me on a rice, some selected fruits n veggies diet. Crackers and lots of water and Gatorade( I was dehydrated) Absolutely no protein or dairy products until blood/stool test results r back. Oh and absolutely no pain meds. I wasn't taking the opiates since sat cus I ran out but was taking Tylenol when needed. Well, so far so good. But my right cheek is been bothering me as well for the past 4 days and when she exams me she goes like " do u feel any pain here? I said yes I do how did u know? She replied its feels hot to the touch and bigger than other side. It could be a seroma. I said well I thought it was only sciatic pain bc I had it b4 sx on my lower back so I'm just taking Tylenol and waiting to see if the inflammation subsides. She says: I would go ahead and see the dr who did this sx to make sure there's no fluid building up in there. Girls, after she said that it was like the pain increased 10x in the next 30 min. It was 12:30pm n I called Naomi right away and told her what my physician said and she called dr Salama right away. He was just finishing his first surgery and only had his lunch brk before next surgery so he said for me to come over and see him at 5:30pm when he would be done. After having 2 pokes with a huge needle in my poor tender butt cheek he said: NO FLUID came out. What a relief, I was sooooo scared. Thank GOD!! I'm still feeling the stabbing pain now right where the needles went in and the hips but I'm almost 100% sure is the sciatic nerve. It hurts like hell I can't deny but I am very happy it wasn't a Seroma. He wants to poke it again next week if pain persists till then but I hope it will be gone in a few days. Bad news thou I will not be able to get back to work on Wedn if it's still hurting like this :(

My worse nightmare

Got admitted to the hospital today for an MRI since dr Salama can't figure out what's causing my right cheek to swell and hurts so much. Will post an upgrade when I get the results. I'm very scared right now pleas e pray for me :(((

MRI results

Unfortunaly I do have a seroma. The plastic surgeon who saw me at the hospital was a friend of dr Salama and they agreed that draining it only it's not the solution bc it can build up again. Best option is to put drain back. They put me on antibiotics again till Monday and I'll have my little friend back. So far there's no sign of infection and they said as long as I take the meds I'm safe idk I wish the drain could be put back on right away or they would drain today and put drain back Monday I'm so scared but dr Salama said I don't need to worry. I can take pain, I can deal with drains whatever is necessary... I just don't want to have the implants removed. That's my biggest concern. I have to trust my dr but to be honest I'm confused on why didn't he just put this drain back right away 5 days ago or even yesterday when I went to see him? Even if he couldn't get fluid with needles I mean 2 physicians I saw had already warned me that it was an abscess and when I told him he said they didn't know what they were talking about. I'm very emotional today and I'm getting a little depressed...it's gonna be a long weekend.

Going under again tomorrow @ 8:30am

So this morning I was in shock when I saw my right side. It was almost impossible to get out of bed bc my hip looks and feels like is about to burst open. It's shiny and stiff to the point I can barely move my leg. I broke down in tears of pain and despair and my husband couldn't see me like that anymore. He called dr Salama right away and said " I'm taking her to a hospital next to your surgery center right now and u need to come and take car of this. I will not just sit here watching my wife suffer like that and wait for two days for u to fix this bc is a weekend. You r going to do it now" and trust me he can be intimidating when he needs to be. Right away he said "give a few minutes I'll call right back and let u know what we gonna do." Ten minutes later he called back and said he couldn't get his anesthesiologist today but for sure we r schedule for tom 8:30am. He also explain that he is not only putting the drain back with local anesthesia. I'm going under again bc he needs to drain the seroma thought the incision bc it's under the implant or something and it can't be done with the needle. He said opening in the OR is safe and if there's no infection already it will not cause one to compromise the implant. Still scared and very nervous but something has to be done asap and I have to trust he knows what he is doing. I def feel more comfortable knowing I don't have to wait till Monday. I don't want to scare any of you who just had surgery but pls be patient with ur drains don't rush ur dr to remove them. As annoying as they can be having a seroma is 10 times worse. And trust me I didn't ask nor rushed to remove mines.they thought it was the right time and look what I am going through now. I ask all of you reading my post to pray for me that's surgery goes well tom and my implant will be saved.

Made it to the other side again

I'm pain free now dr Salama was able to drain all the fluid and I feel like a million bucks again lol. He said there was no fluid in contact with the implant, it was all deep under the muscle and he believes there was no infection at all. Fluid was sent for analyzes thou and we will know for sure in a few days. Drain is back in and will stay until NO FLUID comes out anymore. So far so good I got to keep my cute booty and I'm feeling really good. Thanks for ALL of your prayers, good thoughts and support I love u all. I'll post again tom

2nd day after seroma drainage

Hi girls, I just want to give you all a small update on my new recovery... So far so good, the pain from the sciatic nerve inflation is still here but I'm taking the inti inflammatory and nerve pain meds and hopefully it will heal soon. But the pain is nothing compared to what I endured while the seroma was there. To be honest idk if I would be able to describe exactly how it felt. I just thank God it's over. Tomorrow morning I'm going to see dr S for a follow up and ask all the questions about the surgery and post again. Maybe a pic of how the drain is set up now...

Seroma drainage first post op visit

This morning I went to the surgical facility so Dr Salama could look at the incision/drain site and remove all the tapes and gauze I had there and proper dress everything. He said everything looks good and I shouldn't worry about a new seroma as long as I have the drain there which can be a couple weeks or so. He said he can't leave it there too long either for the drain itself can bring in bacteria ugh so much for my head but still I have to trust him, right? Well, I said ok but this time u r going to ck me every time until this is over. I'm not going to see ur nurse ok? He agreed, I think he will be extra careful now as well. So I started asking questions about the OR and how things happened over there and he said he opened the incision and did expose the implant but didn't take it out. After he drained the fluid he fill in the pocket where implant is with iodine to wash it and protect against bacteria. He said the fluid looked a little murky and that's why it was sent out for couture even thou none of it was in the pocket nor touched the implant. So I asked the fatal question: am I still at risk of removing the implant? And he answered YES. We have to wait for results on that fluid and if there was bacterial infection in it he will have to put me on the right antibiotics for it and watch me close for a while. Im very anxious to get this results now bc as much as I try to be positive and only have good thoughts I'm taking about 5 different meds now and I'm very sensitive idk I just want to crawl to bed and cry. He said I can go back to wear the garment after 7 days (so Saturday) and I can try and go back to work next week if I think I can. It will be 30 days out now and I might loose it if I don't so I'll try IF I feel I can. He still says the only possible cause for this to have happen is due to a precipitated removal of that last drain. And he also admitted again that if we waited another day it would have been too late. Now I ask myself: why did he try to push it another day? Why didn't he ask for this MRI on Monday when I first went to see him and he didn't find it with the needle? Why my physician saw it with his bare eye what was coming and he didn't? I feel neglected and sad bc I honestly think I didn't have to go thru this if he gave more attention to my problem. His work is awesome and he is very talented to sculpt and make us look beautiful and I don't want to bad mouth him but his after care needs lots of improvement. I know there r risks with every sx and specially with implants but some things CAN BE prevented if more attention is given to it. Please keep praying for me for this nightmare is still not over.

Still a little swollen

Just got in touch with dr S via text and he said it will take from 5-7 days for results on fluid couture for infection I guess I'll have to just try and keep calm... Also told him I feel my hip is a bit swollen again and he asked if drain is working it is in the right place and to contact him again tomorrow if I still think is swollen or it gets worse. Tried to take a pic of it to post.

1 month post op and 4 days post seroma drainage

I'm feeling much better today. I am still fighting sciatic pain but I feel stronger physically and emotionally. I got a lot of my confidence back and I'm hopeful about my test results. Put myself back on schedule to work next week ( baby steps) and even found the drive to take a few pics with clothes on. I took my measurements and I lost size on hips (1 inch ) and gained on waist (1inch). I lost weight/muscle mass and I see sooo much cellulite I wanna cry but the gym will take care of that later... I haven't wore my compression garment for 2 weeks and I know my flanks have collected fluid and I haven't got any lymphatic massages since last Monday bc I have to rule out infection first otherwise the massage will do me harm bc it will spread the infection faster. Hopefully next week I'll get clearance to get back on tracks and restart my cosmetic treatment. I'll see Salama tomorrow morning for a follow up and I'll post any news I have.

Follow up

I went to be ckd again this morning and Dr S said everything looks ok and under control... Left cheek is still a little swollen and drains will stay until fluid color and consistency r normal ( yellow/thin/no blood). The nerve pain comes and goes and sometimes it's pretty sharp when I walk or stand up but I can take it. Percs r still needed here and there to control it but most of it is managed with 200mg of Gabapentin 3x day. I asked about the test results on fluid but he didn't have yet and to just call him later to ck again. So I went home and rested, tried not to think about it just watched tv and slept. At 5:30pm I decided to text and ask about the results again and guess what? He had it. Text said: " couture DID NOT grow any bacteria". That was the best news I could hear over the past 6 days. I didn't know if I should cry or laugh lol I guess I did both... I was so relived and happy I can't describe in words. Now he is going to change the antibiotic to make sure everything is covered after reopening the incision and I should be ok :-))))


Sorry I keek typing "couture" when I mean to say "CULTURE"...English is not my first language >.

Nerve pain

Ok it has been a week on nerve pain meds and I don't see any improvement. I can't barely stand or walk now. I only get a little relief after I take the meds like for a couple of hrs and it comes back. To be able to sleep now I have to take the Percocet a couple of hrs after my last dosage of gabapentin I'm concerned about this constant staving pain and it feels like I have a bunch of needles pinching all over my butt cheek. I'm going to try and get another MRI to see what's going on inside me..

MRI not necessary

My physician gave the prescription but doctor at ER said it's not necessarY. He called Dr S and they agreed to switch Percocet to something stronger (hydromorpone) and add Valium as a muscle relaxer. Still take the Gabapentin so 3 pain meds now may The Lord help me... After a shot and first dose of Valium together I was in paradise... No pain just sleepy and silly lol... Now 6 hrs later it's coming back slowly but surely. Just took the nerve pain now and will try and hold another 2 or 3 hrs, the longest I can for the other 2 bc Dr S is a lot and I have to back down if I'm feeling sleepy all the time.., and I am... Tah tah for now Zzzzzzzzx

RS name change UGH

My hubby keeps doing this and I'm in no condition to argue/reason with him at the moment so, sorry about his moments of unexplained reasons

The time has come for me

After my follow up with dr Salama yesterday we both agree I've had enough. By looking at the fluid he was convinced the infection is present and treatment can take a long long time if implants r inside and he can't promise that at the end the implants will still be savaged. I'm Devastated but it is what it is. I need to get my life back. He said I should be able to go back to work and drive and live normal in a couple of weeks. Treatment should take about 3 months to cure infection completely and 7/8 mths to replace implant. YES I'm only removing the affected side. I'm too emotional right now to decide if I'm totally done with it. It was a lot of $ and LOTS os suffering to just toss it in the trash. When the time comes to decide I can either replace it or remove the other one. Of course I'm gonna have to wait to wear a bathing suit or tight little dresses maybe even jeans but hey the time will come. So today at 330pm I'll be knocked down again and wake up w/o 1 big bum :(... Very emotional and sad but things happen and I'm not better then anybody. Pray for me girls :((

Got it removed last night

I was scared to death about looking too uneven and weird with only one side with implant I almost removed both. But then I thought I needed to give it a chance bc if I had done this I would never do it again and I love my butt. So I'm glad I didn't and thanks God so far so good. The tight dresses, skinny jeans and bathing suits will have to hang in the closet a little longer but I'll be ok with regular clothes. I have no more pain nowhere down my leg and on the butt is only local from incision and drain( manageable with Tylenol only ) I should be back to work on monday and he said I can sit again in 2 days. I'm Happy, so far so good, I'm just glad I'm getting my sanity back and not feeling like a zumbi anymore. Took this pic today with same jeans from the 18 days post op and doesn't look too bad. I lost weight since then (about 5 lbs) so it's not as tight as it was then but the both sides are not significantly different. I'll gain a little back now that I feel normal again and it will fill up more.

3 weeks follow up after removal of implant

Hello RS members I'm back for a small update on my long journey to recovery. So far so good I guess, no pain at all anymore only discomfort on drain site and incision site. Started sitting for short periods of time last Friday on boopy pillow and short car rides, all good nothing new... Started using garment again even thou it really bothers both areas but Dr S said I HAVE to bc in order to prevent another seroma from collecting on same "pocket " after he removes the drain, I have to compress to close that pocket so I'm gonna take the discomfort over another seroma indeed. So I woke up a little sore on incision site and went right away to wash it and change the gauze I keep there to prevent moist. It's usually clean and I never worry about it. Well today it wasn't totally clean. It had a stained line of fluid like on it. Not soaked just stained and dry. But of course I cricked out and had to ck so I had my hubby to look and take a pic so I could see how incision was. Well it turns out at the very bottom 2 tiny holes appeared and they r draining a little amount of fluid. Text Dr S. , sent pics asked questions but decided to have to actually look up close for I don't want to take chances with infection. He said it looks like clean fluid and it doesn't look like stitch break but in between the stitches openings and to apply antibiotic ointment 2x day and keep it covered with gauze and they should close by itself within time. But off course I have to look everyday to make sure it's not getting bigger and increase amount of drainage/ color/odor etc etc... Just a little something to add to my daily routine. Oh yea, and then.?!He looked at the drain color and appearance, all looks good, I had the dressing over it and I told him it feels tender around so he says " let's take a look "! Pulls out the dressing witch hurts a lot bc the skin is already too sensitive and tender from the everyday changing and SURPRISE!! My drain is almost out like it's coming out by itself. I was like wtf I'm watching over this so carefully I just can't believe it!! About to loose it and he said it's not bc of anything I did or didn't do it's just body trying to push it out as of a foreign body. Well bad news, it's not ready yet and to prevent it from happening he would have to put a stitch back there. My soul of course left my body just thinking about the pain of even numbing b4 stitching for that's hoe sensitive I am to pain at this point but I had no other choice. Cried and screamed through it . Now it feels even more tender and sure the garment throughout the night will became a nightmare. But it is what it is and this long road to recover somedays se to stretch another mile long. Keep praying for me for I am still having very bad days with depression and hubby is getting very upset ( not with me) and about to loose his mind over this whole thing. Just got back to work today, had only 1 client (1 hr massage) . Felt ok just a little concerned with pressure on stitches from horse stances ( high squat like position) I do to perform my massages so I kept table higher than usual and didn't use the stance. Client was still happy and glad to have me back. Feel a little tired than days b4 but it's normal I guess.


So yesterday I finally got a consultation with IDS and he sounds very knowledgeable. I felt comfortable with him. He said the bacteria is a rare type like the TB and it is treatable and curable with a long round of oral antibiotics. He still have to wait on final results from the lab for it's been only 3 weeks since collection and it takes 6 weeks to fully grow. Then it will be identified correctly for specific treatment. I come from a third world country and "Fortunately" I was vaccinated for TB so I'm NOT at risk. But it's still very resistant to treatment specially if implant is still present which again I'm lucky that is already out but if it gets to my blood stream then the other one will get infected and requires removal. So far he is keeping me on Cipro and Clarithromycin 2x a day but I hope once the type is clear it will be only one. He did not discard the possibility of IV treatments yet. He also wants the drain out asap to prevent more contamination and I hope it will happen by Monday. My scar looks really thick and irritated now and also very itchy do to an allergic reaction to Neosporin I was applying to heal and close the tiny holes. The only prescription option for antibiotic ointment has sulfur as a component and it's that's the ONLY thing I'm allergic to. Lucky me huh!? On the pic u can see how it looks like. I got back to work Tuesday and so far so good... It's helping me to keep my mind of it and making me feel normal again for at least 5hrs a day even thou it feels like I worked 10 hrs. Im getting tired very easy but I guess it's a side effect from 3 GA in such a shot period of time.

Big booty dream is over

Just a little update since I'm still pending final results for bacteria culture. Dr S said drain is ready to come out so I'm going to see him tomorrow. Just praying it's the end of it with fluid build up bc I don't think I can handle anymore. I've decided to remove the other implant since bacteria treatment can take several mths and still infect the other side which will require removal anyways and delay to treat/cure. I don't want to take any chances. I'm only waiting a few mths until I'm stronger enough to go under again and also try and stabilize my finances. It will be another 3/4 weeks off my feet again. Working is been an everyday challenge bc I get tired very easy.

Suture dehiscence???

More bad news for me. The tiny holes I got 2 weeks ago became 10x bigger after dr S went in removing stitches. He said it was necessary otherwise it wouldn't close. Well, now a week later I come to see him and ck on it to see if any improvement and that's what I have now. " Suture dehiscence". It's supposed to close by itself but since the location is anything but favorable to get infection he said we will wait another week to see if it starts closing otherwise it will become a "chronic wound" and he will have to redo the incision meaning another GA. Since he will have to remove some of the bad/dead tissue around it, the incision will be even more stretched and could reopen. But I don't have a choice if it doesn't start closing soon. Then I'll need to stay off my feet again until is completely healed up, meaning no work, no sitting not any kind of pressure for Gpd knows how long. Of course I'll remove the other side at the same time and hope it's the end of this nightmare. I don't know how much of this I can take anymore. I don't care about the $ spent throughout this freaking surgery I just want it behind me for Christ sake. Never ever in life though this could happen not only with me but to anybody. I've searched and found so any cases like mine, not on RS thou. That is the reason I'm leaving this review so the future candidates can read and see what the real risks r on butt implants. I know there are many successful case and great outcomes but still a HUGE risk for NOBODY knows if they can be the next misfortunate person like me. I appreciate all of the sincere support and prayers from the compassionate and real ppl from RS for u have been helped me a lot but I'm not looking for pity. All I hope to by posting here after my complication started was to help others to make the right decision with procedure/doctor and avoid going through what I'm going through. I'm not posting pic bc not even I can look at this anymore. PM me if u r considering doing it and wants to see it and I'll send it to u only . I know if I had seen such complications b4 deciding I wouldn't have it done it. I just want to have my life back and be normal again. I'm so over this s***.

5 weeks after implant removal

Just a quick update for those who r curious about how my butt looks like after the implant removal. Honestly it looks bigger and better than b4 I had implants. Some ppl think it will def look ugly and even gross but in my case it's not bad thank God. Incision is still not healing as it should and I'll need to have it completely opened and cleaned of dead tissue to heal faster. I'm to ser a date to do that soon. After is completely healed I'll go for the removal of the other side plus the scar revision on removed side at the same time. Prolly in 3 months.

Second round after 16 months

Hi girls. Here I am, after a long road with my "half ass" I finally decided to replace instead of removing the implant for good. Dr Salama promessed me to fix it when I was ready and he is a man of his word. I'm 19 days out and feeling great. Almost a 100% recovered it seems like the right side of my buttock took place nicely this time. I'm really happy with the results and could not go by without coming back here to update and give Dr Moses Salama a ???????? up. He is an awesome plastic surgeon, caring and mindful of his patients. Thank you so very much Dr Salama for fixing my butt free of charge on your fees. I have my life back now.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I am hoping to get the best results possible with a realistic expectation based on the proportion of my body. Just want a small waste sculpted on my lower back (love handles) since my stomach looks great due to a TT I had years ago. Also want to enhance my butt with implants and even up my hips with the fat I will get from the Lipo. I trust Dr Salama is really good with sculpting and I'm expecting excellent results this time.

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