27 Year Old Mother of 2 Having Fat Transfer to Buttocks for a Big Round Booty with Coke Bottle Curves :-) Miami, FL

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I'm new to Realself and looking forward to sharing...

I'm new to Realself and looking forward to sharing my BBL and curvy girl journey with you all. I have already found my surgeon it will be Dr. Thomas Pane at Strax in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. I had my consult in October and planning to have my surgery in mid March. I have already began making my list of items needed for after the surgery. If anyone can shed some light on things I may need to make this a smooth process please don't hesitate to let me know thanks guys :-)

Pre-op scheduled

Hello everyone I haven't been on in a while to post but I have been reviewing others stories to see what I need for the surgery. I'm scheduled for pre-op on February 27th I'm super excited. Can anyone tell me the important things I need to prepare for before and after surgery?

So I changed Doctors

I've seen Dr. Macadoo's work and I'm so impressed and excited for him to work on me. I plan to pay the entire balance for my surgery by February 13th! I have already bought some of my supplies. Now I need a recovery house in Miami for post op for 5 or 6 days so if anyone knows about it please let me know. Soon and very soon I will be a MACADOLL!!!!!!! March 6th hurry up!!!!!!

Surgery paid in FULL! It's OFFICIAL

Yessssss! I'm super excited my surgery is paid in full and I'm offically scheduled for March 6th and Preop is February 27th and I do labs next week I want to do everything in advance because I don't want any last minute hold ups. I'm so nervous time is getting closer.


Hello ladies if anybody knows of and good deals on hotels in the area near vanity or a recovery house please, please let me know

Wish Pics...the count down is ON!!!!!

Just some pics of my ideal booty and hips.....Lord I hope he can make this happen and make my dreams come true :-)

8 day until my new booty makes her debut

It's 8 days until my surgery day comes and I believe I've gotten everything I need and more just in case. There are the items I'm taking:
Hibiclens cleanser
hygea wipes
baby wipes
aloe vera juice x2 jugs
arnica gel
alcohol pads
Purell hand sanitizer
gauze pads
ace bandages
tape measure
bed pads
5 maxi dresses
body pillow
boppy pillow
drive medical sitting cane
mesh chair to cut the butt out
very large underwear
iron supplement
VitaMedica recovery support program kit
flip flops
Pinapple juice
probiotic yogurt shots
arnica pills
vitamin c


I have 2 more days until I'm officially a Mcadoll. I went to pre-op on February 27th where I met with Dr. McAdoo and he is very sweet, down to earth and funny. I fell that he really cares about not only what his patients want but health as well. I met and saw so many girls with beautiful outcomes and of course some were by Dr. Mcadoo and I over loved their results. So at this point I have signed all my paperwork and consents and did my pre-op photos and labs results back and have the green light from Dr. McAdoo himself that surgery is a go. I'm just waiting on the call the day before surgery to tell me when I need to arrive and Lord I hope I'm first because sometimes the surgery schedules run behind and I don't wanna be starving waiting for surgery lol.

Surgery Day !!!!!!!!

It's surgery day, I uploaded pre-op photos ladies please dont be too harsh on them lol. Well girls I'll see yall on the other side I'll update once I'm able to. xoxox

I made it to the other side RS sisters

I'm totally one tough cookie lol I'm pain free just a little sore and sometimes stiff. I get up and walk, use the bathroom, and empty my drain every hour. I feel so much better than surgery day. ok this was my surgery day and it was horrible. First off my surgery was originally scheduled for 11:30 and Jason the anesthesiologist called me at 9:52 asking can I come in early to get my surgery done I'm like ok I can be there within 30-45 mins and he said that's fine. So I get there and sign in and still no surgery at this point I'd been sitting there for an hour so I asked the young lady at the front desk what was the purpose for me coming in early if I was still going to be there past my regular scheduled time she picked up the phone and called someone and they said they were coming to get me now. Obviously in that office now means later because I sat there another hour for before they called me back. so next I sat in the back where they were 2 recliners which were for the pts next in surgery. They had food channels on tv and I was starving out of my mind and that was pure torture because I hadn't eaten in almost 16hrs. Jason comes comes in and says hello Ms. Tyeshia and I said hello Jason that called me at 9:52am and it's now1:39pm he said he apologized that things didn't go as planned. He said they were coming to take more pre-op pics and then I would be headed to surgery. Needless to say Dr. Mcadoo came in to mark me up after 3pm I was so tired and ready to get it over with but he did say this is going to be a masterpiece right here :-). My surgery started at 3:45pm and my fiance didn't pick me up from recovery until 8:45pm. I woke up trembling and freezing from anesthesia. I had some pain in my abdominal muscles and once I started taking my pain meds on time the only problem I have now is stiffness and swelling but I'm progressing well. Keep me in your prayers sisters. I have a lot of swelling still but this cake is going to be everything. Oh and I had my first follow up, first massage, and first shower today!!!! I'm one happy girl right now:-):-):-)

3 days post op

My cake is firm but I love it

Drain out today

So I basically stalked the office just to try to get an order to take the drain out at urgent care needless to say that I didn't get my order because who ever Katia is waited until it was 45 mins to the closing of the day to tell me that thr doctor was gone and she couldn't get in touch with him. I'm like lady I've been a nurse for almost 8 yrs I know that's a bold face lie. So thank God I'm in the medical field so I called my friend that is an RN finishing up her ARNP and she came right over took my drain right out and brought me dinner too might I add. She says my booty is huge and she really likes it and can't wait to get hers done next week so with that being said pics will be coming soon....


Hey RS sisters does anyone have pain in the lower back area? Mine hurts a lot idk maybe it's my body's way of trying to adjust to the big booty....If anyone has any tips or info on what to do please let me know

tummy lumps

I've been wearing my garment and waist cincher but I feel that my garment is beginning to get to big and I may need to go down a size but I'm afraid it wont be big enough for the booty part I already feel that my current garment squeezes the top of my booty. In my tummy area I feel hard spots I only had 3 massages post op. I wonder if I should start having cavitation treatments....any suggestions????

Booty Update

Love my booty so much but I still have so much swelling in my lower back, sides and tummy but I am waist training. I almost feel normal besides the numbness.

1 month post op today yayyyy

Hey ladies it's my one month booty anniversary yayyy I'm loving my new booty all the way. I'm waist training but the max I can go with the waist cincher on is 6 hrs and at that point i want to rip it off because it feels like its digging into my kidneys then smh damn and boy does it hurt. Other than that I'm trying really hard to change my eating habits. I really don't know what to say about my tummy other than I'm willing to try anything to get it flat my waist went from 48/49 to a 42 I would really like to get to a 36/38. Is it ok to workout yet? Someone told if you workout you lose the booty and I'm not trying to do that. My lower back gets stiff from time to time but doesn't hurt like it did before. My booty has softened up but still has some firm areas on it, my booty is measuring at 49/50 inches and I'm not even gonna lie this booty has changed my walk lol I guess I had to adjust how I carry it lol. Later RS sisters

2 month update.....Round 2 TT next summer

I love my BBL but the lipo not so much when I go for my review I'm going to ask for a re do of the lipo and ask that it be agressive lipo to be more effective. I have a hard spot on the right side of my stomach it's like the size of a tennis ball and a smaller one the size of a golf ball and it wont go down even with the massages and cavitation treatments. I'm definitely going to have a round 2 and have decided to have a TT done so if any of you ladies know or heard of a surgeon that specializes in tummy tuck please let me know. I will continue to post and update thanks ladies :-)

2 month update pics continued

2 month update pics continued

2 month update pics continued

For some reason my phone only lets me upload 2 pics at a time smh. I threw in a couple of pics from my 10 year high school reunion that's when my new booty really made her debut and I must say I loved every bit of it lol

3 months post op

I'm 3months and 2 weeks post op and I still love my BBL its really soft and It's jiggly but it still holds that BBL firmness/shape. I do have have this sensation in both cheeks like a workout soreness. Does anyone else have that feeling? I'm still struggling to change my diet because food is sooooo good :-( lol but every little bit helps I guess. Can't wait to have my tummy tuck next summer I'm considering Dr. Miami, South Florida Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Pantojia in Mexico I'm sure I messed up his name lol or going to DR.
Aventura Plastic Surgeon

I absolutely love Dr. McAdoo he definitely knows how to give a girl exactly the results she wants. The office and staff should drastically be revamped adequately because the wait times and organization are beyond ridiculous

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