5'5 118lbs A to D 470ccs - Folsom, CA

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I've wanted boobs since I was 18 or 19... But...

I've wanted boobs since I was 18 or 19... But throughout the years, kept going back and forth about the procedure. When I finished college, I thought I would be married and kids soon so I said I would wait til I was done having kids. I THINK we're done now, so why wait any longer?! I want to enjoy nice boobs now! One of my close friends just had hers done last year and then got pregnant 6 months later, gave birth, breastfed and her boobs still look great! I have two consultations scheduled next week, super excited! At first hubby didn't seem too excited and said I didn't need them... But I think he was just trying to be nice. I've caught him checking other big breasted women before so I know he is secretly happy I am deciding to get them Lol!

Talking to friends

I've been texting my Friends who had theirs done. What a great way to get in touch with girlfriends after the new year... Haha I forgot to mention that I don't have a surgery date scheduled yet, but hoping for that date. Surgery should not be rushed but I am confident I want them done, and want them settled for pool season! So far, from reading all these beautiful women's journey, I am sure I want under the muscle, Sientra textured as there should decrease chances of cc. I don't know what shape the doc will recommend for my desired results. One of my friends recently got 415 and she said it's too small and wish she had done 450-500. Boob greed is real... Hahhaa

Scheduled my surgery date!

Over the last week since my three consultations which were just about back to back over a period of two days, I had a really hard time making my decision between two docs. I couldn't sleep!! I trust both of their skills and knowledge. Both had amazingly friendly staff who answered questions for me. Ultimately, it came down to availability because I knew I wanted to get them done ASAP. Scheduled for jan 20. I went in for my pre op yesterday! Got my prescriptions filled at wal-mart bc one of the nurses said it wasn't very much. Holy crap it was over $100! The generic ones too! Anyway, I'm torn on sizes 450 and 485. Hopefully he is able to go with the bigger size and make it beautiful! Most of my friends who got theirs done advised that I should go with the bigger size because they wish they had gone just a tad bigger. They wanted the "natural" look but they were just lying to themselves. Lol

HP or Mod?

Not sure which one to go with? Originally I thought I wanted moderate profile but I'm not so sure about that now! These boobs look amazing, really hoping my itty bitties can achieve this look!

Made it to the other side!

I got sientra mod. 470 ccs. Super swollen and can hardly move. More deets to come later. Gonna rest

Freaking out..

I can't help but to be upset right now... I am concerned my projection won't he very high - not much volume and cleavage. I was contemplating hp or mod plus. Moderate was not even an option I considered, and that's what I got. I'm trying my hardest to be positive since I just had the surgery done yesterday... I just hope they then out nice like all my wish pics. I did not want large pancakes ????

Quick update from my doc

I have the best doc! He called and left me a messages at night just to make sure everything was ok, which I was way too out of to call back. Then this morning, in a panic, I emailed him this morning with my concerns bc I have Frankenboobies and he called me back right away. You lady's are right, I just need to be patient to see the results. my skin and muscles are so tight, it's going to take some time. I can't wait! I'll try to keep my emotional roller coaster to a minimum hehhe

Meds wore off and woke up to screaming baby

Heard baby screaming next door at 2:43am. Noticed hubby was already out of bed taking care of her. Meds had worn off. In sooooo much pain. Took the meds. Went to the bathroom. Took a peek at the girls, they are SLOWLY DROPPING, Walked down the hall, peeked my head into nursery, baby is being rocked and calmed. Thank goodness I have a wonderful Hubby. Back to bed for another fun day tomorrow!

Looking back

I'm so thankful my friends allllll encouraged me to go bigger (at least 450). Most of my friends are my frame and height, give one or two inches. They ranged from 375 to 435. During my consultations, one of the docs immediately said he wouldn't do anymore than 375 and 400 would be pushing it because it wouldn't look natural. Needless to say, he was not one of them. My doc never promised me a set number of ccs but said he would put what would look best on my frame. I wanted a a full c or a small d. I was ok with anywhere between 450 to 495, both docs recommended moderate because my rib cage was wide. I am so happy with my outcome so far. Just having my husband cup one hand over my boob was so satisfying, I felt sexy hehehe. I'm trying to be patient to see the final outcome But doc said it wouldn't see results for another month to 6 weeks. We shall see!!

Post op appt

Doc said all is good! Since my skin is so tight results won't show for another month or so. But I'm pretyy happy with them now! Now bruising or bleeding. He's going to see me next week to remove the stitches.

The Velcro strap

I have a question for you ladies... When did you wear the Velcro strap? I want my boobs to be closer together but don't want to wear it too soon (haven't taken stitches out yet). Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated!


I woke up in such pain. I tried to wear the surgery bra they gave me 24-7 but I swear it's eating into my rib cage, like it's starting to bruise. When I mentioned to my surgeon is he it was normal bc that's wear the incision was, so I play the phrase "no pain, no gain" in my head. This morning I woke up in SUCH pain I just took it off altogether, then my meds. I need to try on another sports bra.

Pics of my hurting boobies

Bra update

I just got an on call doc to call me back, he said to just unclasp the bottom hook so it's not too tight. Now why did i not think of that earlier?!!! It's important to wear the bra that was given to me otherwise it could change the outcome shape of my boobs. The bruising will go away in a few days. Back to the surgical bra, and putting away my Walmart bra now. Hahah

First day back to work!

I am up an hour before my alarm went off due the boob pain. I am already dreading my day with limited meds! I tried to go yesterday without them... By about 6pm, I felt like I was dying! Not to mention, every time on sneezed, it was a killer only chest! When I got home, I had to take two norco pills rather than one by 7pm. I've also been driving since Saturday, which probably wasn't a good idea, swerving the roads like a drunk driver, made it to point a, b, and c in one piece! It was only 3 miles. Lol

But I'm tough. Just suck it up and get thorough the day, each day will get easier. Shoot, it better! I can't depend on meds foreverrrrr. Going to pack some Tylenol for the day and pick an outfit that will hit these high ass boobs! Have a great day everyone!

6 days post op

Just a comparison pic. It doesn't look very different from day one....

Scar treatment?

Hey ladies, I'm getting my stitches taken out in a few days and I would like to know what you use for scar treatment? I've read about mederma, scargaurd, and silicone strips? What do you ladies thinks works best and suggest ?


Morning boo. Pain is NO joke!! Ouch!!!! :(

3 week update

I seriously feel like my boobs have NOT dropped. It's a little frustrating. I wear my bra 24/7. And the last three nights I've wine the strap to try to push it down. I know I just HAVE to be patient.... I still hardly ever carry my 25 lb daughter. It's sad, I just miss picking her up and cuddling her. Boobs "don't feel like me" yet... As a matter of fact, I think the swelling might have gone down a bit... Here's an updated pic.

Boob greed, ha!

I hate to admit it, I wish I went bigger. Like at least 500 ccs. I know it's prob not that big of a diff from what I got... But NO one has even noticed. But I have been dressing conservatively, they're still high. Thank goodness some of my friends said they would be mad at me if I went any less than 450 on my frame lol. Now those are some good friends....Good looking out girls! Love you girls!

Tank pic


when did you ladies start to do massages on them girls? I have a check up in two weeks so maybe the doc will say something about that. I feel like no change has happened- looks wise. Except that play time with hubby has been more fun lol

More pic updates

I can't wait for them to drop and look more natural. But don't we all?! Almost my 1 month anniversary!

About 6 weeks

It's been a while but I am not seeing as much progress as I thought I would by now. I know gravity will do its thang, and they are supposed to fluff? but I feel like they are getting close together. I like a gap in between but not too big of a gap... Still using the medical tape on the scars so they flatten. I Have an appointment this week with the doc. Can't wait to hear what he thinks and how they are settling. Here's some pics

Lately... I'm kind of sad about them.

I feel like the sports bras made them squish together a little too much and I don't think they look as nice as I had imagined they would. I'm Sad I spent a grip of money and they aren't as beautiful as I imagined.

Bought a bra

So I haven't gone to vs or Nordstrom to get properly sized. I feel like they are not obviously big. No one at work has mentioned anything. Neither have my friends that I see every so often. Only a handful of my friends know and I think I'll keep it that way. At the last doctors visit he said I could sleep without a bra but to wear one during the day. I have been wearing the surgical bra most the time. And I usually just wear a cami to sleep. Hopefully these boonies do not get any closer. The doc said they should stay where they are now. I finally bought two bra sizes from kohls today, 34c and 34d. I think the D is more comfortable. Yay! I think they are looking pretty good!

Looking back about the gap

I think I messed up my surgeons work. I probably should have worn ONLY the surgical bra they provided for the first 6-8 weeks. The other sports bras I wore may have pushed these boobs together too close for my liking. *cries*... Now there's no turning back to space them out another 3-4 centimeters... Just thought id share. At first I thought they were spaced too far apart, but not anymore! I regret not going thru the pain in the surgical bra for the two crucial weeks and switched to the bra that squished the boobs close. Sigh...

Here's a cleavage shot

3 months


4 months

I'm not really happy about my outcome. But I will say it's better than not having anything. I wish the doc was firm about not being able to go so big. Or picked hp so the diameter of the implant didn't take up so much space on my chest. The gap is hair thin and I've been looking into revision already. I've told my ps my concerns early in yet he thinks "they look fine". And that he put a large sizes implant bc I wanted a big size, and theres no gap bc the implant has no where to go. I feel like I just have to accept his work. Im sorry ladies, I would not recommend this doc. He doesn't have that many before and after pics on his site, and they seem like old pics. My right boob Has barely dropped and they look lopsided/ uneven. I know they were uneven before but I guess I should have been more particular about my questions during consultations. I should not have rushed into this procedure. Now I'm out of a lot of money and still not happy with my boobs. He's cut the pocket too big and now my gap is hairline thin. And it looks like the left boob has potential to drop way more bc it seems to me like the implant has way more room to move around in than the right side.

More pics

10 months already!

I haven't seen my surgeon since my 6 month check up. I don't feel like much has changed... I went to see a different surgeon who says j have slight cc but it's minimal enough to just leave it. Hubby and I are considering another baby in the near future so I will just wait it out and see if the right one will drop any... If not, definitely will be doing some research for a correction ????????????
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

He is very knowledgable, knows what's he's doing. He explained step by step of the breats aug procedure. Made me Me and my husband very comfortable by answering all if our questions during the consult. After talking to several of his assistants, I learned he's known as the boob man. That was a relief and made me more confident to go with him. I looked into this doc a lot 3-4 years ago and finally when it was time to get my boobies, I knew it had to be him! I was so happy I went with this doc! Til this day he still does follow up calls and answers all questions when I email him my concerns.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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