34 Years Old. Mommy of 3. Breastfed Them All. Have Wanted Boobs Since I Was 20!

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I've waited so long to get my boobs done. I Want...

I've waited so long to get my boobs done. I Want nice full beautiful breast I can feel confident about. I breastfed 3 kids and loved the way they looked big and full. Want that feeling again. I go in 23 days to get my surgery done and I'm more anxious as the days pass. I even catch myself grabbing my own boobs.. Lol. 23 days and these little things will be changed forever. I almost want to cry. Both from excitement and nerves.

21 days away....

I really hope these next 3 weeks go by fast. I feel like I have so much to get done around the house before surgery though. Clean clean clean. It's stressing me out. I also keep thinking of sizes looking at boobs all day has somehow become the thing lol which is weird in itself. Reading people's stories has been really helpful. At the moment I'm thinking I'll go to about 500 cc or larger. I really need to see what the doctor thinks next week at my pre-op. I think my body can handle big and it's what I really want. But just how big is the question..

Oh these nerves..

So I'm 15 days away. I am all nerves. Can't even sleep sometimes. I want the day to be here already. I've slowly told more people. Im not going little so everyone will know eventually, might as well tell more people now. I have my pre-op tomorrow and think that talking with my surgeon will ease my nerves a bit. Hopefully! I am a pretty busy person so I'm a little worried about my recovery, just hoping it goes smooth and I'm not down too long. Anyways. I'll update again tomorrow and maybe many more times before surgery.

Day away... wait 25 hours!

So I haven't posted but my surgery is tomorrow and I'm beyond ready. I want it done now!! lol I've been so stressed and nervous I'll be so happy when it's over. I got something to wear last night. Buttons in the front and some sweats. I made a post op care kit for myself and stocked up on groceries. I've also been on a cleaning mission, organizing and cleaning things I may not be able to do for a little bit. I've kept myself real busy! I had my pre-op last week and am going with 550cc. Honestly I hope they are big enough. Hopefully! Today is going to be tough... nerves, excitement. It's like I'm a kid going to Disneyland tomorrow haha.

Well I should have posted days ago.

So today is 3 days after surgery. I'll start with day of. I got there at about 8:30... started surgery at 9/30 and was home by noon. I don't remember much it went so fast afterward and then I was home. That first day I did well. The tightness was crazy and my arm pits were the sorest ever. I didn't sleep hardly at all that day or even that night. I roamed around the house and looked at my boobs quite a bit. Not taking off my bra. They are so high.
The day after surgery I went to my post-op and doctor said it all was well. No bruising. He informed me that he went up from our original idea of 550 and put in 655cc which o had given him permission to do to get the look I wanted. Second day was painful but my family had been the best. My boyfriend, my 19 year old, my mom keeps stopping by. Great support team.
So now to the third day. Horrible day. My mobility in my arms is way better but I woke up with a terrible headache and cold sweats. Went thru most of the day of complete pain my head was pounding and I couldn't keep a sip of water in my stomach. We finally called my surgeon and he suggested I get off the pain meds and take Motrin and I drink a coffee. It helped and thru the night I went back to being ok.
Now it's the morning of Saturday and I'm alone for the first time. The kids all had soccer and volleyball games that I'm not well enough to be at. I cried. I've actually cried a lot these last couple days. No idea why. I should be happy and excited, although I am I'm also so emotional. I shouldn't miss their games. Oh well I'll post an update tomorrow. Hopefully it'll be a good one.

Well I don't know...

I go back to work in the morning. I'm pretty sure I'll be ok. The only thing is that I still seem to get tired easily. Maybe it's these big things on my chest! Lol and the tightness it's harder to breathe. Also to be honest I'm not ready for the world to see me. My boobs aren't really ready to be seen. I'm swollen, they are up to my neck and I just don't want anyone being mean. I know it's a process but I wish they were just beautiful already! Also I work with women who think they're in high school. I'm just not ready. Anyways I'm thinking I'll wear a zip up sweater or a flannel the next few weeks till they look a little better. This discomfort comes with what I've wanted for years. I have to remind myself this is good some moments. Maybe I'm being crazy. I'll add pics but no real change from couple days ago.


I really miss sleep since my surgery. I'm not sure if it's the general discomfort or the sleeping on my back that's an issue but I don't sleep. I'm lucky if I get a couple hours straight.
Well I'll update; no big changes since last post so no pics. Work hasn't been as bad as I thought and my post op with my surgeon is thursday. I look forward to that. Maybe he will have me start massaging these girls . Well I guess I'll try this sleep thing again of course the best sleep will be right before I should get up lol.


Well Wednesday was my 2 week boobiversarry and me and my girls are doing much better. They are still riding pretty high but are softening up a bit. Me left boob is the pretty one, right is a bit more stubborn. Last weekend I was on the floor with my daughter and tried to use my arm to get up. It hurt my arm and upper chest for a while. Still have to be careful and remember it's only been a couple weeks. I don't have pain, I do have discomfort and the feeling of boobs full of milk/engorged. My left nipple is sensitive ; almost numb feeling sometimes. All in all I am doing good. More energy too. Doing my massages and looking forward to working out again.
Folsom Plastic Surgeon

I have only had my consultation with my doctor at this point. After co silting with two other doctors I knew right away that I had found my doctor after meeting him.

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