26 Year Old, First Time Rhinoplasty with Dr. Clutter in Sacramento Area - Folsom, CA

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Hi there Real Self. I have been wanting a rhino...

Hi there Real Self. I have been wanting a rhino for more than a decade now (really since puberty), like most people on here. I have just always hated my nose and felt like it doesn't fit my face. I am finally In a place financially and with my family to have the procedure. After doing a lot of research and reading reviews on here, I had a consultation with Dr. Clutter in Folsom -- I knew I wanted an ENT who also specialized in facial plastic surgery and who does mostly rhinos. I have a fairly bad deviated septum so I really wanted a surgeon who could fix the functional aspect of my nose as well. The consultation went great! He said he would fix my deviated septum, refine my bulbous tip, slightly raise the tip, and remove the bony humps from my bridge to give me a more elegant profile. He was very thorough, answered all of my questions, and made me feel really at ease. So, I made the surgery date. It is August 4th. Getting really exciting but also really nervous. Will post more after my pre-op and will put up before and after photos after my surgery. :-)

Pre-op done! Surgery in 9 days!

So I am pretty much equal parts excited and nervous about my rhinoplasty. And the closer it gets the more I think about it. My pre-op with Dr. Clutter went great, though, and I really feel like I am in good hands and he will be able to give me the nose I've always wanted. So, here are some "before" pics. It is really hard to put these up since they really show my nose in all its glory, but I wanted good pics to compare to after this is all over. I will update more throughout the healing process. Send me good vibes, everyone!

Surgery is done!!

Had surgery this morning. Overall, it was a good experience. The anticipation last night and this morning was by far the worst part of the whole thing. Now that it is over, I feel like I was kicked in the face (but it is bearable and even less of an issue after a Norco). EAting and drinking is proving really difficult, though, because my nose is completely plugged up. So swallowing feels really weird and puts a ton of pressure on my nose. I can feel myself swelling but have been icing non-stop since I got home. A hint of a bruise is appearing under my left eye. Even with this discomfort, I am glad I went through with it. And I have a lot of love and support around me. Well, that is enough for now. I will update tomorrow.

Post op day 1

The pain is much better today, although I have been keeping myself pretty heavily drugged. Norco every four hours has been absolutely necessary for sleep and general comfort. And I hate narcotics, they make me so nauseous. But I told Dr. Clutter that and he prescribed me some anti-nausea medication, which has made such a huge difference. I have experienced absolutely no sickness. Much more swollen today and I have nice black eyes. Started to question last night why I voluntarily did this to myself, but I think that is just the discomfort talking. It will all be worth it! Hopefully it will get easier soon, though!

Post Op Day 2

Feeling much better today overall. Getting used to being a mouth-breather, and eating and drinking is getting easier. I haven't taken any pain killers in 12 hours, either, which is making me feel more myself. I think I will switch to extra strength Tylenol, if I need anything more this week. My main complaint now is that my eyes are so swollen it hurts to open them. Hopefully I have reached the peak of the swelling and it will all be downhill from here. I am continuing to ice and rest. Taking it one day at a time.

Post op days 3 and 4

Well, things are still pretty much the same. But I am in better spirits and feeling more myself, so that is good. I look terrible, of course. My swelling has migrated down to my cheeks and jowels and the bruises under my eyes have turned a lovely shade of yellow. I am still super stuffed up. Started my saline irrigation yesterday, but it doesn't seem to do much--just falls right out because there is so much crap in my nostrils. Really looking forward to Tuesday and getting my face back! Only 2 1/2 more days!!

One more thing...

Also, I just wanted to say that I am still feeling a ton of pressure in my sinuses. It is like then worst sinus infection ever. I read a lot of posts that claimed their rhinoplasty was relatively painless and recovery was easy. I don't know if it is because I also had a septoplasy or if I just got extra lucky, but that has not been my experience at all. It has been a tough recovery with quite a bit of discomfort (not outright pain, but still very unpleasant). All I can say is that I really hope this is all worth it in the end. I will post pics on Tuesday when the cast comes off...

Cast is off!

Got the cast off today! It didn't feel great when he was getting it off, but man is it nice to have it off of my face. I didn't get taped, which is strange because everyone else on here seemed to. And my internal splints were left in because the swelling inside my nps is still really bad. I have to use an OTC steroid nasal spray and go back Friday to get them out. I'm bummed about that because the splints have been bothering me more than anything. As for my nose, it is...different. That is all I can really say right now. It doesn't look bad. It looks weird, which is swelling I think. The bridge seemed really pinched looking, but Dr. Clutter assured me that it was just from the tight cast and everything would "fill out." I also have a slight indent in the left side that worries me, but again I think that is swelling. I love te profile, though! Nothing really prepared you for looking in the mirror and seeing a different nose. And mine is a pretty dramatic change. So I think I am in shock. I will post a couple pics today and then more next week after I get the splints out and everything has (hopefully) calmed down in terms of swelling.

Post op day 8...some thoughts

So...I am going to keep posting thoughts as I have them, and this will be a sort of diary that I hope will help others thinking of having rhinoplasty and help myself see my progression over these next several months. I am liking my nose even more today, even with the swelling (and man is it getting big)--but, actually, maybe that is why I like it, it is reminding me of my old nose lol But really, I am starting to get used to it and I think i will just continue to like it more and more as the swelling goes down and whatnot. There is still some asymmetry right above the tip--the left seems slightly indented--but it is too early to know if it is swelling or whether it will be noticeable when all is said and done. So I am going to try to focus on the positive and just wait and see. As for recovery, I feel pretty much back to normal. My main complaints are that my upper lip doesn't want to move, which makes for pretty hilarious attempts at smiling and gives me an overall alien look. And my skin. It is dry and oily at the same time and is driving me nuts. So I try to remind myself that it has only been a week and that, in time, everything will return to normal. And I've added some pics from today.

4 weeks post op!

So...it has been a month since surgery. My upper lip is finally regaining full motion and I can breathe pretty well through my nose. The left nostril is still pretty swollen inside, but it is getting better every day. My nose still feels completely foreign--like it was glued on my face, it is so stiff and numb--and the skin on my nose is oily all of the time and covered in blackheads. Overall, though, I feel great. No issues going out in public and I am back to my full activity level. The swelling on my nose has fluctuated a lot. The bridge has gone down a lot and is finally starting to look more refined and how I ultimately want it. The tip, on the other hand, has gotten significantly bigger over the past two weeks (which surprised me, I thought it was supposed to be all downhill after two weeks). It is now very bulbous and I feel like my nose sticks out from face too far. My attitude so far has been to avoid staring in the mirror or taking pictures as much as possible. I know that I am still seeing swelling, so I would rather just stay positive and focus on healing and other more important things in my life. But I just wanted to post an update and get some more pictures on here since I reached the one month mark (hooray!)
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