A Defined Jaw Line. Flushing, NY

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Started from a little over a year ago, I started...

Started from a little over a year ago, I started to feel my face, especially my cheeks dropping. I can feel my cheeks jiggle after I hit a bump, or when I have no facial expression, I can feel my cheeks drooping. I do not like that feeling at all.

I researched to see what options there are for my problem, and looks like ultherapy is the only choice I have.

3 months later, well almost 4 months later

The shape of my face changed. A lot of people ask if I've lost weight, or said that I look better, but they can not pinpoint what was different.

3 months later

5 abs half months later

10 months later

11 months later

looks like it just might lasts longer than a year for me! The only other thing I did was botox in my jaw muscles 3 weeks ago.

it's almost a year

It's been almost a year since my ultherapy treatment and I'm still happy with the result. It doesn't look like I need a second treatment yet, but I do feel that my cheeks are a bit looser than a month ago, and they def shake a bit when I hit a bump while driving. At this point, it's more of a mental effect than actual appearance. The shaking is starting to bother me.

16 month update

It's been a little over 16 months since my ultherapy treatment, it's obvious that my chin started to drop, especially on the right side. It still looks better than before ultherapy, but I'm so use to not having any droopy cheeks that I'm seriously considering doing ultherapy again in a month.

18 months later

19 months!

19 months later, I'm ready for my second ultherapy

It's been almost 19 months since my first ultherapy. I have def debated about doing a second treatment or not> In the past couple of weeks, I have gained weight, I have lost weight, but my cheeks are getting droopy, or loose.

I have also spoke to Betty, who did my first ultherapy treatment, she said I do need a second treatment soon, and it should not be as drastic as my first treatment, because she's going to use a lower dosage/energy. After making and canceling an appt with her last friday, I'm finally ready for it today!

19 months later

Second ultheray

2 months after second ultherapy

I'm not sure, is there any difference?

3 months after the second ultherapy, I'm addicted!

happy new year! I've lost track of how long it's been.

10 months after second ultherapy

it works great with botox, this is 10 months after my second ultherapy and 1 week after botox on my jaw lines.

it's been a year already?!

if it wasn't for a user's comment, I have completely forgot that it's been a year since my second ultherapy. Nothing has changed since my last update, which is great! let's hope it will stay this way.
New York Dermatologic Surgeon

I was not sure about doing Ultherapy since I'm still fairly young, 33 years old, and majority of ultehrapy patients are age 40+, but Dr Cui strongly suggest that I should start doing Ultherapy regularly as a maintenance. It might not have any visible results now but it'll definitely benefit me in the long run. He also mentioned that because this procedure is painful, he will provide painkillers, and strongly suggest that I should not drive on the day of my procedure. After thinking and researching about it for a little over a week, I finally choose a friday to do it. After arriving at Dr Cui's office, I let the front desk know that I am here for ultherapy. They let me sign in and promptly asked me to wait in the ultherapy room. The ultherapy technician Betty came in and went over all the possible effect, before and after with me, asked me to sign a consent form for ultherapy treatment, and handed me a cup of water with a painkiller, then asked me to lay down. 15 minutes later, she dimmed the lights in the room, and started with the procedure. I definitely felt the effect of the painkiller, because I was a bit drowsy. The procedure was painful, especially on the jaw line and temples, but it was not unbearable. After Betty was done with half of my face, she asked me to take a look at the difference on both sides of my face and let me take a short bathroom break. It took about 45 minutes for each side of my face. 1 and half an hour later, I'm all done, and I can feel that my face is definitely tighter. And I sure was dizzy! Good thing I did not drive! It did not have a dramatic result right after the procedure, but it was obvious that my chin is more defined. Fast forward 3 weeks later, it's obvious there's no more drooping on my face, my jaw line is clearly defined again. Dr Cui suggests that I do ultherapy every 12-18 months just to maintain the muscle firmness. We'll see how it is in couple of months!

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