Tummy Tuck #1 and Tummy Tuck #2 (Revision) - Florida

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Since this website has helped me through my...

Since this website has helped me through my nightmare and recovery, I decided it's time to pay it forward and post my entire Plastic Surgery Journey.

The amount spent, approx. 31k includes...

*Breast Augmentation Revision (400cc high profile silicone implants replaced with 600cc low profile silicone implants)
*'Full' Abdominoplasty (my nightmare-results are.. well lets just say I, and many doctors with whom I've consulted, have no idea what procedure was actually performed).

*Breast Augmentation Revision (600cc low profile silicone implants replaced with 800cc moderate plus profile silicone implants)
*Full Reconstructive Abdominoplasty
*Liposuction/Liposculpting of the Hips/Flanks and Upper Back

Today is day 25 after my revision. I started by posting before and after pictures of the first procedure. I will post photos of the revision as soon as I have more time :)

Today is day 28 and I definitely over did it! I...

Today is day 28 and I definitely over did it! I really can't believe how long the healing process is taking this time around! I notice much more swelling in the evenings and tonight was a bit better than yesterday (I'm hoping it's the juicing I've started, cucumbers & celery for swelling and I add fresh apples and carrots) yum! I've also been religiously taking Bromelain (a homeopathic supplement) that funny enough, I read the bottle and it says its from pineapple stem, and pineapples are also supposed to reduce inflammation! I also still take Arnica Montana 30x as it is also a homeopathic supplement that is known to reduce bruising and swelling and help repair muscles. I swear by this stuff because with all of my surgeries (even my first, that's where I learned of Arnica) I did not get ONE bruise! And this time around the only bruise I got was on my bottom and I'm guessing it was from sitting on it so much because he sure Lipo'd the hell out of my back and hips and not one bruise! So I definitely recommend it, to say the least.

As far as discomfort, my tummy area is still a little sore so I've taken a few tylenol here and there but the worst pain has actually been in my hip and back area from the lipo. I still have burning and sharp pains throughout and the entire back area is still swollen and sensitive to touch. But I gotta say, in looking at my before and after pics, it is amazing how even with the swelling, all the fat and love handles are gone! Definitely well worth the pain!

I will try and update more pictures but it said I could only upload 20. I have a bunch of my back and more of my tummy. Should I start another review? Anyone know the answer to this?

The two things I am looking most forward to are

1. Swelling to go away completely so I can see the final result.... but as it stands right now, I am soooo happy that all of my stretch marks are GONE and my belly button looks 100x better than it did!!!

2. For day 42 to come (six week mark) so I can stop wearing these annoying garments/binder! (You ladies that are past me in the recovery, do you still feel the need to wear the garment after the six weeks?) I am one of those unlucky women that have the worst swelling! But I know that can be a good thing because it means that the doc actually did something right, and pulled our abs tight! YAY!

Well bed time for me! I will try to respond as fast as I can but you guys know how it goes with kids and work and the house! I'm wiped lol!

Oh one more note, I had the absolute best nurse ever! She was sent home with me for 4 hours after the surgeries (at the doctors expense). She helped me so much throughout this journey and even gave me her cell number and was such a blessing in my first week of recovery that she inspired me to go back to school and become a nurse myself! So today I was at my old college, and although I am not looking forward to all of the Pre-requisites, and being a college student again, I am so excited to have found a passion again. My current career, book keeping/ accounting, that I've done for the past ten years, sure has gotten boring

Oh yeah and I wanted to post more pictures but it...

Oh yeah and I wanted to post more pictures but it only let me post 20. I have to wear a bandage underneath my belly button with a bunch of cotton balls (kind of feels like I'm back in grade school making santa's beard lol). This is to stretch out the skin in between to make sure it doesn't indent and crease inwards. Those are the weird markings you will see from the pressure of the cotton/tape/guaze.

I do not recommend anyone ever going to the provider listed. After being shocked and traumatized by my results, Dr. H couldn't even have the decency to confront me as his patient and explain what went wrong. Instead he dismissed me as his patient. He wouldn't even see me after my procedure, results, and the way I was treated, the entire experience has haunted me to this day. After two years of research, over 20 consultations (including traveling across the country), I finally found a doctor that was not only confident and skilled but specialized in tummy tucks and revisions. If you would like his data, please feel free to contact me, he is a miracle worker sent from heaven. :)

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