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I am scheduled to have my TT with lipo in less...

I am scheduled to have my TT with lipo in less than 2 weeks, August 5th to be exact. I'm not scared about the procedure, but I'm so nervous and scared about the recovery. My husband went with me for the initial consult so he is aware of the recovery process, but I think little by little he may be forgetting the magnitude of it. I HATE pain and not being able to do anything about it. I read reviews on here, some ladies are so quickly back to the norm and some take a long long time. I don't know what to expect, but I think I'm expecting the worst :( Doc prescribed me Valium for the day before b/c I'm so nervous. I've already paid in full so that helps me to not back out. I've thought about a TT every day for years when I look in the mirror. I have a pooch that won't go away despite all my exercising and some saggy skin. I will post pics later. I still have to take them and upload to computer. Oh, and had the "before" pics taken at doc's office Wednesday - so embarrassing.


Here are my pics - ugh!!!

1 week to go!!

Only 1 week left.... It came up so fast! My PS is sending me home with a compression garment and I went ahead and bought 2 others for after the first couple weeks. Got all my meds filled. These are the ones he gave me: Percocet, Keflex, Lovenox, phenergan and also 1 Valium for the day before. The lovenox is an injectable - seriously? And the phenergan is a suppository - REALLY?!? I'm thinking it's a suppository in case I'm vomiting and can't keep down tablets. I've made a list of all the groceries I need to get and arranged for family to help take care of the kids during the day while my husband is at work. He's taking the day of surgery off (Tuesday), then my mom is coming to take care of me Wednesday and Thursday til he gets off work, then he's taking Friday-Sunday off. My kids start school 2 weeks after my TT so I'm hoping I'll be able to drive them to school with no problems. I work from home but I told them I'll be on vacation for 2 weeks. I have a feeling it's not long enough to take off..... We shall see! I'm excited and nervous at the same time. Wish I could just go to sleep and wake up in month!

To make plans or not????

My surgery is Aug. 5. My daughter's bday is Aug. 30. She and my husband have been discussing bday ideas and they want to plan a trip to Universal Studios theme park, staying in a hotel over the weekend. That will be about 3 1/2 weeks post-op for me. It's an hour and a half drive for us. For you ladies who have already had TT w/ muscle repair and lipo, would you say that is do-able or definitely not? From what I've read, seems like there is still some exhaustion. Keep in mind, we will be walking around all day in the summer heat (Orlando FL) and I'll be wearing that compression garment. Please give me thoughts/suggestions! Husband wants to plan it. I told him I don't think I'll be ready and he thinks I'm bracing myself for the worst. I want my daughter to have a great bday (she's turning 9) but is that too soon????

Only 2 more days left before saying goodbye to the belly!

I was feeling pretty excited today. Surgery is Tuesday! Then I started looking at incisions/scar lines :( God, it looks soooo painful. I knew it would be a big scar and PS said he'd make it as low as possible. I've been so preoccupied and worried about recovery, and now my mind has switched over to the giant scar. Just trying to remind myself that it will be hidden and will be much better than carrying around this belly pooch :/

My measurements (tomorrow is the big day!)

I took my weight and measurements today to give y'all an idea of where I'm at the day before my TT. Weight 164.5 lbs, 34" just under breasts, 33" waist, 39" at widest part of my belly under belly button, and hips 43". Wish the TT extended to the hips LOL. I'm nervous as hell but have lots of last minute preparations to help keep my mind off it for most of the day. Going to get a stool softener because I see that's something a lot of ladies are suggesting. Laxatives give me awful cramps so I'll hold off on that for now.

Another photo

So here's another pic. As I'm sitting in my recliner watching TV this is what I'm looking down at and thinking I can't wait to get this done!!

Surgery went great

I'm home in my recliner. My husband is awesome. He's been doing my drains. I'll try doing them myself tomorrow. I was very nauseous after surgery but they put something on my IV right away to help it go away. I haven't vomited at all. I was dizzy and could barely keep my eyes open when I got home but now I'm more alert. Just took a Percocet and ate some saltines crackers so hopefully won't need to do that darn suppository for nausea! Getting tired now so going to pee and then sleep. My husband is sleeping on couch tonight and waking up frequently to help with meds and drains, bathroom etc. I'll try to post again tomorrow. I'm
Thinking of all of you.

Yucky photo

I hope all you ladies are good. I went for a follow up today and they took off my binder to look at things. Doc said I look great, obviously some swelling. I wouldn't look at the incision, too scared. I had my husband take a pic and then looked at it later. I've been pretty sore today. Keeping up with my Percocet and only getting up to pee - and for my follow up today. I go back again tomorrow. Those lovenox shots HURT :( they did it in my thigh. Glad to finally be on the flat side!! Hope my ladies are recovering well.

Smooth recovery so far...

Hi ladies! Short update because I can barely keep my eyes open for very long. I've been sleeping most of the day and that's been great. It's really hard to get out of the recliner. I have help at all times but it does hurt to stand up after sitting/sleeping so long. Saw doc again today and he said I am doing very well. Oh yeah, and I am sooo itchy under the binder. He told me to try Benadryl. Still taking Percocet every 4 hours and it's helping. Hope everyone's doing ok!!

Drains are a pain - 3 days postop

Hi! So I had another follow up today. He took out my belly button stitches. Still numb so didn't feel a thing (whew!). Said I should get one of the drains out Monday and the other two by the end of next week. Then I can shower. Oh and something funny happened too - he unwrapped my binder and said "I see you've had some crackers" LOL there were crumbs in there! it actually made me laugh and laughing hurts. Today it's a little easier to get up out of the recliner. I still need help. Doc said stay in the recliner at least until Monday and ways have someone help me up, although I doubt I could do it on my own if I wanted to. I'll probably start my lower dosage Percocet tomorrow. It makes me so drowsy but I welcome the sleep. Hope all is well with everyone! I'm very happy with the way things are progressing :)

First drain out today

Today is 6 days postop. I have had daily appts with PS and they take care of everything when I go in. They undo the CG, change the gauze, strip the tubes, then fasten me back up until I come back the next day. I love that because I don't think I could take care of these things on my own - I get grossed out pretty easily. I can barely even look at my day after photo :( They pulled out 1 of my drains today. OMG. Very unpleasant. It only took a couple seconds. They're removing another tomorrow (I had 3 in all) and I am dreading it and so nervous. But Id rather have the thing out than in so..... Feeling crampy today. Got my period yesterday. Not sure if it's from that or from the drain being pulled this morning. I strongly recommend stool softener starting a couple
Days before surgery for you ladies who haven't had surgery yet. Had a BM yesterday and today and WOW. Like giving birth - lol. I'm still taking my Percocet but at a lower dose and started spacing it every 5 hours instead of every 4 starting today. Still having trouble getting out of this recliner by myself. PS told me to start straightening out now. That's going to take some getting used to. Hope everyone is doing great!

Out with the 2nd drain!

Today I got my 2nd drain pulled. Going to get the 3rd (last) one out tomorrow. Also got my last lovenox shot today. Glad to be rid of those. PS said I can shower tomorrow night after last drain is pulled - can't wait to wash this hair! I was finally able to get out of the recliner all by myself last night - woo hoo! A little more independence for me :) I've really been taking it easy this past week. My family has brought me every meal to my recliner and my husband has emptied my drains twice a day every day. I've been very fortunate. I think that's a big reason why I'm feeling and healing so well. Hope everyone is doing wonderful!

Appointment postponed :(

I was supposed to have my last drain removed today but doc had to go out of town so my appt was rescheduled for tomorrow morning. I was really looking forward to taking a shower and now I have to wait another day :( Had a slice of pizza for lunch today and choked on the crust - OUCH! That really hurt my stomach muscles. Chew your food good, ladies! I'm still getting a little winded when I'm up walking around. And I don't even go far, only to the bathroom or kitchen! Not sure if that's normal - I'll ask the doc tomorrow.

Only up from here

Today is day 9 postop. I had my 3rd and final drained removed this morning. Not gonna lie - it hurt and I almost passed out, but the good news is it only lasts about 20 seconds. The second drain was no big deal. I'm cleared to go upstairs finally and I can shower now - woo hoo!!!! Once I stop the Percocet I can drive. Planning on stopping it tomorrow and just using at bedtime if needed. Kids go back to school Monday and I'll need to drive them. When I woke up this morning I felt better than I have since surgery. I was able to walk around a little more than I have been. Walking a tad bit straighter but still slow. It's not painful at all, just achy at times. That's how it's been the whole time. Way better pain-wise than I had geared myself up for :) I contribute that to the excellent care I've been getting from my wonderful family. It's really been a stress-free recovery. I'll post pics when I can.

First shower

Finally got to go upstairs and take a shower. I used a shower seat, which was very helpful. Felt good to wash my hair. My husband had to wash my back, legs and feet and help me shave my legs. It felt really weird washing my stomach and incision site. My flanks had lipo and it's swollen. Didn't even think to take a pic of things. Got my binder back on. Came back downstairs to eat dinner and get back in my recliner. I will go back upstairs to sleep In my bed for the first time tonight. I am officially exhausted LOL.

Day 10

It's been quiet today on Realself! How is everybody? I've went from taking Percocet every 4 hours, then every 6 hours for a day or two and then today trying to go without it. My last dose was 2:30 am and then I had extra strength Tylenol at 8:30 and then again at 2 PM. It's 4:00 and I want the Percocet. I've been pretty sore today. I'll take it at bedtime. Hopefully tomorrow will be better :(

13 days post op pics

I finally took some after pics with my binder off. Im extremely happy so far!!

Day 17 post

Thought I'd put a quick update... I still feel really weird without the comfort of my binder on when I shower. I try to make them quick. I'm still getting tired and sore by the end of the day. I'm still swollen. I'm still hunched over but standing a little straighter every day. I can't wait to be back to normal again - this is such a slow recovery process. I'm still taking it very easy and still not doing any housework until I get the OK from my PS. I see him again on the 29th and I'll be about 3 1/2 weeks post by that time. Hope you are all doing excellent and getting your rest for those of you in recovery!

3 weeks postop

Wow, can't believe today makes 3 weeks since surgery! It has flown by. I went the last 2 days without Tylenol, didn't even take it last night. Finally don't need it. Was never in pain really, just very sore and achy. I'm about 90% straight when I walk. I just want to stand up straight and arch my back! I don't know if I physically can't do it or if it's all in my mind. Tummy is so tight. I still hate taking showers and letting the belly free and it still feels weird washing over the incision. Belly button and waist area are still numb, but I'm not complaining. I put on a dress today and loved the way I look in it - no belly sticking out!!! I see PS for follow up at the end of this week. I'm sure he will clear me for light housework. So far I've done absolutely no cleaning. I also wore my new Spanx-type garment for the first time today. It has seams on the side so PS said to wear it inside out. I've been in my surgical binder this whole time. PS said make sure it's seamless since I had lipo on my flanks. Seamless are hard to find but I found 1 at Walmart and 1 at Target today. First time out shopping. It was nice :) My sister went with me to help me sort through all the shapewear looking for seamless. One problem with these though - I have to pull them all the way down every time I use the bathroom - what a pain! Oh well..... hope everyone is doing well :)

New pic

Hi ladies! I had a checkup today with PS. He peeled off some of the glue. I didn't feel anything. He said it looks the best that it possibly can at this point (yay!). I am still pretty swollen. I asked how long I can expect that and he said probably about til 6 months post op, worse in the later part of the day of course. So I came home and took a picture. I'm 3 weeks and 3 days post op. I'm to start massaging my flanks that were lipo'd throughout the day. He said we will talk about scar treatment when I go back in 2 weeks and all the glue and scabbing has come off.

1 more pic

I forgot to add this one of me standing. Pay no attention to the dirty mirror. It hasn't been cleaned in 3 weeks and 3 days LOL

Made it to 4 weeks!

Hi ladies! I hope you are all doing well. I've made it to the 4-week post mark! I'm feeling pretty good. Getting back to normal. I've had the past month off so I've been resting a lot. The driving is going good. The sneezes don't hurt as much, just a little bit. I'm still pretty swollen and I know it'll take a while before it's gone but it's so frustrating. I tried on my bathing suit bottoms yesterday and they don't cover my scar. I like to wear them low on my hips and it doesn't look like that's happening. I will have to go bathing suit shopping eventually and hope it's not too hard to find a bikini that covers it. Plus my BB seems lower now that my stomach is flat and I've got to get used to that. I find it's easier to shower in the morning when I'm not so swollen compared to the end of the day. I'm still wearing dresses because it just feels weird to have something going around my waist right now, plus my spanx give me ugly panty lines. Still numb at the BB and incision site. I'm standing 95% straight so I'm happy about that! And I can lay flat now for a little while.
My problem now is that I can't sleep good :( I get maybe a few good hours and then readjusting all night. I can sleep on my sides now so that helps me get to sleep. I've been waking up with awful back pain so I slept on the couch last night to see if that helped - nope!
Overall I'm doing great so I know
I shouldn't be complaining. I'm thankful I've had no true problems. I can't wait to hit the 6-week mark!


Ok I've had a real hard time finding seamless shapewear. I've ordered a few online, bought a couple at the store. Problem was, I was getting the high waist brief type but the Large was too tight. I couldn't get it up past my big hips. So then I set out to find one that just went around my waist (of course still looking for seamless). Had to order online. Damn thing was too small (L/XL) but I still got it on. I had to keep pulling it down on bottom and up on top. Today I went out looking for high waist boyshorts. They were all size S or M of course. Last week I ordered a bodysuit from kohls with hook and eye crotch. Got it in the mail today and OMG I love it. By far the most comfortable yet. I'm posting a pic for those who want to know what it looks like. It's at kohls online. Only downfall is you are limited with what top you can wear with it but at this point I'm looking for comfort.

5 weeks post tomorrow

Hi ladies! Tomorrow will be the week 5 milestone for me. It doesn't feel weird anymore when I take off my CG. I'm fact, I wish I could be rid I them but PS said keep wearing it til no more swelling. I'm obviously still swelling. Posting pics today. Glue almost all off.
So yesterday my husband wakes up in a grumpy mood, slamming things around. Turns out he's tired of me not doing anything! Seriously? He was so supportive in the beginning. And I actually have been cleaning a little. Doc said not to do anything strenuous so I've been careful not to overdo it. Apparently I'm "milking it for all it's worth" too. Wow. Needless to say, that was a big argument. I told him I wasn't sacrificing my recovery because of his frustrations! We have 3 kids living at home ages 16, 9 and 6. I'm so angry at him for saying those things to me. He hasn't even asked how I've been feeling in the past couple weeks. For those of you with supportive husbands, give them an extra kiss today :)
As for how I'm feeling physically, my energy level is up. The swelling gets uncomfortable but not unbearable. I'm able to do most things. I can finally wash my feet in the shower lol. It's easy to bend over now to pick things up off the floor. It doesn't hurt to sneeze anymore but coughing and laughing is still tender. Feels like a cramp. I am easily get in and out of bed and can even lay flat for a little bit with only 1 pillow under my head.
Hope everyone is doing well.

New CGs

Here's a couple new ones I bought yesterday. I wore the high waist black ones today and loved them. Easy to get up and down. I haven't worn the bodysuit one yet but it felt good when I tried them on. Got both from Target.

Swell hell

So today I'm 5 weeks 3 days PO. Still pretty swollen and puffy. PS said to wear binder over my spanx and that should help. Have a couple hard lumps in lipo areas. He said to massage them and they'll go away. I can begin my scar treatment now. I am cleared to jog and ride stationary bike, and lift up to 10 lbs. I can do lunges but not while holding weights. I can swim and go to the beach but no laps yet. No Zumba yet :( and no core work yet. Feeling really good besides this swelling.


I'll be 6 weeks PO tomorrow. Took pics tonight of my view when I'm looking down at the belly. Side view doesn't look too bad but looking down - yikes.

6 week scar pic

Here's my scar pic just taken at 6 weeks. Just started scar treatment last night. It's called BioCorneum Plus and has sunscreen in it.

Scar pic with better lighting

So I took a new pic today in better lighting. Of course it looked better in the other pic but after seeing the difference, I needed to post this one.


Today I'm 6 weeks 4 days PO. Bought a bikini top and some bottoms that would cover my scar. I haven't worn a bikini in about 15 years. I feel so exposed LOL. Still swollen :( and I'm not happy with the thighs and booty but the belly bothered me more than anything. I'm going to focus on legs and arms with my exercising and now I need a tan :) happy weekend to everybody!

7 weeks PO

Today marks 7 weeks post - yay! One more week come and gone. My energy level is up and I've been fast walking and doing side leg lifts. I'm wearing my binder over my spanx because I still have a lot of swelling (at least I hope that's what it is!). I can't wait til next summer to go bikini shopping. I'm not lifting anything heavier than 10 lbs. I go back to PS next week. I like the scar treatment I'm using. Haven't noticed a difference yet but it has a cool app you can use to track your progress and take pics. I tried lying on my belly a couple days ago. It felt good for a minute or two and then I had to get off of it. I can lay flat in bed with just one pillow under my head. My hip bone area gets really sore at the end of the day where the ends of my scars are and the lipo was done. Hope everyone is doing fabulous!

7 weeks 4 days new pics

New pics taken this morning. I never took a "before" pic of the back of me but did take an "after" this a.m. I feel almost completely back to normal, besides wearing the spanx and CG and the swelling. I can wear my clothes with the normal waistbands and it doesnt feel too weird anymore. My sides still hurt from the flank lipo, mostly in the later part of the day and evening. I can feel the hurting when my CG gets tighter. Nothing too eventful to report except I made it through an entire high school football game plus an hour drive there and an hour drive back without falling asleep or feeling exhausted :)

Pics won't upload

My pics won't upload for some reason :( I'll try later....

7 weeks and 4 days photos

These are the pics that wouldn't upload earlier..... Taken first thing in the morning

It looks so light this morning

It looks so light this morning! Maybe it's just the lighting in my bedroom??? Wonder why it seems to get darker as the day progresses? :(

8 week update

Today makes 8 weeks PO yay! I remember before surgery I was so nervous and scared. All I wanted was to be able to fast forward life a couple of months so I could skip the worst of the recovery period. Well here it is a couple of months later and I am feeling great. I've been so lucky to have no problems.
I saw my PS for a checkup yesterday. He took my "after" photos. I wish I would've known pics would be taken because I would've worn some cute matching bra and panties! He asked if he could use my photos on his new website so that made me feel pretty good :) He cleared me for all normal activities - Zumba here I come! Said I didn't have to wear binder over my spanx anymore but I should wear it after exercise because I WILL swell. Swell more than I already am? Ugh!
My youngest 6-yr-old daughter overheard me telling my husband that I was cleared to lift more weight and she said, "Oh mommy! Does that mean you can pick me up again? Pick me up!" She was so excited LOL.
This morning I did some stair exercises on my staircase. I got out of breath pretty quickly so I didn't finish my stair workout, but I did hand weights instead and leg lifts. Tried a plank and made it to 20 seconds. Could've gone longer but I was scared LOL. Gotta get my fitness level back up :)
Hope everyone is doing fabulous!!!

End of day pics - 8 weeks 3 days PO

End of day swelling pics. I never knew these panties were straight across!! I thought they were scoop front bc of my big belly. First time I've worn them since surgery :) LOL who knew?


12 weeks PO

Hi everyone! Hope everyone is doing great! Today marks 12 weeks since my surgery. I've been in for about 4 lymphatic massages now. She told me that I have adhesions near my scar so she is working those out. She said that basically, it's like a shelf where all the fluid accumulates and just sits there. The massage sessions are helping. I have another one this week and then 2 more next week and then she will re-assess. I started back up with Zumba 2 weeks ago and got right back into it with no problems, happy to say! I went 4 times last week, 3 times the week before. Let's see...what else can I report? I feel great and I can do everything that I could do before surgery. I have no pain, except a little tenderness on my sides at the end of the day. I do have an undissolved stitch and will ask my PS about that next time I see him in about 2 weeks. I'm so happy that my workout clothes fit better now without hugging my belly so much. I'm using scar cream twice a day. Hope you all have a Happy Halloween :)

3 months and 5 days PO

I had a followup appt with my PS today. He said everything looks great and is healing very well. I can stop my scar cream in a couple weeks, but I'll wait til the entire bottle is gone before I stop using it. I requested my before/after pics so will upload those when they are ready :) As for now, I will upload my most recent pics from today. I feel like I can do everything that I could pre-surgery. Every now and then I do get a little soreness in my belly but it's probably because I've overdone it. I don't need to go back to my PS anymore unless I have any problems or anything I want to discuss. I'm still continuing with my massage therapy and right now I am at twice a week. They massage the scar, the lipo areas, break up the scar tissue. It's really helped with the swelling too. Hope everyone is doing great!

New pics

4 months post

I'm 4 months and 10 days post today. My 40th bday is fast approaching (New Years Eve)! This is one of the best presents I could've given myself. Although I am not completely flat, I do believe this is about as good as it can get. My massage therapist worked out the lumps from the lipo on the back part of flanks and she worked out all of the adhesions that I had along my scarline. Now I'm working on the lumps (they feel like ridges) on my sides. You can see in the close up picture how at my hips it isn't smooth flowing but it should get there with the massaging. You can see the bruising in the side picture from me trying to rub it down. I'm feeling great. I am tired a lot but I think that's due to other things. I weigh the same as I did pre-surgery but my tummy just looks so much better. Scar seems to be healing great. I still use the scar cream but only once a day now, and I'm trying to do my massages daily. I only wear CG when exercising and still get pretty swollen when I do. Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. I've been eating bad things :(

4 month pics

Troubles uploading pics - ugh!!

The rest of pics

5 months

Tomorrow is my 5-month TT anniversary. Left side doesn't look as smooth as the right side and I think I have a small dog ear. I have an appt in a week or so with my PS to get his opinion on things. I've begun working with weights this week and loving it!

Almost 11 months post op

Hi all! I had planned on waiting for my 1-year mark but took a pic this morning and decided to go ahead and post. So I haven't been eating good or exercising this summer since kids are home from school. I know, I know...... However, I am starting Nutrisystem tomorrow so.... Here is my (almost) 11-month post tummy tuck pic. Scar looks to be fading nicely :)
Melbourne Plastic Surgeon

Not only is Dr. Diaz an excellent PS, his nurse Freddy is right up there with him. They really made me feel at ease and were so helpful with everything. In their care, I am in excellent hands! So glad I chose them!

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