1 WEEK AFTER REV. RHINO - Hanging Collumela,piggy Nose - Florida

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Hi im only 5 days post revision rhinoplasty...

im only 5 days post revision rhinoplasty and
i had septoplasty done due to a deviated septum and i got my nose pinched a tiny bit from the front in the middle third to create alar crease definition which i lacked tremendously as well as he indicated that he found and removed a small folded up fabric placed in tip which was put in during my primary surgery and replaced it with my own septal material and graphs. So all in all,I went through allot of different procedures and i am guessing my recovery time will be much longer than i'd hope it would take.
Anyways,all in all i find my profile pretty good yet i find it maybe a little too protruding yet i didnt change it due to numerous surgeons telling me that i had a well proportioned and masculine profile including the surgeon who just operated on me so i didnt change it due to the fact that so many ppl are telling me its pretty good.

My question to you even though my doctor said he didnt change my profile. My profile pics are pretty darn similar to my noses profile prior to surgery yet after all the tip removal of the implant and ect shouldnt it be really swollen? shouldnt it logically come down at least a bit anyways? which would be good for me...

and i noticed something pretty horrible
since its in a cast and taped over my tip is upturned and my collumela is dropped and very exposed right under my collumela incision!!

thank you very much!!!

So i got my cast taken off today!! and the front...

so i got my cast taken off today!! and the front looks pretty good already but i find the nose from the profile is pretty strong even after these past two surgeries...i mean like i said every surgeon ive ever went to with my nose has said that i had a great profile very proportionate not feminine at all and pretty masculine..i guess thats a good thing yet i still find it pretty projected...my PS who operated on me last week told me that he didnt change the profile at all from the last surgery even though deep inside i wanted it but then again maybe i wouldnt have this front view if i shaved more from the top to bottom.... he said the tip is still swollen but not overly and should shrink up a bit as well as the sides....i must say it does look good from the front already compared to what it looked like before yet i have this reoccurring thought that my profile is too big...but then again cant have it all right? haha
its funny how so many surgeons think its near perfect and dont want to touch it yet in pics you can clearly see its not small lol i mean i understand its straight yet the height of it is big no? unless im crazy... anyways will post more pictures when i can! thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!! :)

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