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It has been a month since i been looking over this...

It has been a month since i been looking over this site and getting all my info ready for my procedure. I am 5 8 and i weigh 135 pounds! Since i found out about bbl i started eating and i am 140 now! I am still unedited about my doctor ! It is so hard because main reason i am doing this procedure is to add curves to my body! Butt is important as well but what i need are those curvy hips so they can match my broad shoulders! I am athletic build. People tell me i am skinny and i should model but they don't see me without clothes! ! I feel very insecure about my body !I am dong this in order to boost my confidence ! I need those curves ! I love Salamas butts but i have not see hip give those hips i like ! Perry does nice hips nice transformation but i am not sure how are the butts he gives! There are not many Girls here on real self going to perry ! The ones i found Seem to be happy with their transformation and they look very good! Anyhow i need to gain weight if i want this procedure done ! It is so hard because i just lost all this weigh after having a baby one year ago ! I was back to my old self working out , now again i am gaining it ! I will he attaching some wish pictures as well as my pictures right now after 7 pounds weigh gain !

My pictures as of today ! Still searching for doctor !

Hi ladies, i am so obsessed with this site! I have change my mind on doctor 10 times a day ! Poor Nanci for Salams office calls me every day because i keep emailing her questions ! I keep looking at Perry's work thinking he is the only one that can give me hips! Then again i look at Salama and i fall in love with his work! It is so frustrating. I already gained 8 pounds! I don't even know who my doctor will be not when I will get this done.. Lol i really want Salama to do it but can he give me nice hourglass? Please lady's if you know if Salama gives hips let me know!! I just can find any front views of this girls ! I want to get the best one that can make my boxy body more curvy ! I want to be skinny with big butt and hips ! Thinking of even getting my boobs bigger ! Don know jet ! Here are one pictures wig ether with wish picture !


Before with gain for bbl , 134 pounds


I am booked ! Salama in November ! I should be exited but feeling so scared and down . What if smith happens ! I am so scared because I am a mother ! I will miss my little one so much those 10 days ! I hope everything goes well

Can salama give me full hips

I mDe my deposit today ! I am afraid salama won't give me full hips! I am confused thinking of switching different doctor



Thinking of switching to salzhauer

I have been doing so much resource and looking at so many pictures Salama does great job if you already are on a thicker side if you have nice hips or thick legs you will look amazing ! I have narrow hips and skinny legs ! If he does lipo on my belly I will look so shapeless and he doesn't do hips he does illusion of hips! I need hips I want serious hourglass I am changing doctors !

Current picture with a 12 pounds weigh gain

I need this , skinny with hips

Before. Pic


Surgery simulator / wish look

Love this iPhone app ...

Surgery simulator

Weigh gain update

I have been eating everything and it feels good ! Gained 12 pounds but it just seems like it is not enough ! My husband likes me like this , little heavier ! Nancy said indeed 8 more pounds !

Wish pic

Dr struggle

Gaining weight has been an easy part ! I just wanna get this over with and have my sx as so as possible ! I am booked with Salama but I feel so scared! I don't feel confident to go with him ! All these girls are getting revisions , sermons , burns! My god it scares me I am doing this only once! Just recently girl got really bad burns ! I understand that as we sigh up for this we are taking risks but , what I think is important that person should feel comfortable with a doctor she goes with ! I am thinking of DR . Schulman ! He is in New York ! Very smart and caring ! Delivers results! Closer to home ! I am still looking into his patients waiting for that vaooo !!! Lol keep you guys posted ...



Schulman doll ... Love this



Need this surgery ASAP

I gained over. 15 pounds and summer is coming I feel so fat . Can't even find clothes that looks good. ! I missy my skinny body , can't believe 2 months ago I was in shape. ! I hope that this is all worth it and at the end I will be happy with my rests. ! I really hope so ! This whole experience is getting hard. !


I am on a diet ! Gained enough weight but my surgery is in 6 months lol. ! Planing to lose 5 pounds so I look decent During the summer! Love seeing Salamas results every time they look amazing that tiny waist and nice bubble ! This month I seen some amazing results on skinny girls !


Girls do you know anything about Campos? How do I check for malpractice and his work ? Does anyone knows about his work .. Greatly appreciated !




Campos or salama ?

Need hourglass with projection ! How safe in Mexico for surgery ? Is campos record clean ! Who is safer . I am afraid of burns with salama but don't like going to Mexico as well! Any suggestions thank you all

Wish so sexy


More wish ( these girls look soo hot. )

Going with Salama

Going with salama ! November is my month !

Getting ready

Ok so today I went to a local store to see done fajas and other shapers ! These were made in Columbia and they look nice . I paid 99 dollars for fajas vaist clincher in size medium ! I could barly close this one ! I am 31 inches now , before weigh gain I was 27. I have no idea what size to get for after bbl . Well I got this one and took some pictures in fitting room. . I could barly close this but I did it with a help of. Salesperson . I did buy only waist clincher .

Weigh gain

I hate my upper back upper arms fat ! I need to make sure salama sucks this fat out. ! I like skinny mini upper body

Surgery in 4 weeks

I am freaking out . Nancy gave me opening in 4 weeks. What do I need??? Anyone have a list?? Please if you know anyone text me

Almost there

My surgery in 3 weeks! I am so excited ! I will tell him to go big or I will go home ... Hehehe . Want 1500 cc I hope he can fit that ! I gained 17 pounds for this sx so he better find that fat! I am 5 8 150 pounds. I am not gaining any more! So happy fir my new body ! I pray everything goes well .

Ultimate wish picture

I will print this out for salama


As if right now my surgery isnext week don't she me how , I had this whole drama with recovery house and space available . Indeed to change my flights . Only problem is I got my period and I gave been bleeding heavy for 6 days now . I had a misscariege lady month . I feel a little week . I am not sure if I will be able to do this next week... I need to see if my period is going to stop , it looks like it doesn't wanna stop it is really heavy . I am taking iron and vitamin c ...


I need to be in Florida on Monday my sx is on Tuesday ! I am still have my period already 7 days and it is so heavy ! I don't know what to do who to call ! Should I just wait for it to finish , should I give it 2 more days to see ? I am so confused now ! I didn't even get my stuff ready ! I need to buy supplys for my one year old my hubby will be taking care of baby . I need to do all preparations ! Here are my pre op pictures

3 more days

Omg I woke up and somehow I lost 4 pounds ! I am stuffing my face with pinna butter it is 200 calories per spoon .. Lol getting ready slowly ! Cleaning house and getting supplies for my husband ( he will be home taking care of baby ) ! Wish me luck !!! Soon I will be a new person ! Omg can wait to have those curves I always wanted I hope I will get them

In Florida tomorrow is life changing day

I am here girls. I feel so emotional I just left my baby girl home in ny! I lost 4 pounds this week due to stress so now eating everything in sight ! Joustin is waiting for me going to office then recovery house !

I did it

Salama is so nice and sweet . Whole salama team work so good together. I came here alone and they made me feel comfortable and like home. Nancy is a sweethart . Love them


Chin lipo

I forgot to add chin lipo, salama was so nice he made time to do another sx for me just for chin lipo ! He is so profesional and kind !


It is my 2 day . I am at recovery house by myself all the girls left so it is not so exciting as it was when everyone was here . I feel week ! I have been running 99.8-100 temperature ! Is this normal have anyone has this issue ! I walk and eat a lot . I went to bathroom 3 times tiday to do no 2 . My sister is working perfectly fine ! I just get week really fast ! I am thinking to do chin lipo on Tuesday I am just afraid to go under again ! I can't believe I forgot to tell him to lipo my chin ! My butt looks big in person it fits my body . I hope it doesn't go down I just want it to settle course it is high ! My waist is swollen and I have lipo foams there so it looks big . Can wait for it to go down so my shape will look even better .

3 day

I had my first massage ! I took 2 painkillers and was taking deep breaths ! It was ok ! I was more scared than actually painful. They gave me an new garment , I am starting to see a new shape . My butt is getting bigger and it starting to drop ! I like what I see! I think I got around 1100-1200 cc ! I need to check on Monday !

Trying on a dress

I am skinny with a big booty .

First dress up

6 days post op

My butt is getting bigger day by day ! I still gave many black blues and fluid build up in my waist .


I am so happy with results , I still can't believe this is my body . Pictures don't do it any justice ! I wore a long dress today and felt like never before . Attention is crazy . I am sending my hubby pictures he can't believe it . Salama gives a sexy Latina shape . I love it . I am not a Latina but I love this shape .. Hehehehehe

Going home

I was supposed to fly 2 days ago but due to a wether my flight has been canceled for 2 days . Let me tell you I am feeling so much better almost back to normal . It has been 11 days since my surgery ! My waist is keep srinking , my shape is great , I wish I have more hips but this is ok for now. ! I have been staying at a hotel and walking outside on beach during day . People give me compliments on my looks ! Maybe is becose of my butt maybe not ! I pray that my butt doesn't shrink ! Please please don't string ! Lol .. Recent picture below no garmet on ! So happy ! I am going home tomorrow !

New shape

What you guys think

3 weeks post op

I have been feeling back to normal . Only thing is my flanks are swollen my belly has watter retention . Ladies watch what you eat after sx . So you don't swollen . My butt started to drop . My hubby is all over me . I wear waist chincher on top of my garmet . This shapers do wonders for my body ! They give you that Jessica rabbit shape ! I wish I look like that without them .. Lol , my hubby loves it . I walk around the house in a tight clothes with this shapers ... My shape looks amazing . I haven't told anyone about my surgery . I sent my mom a picture in a dress and my parents asked me right away how come my butt looks 3 times bigger , they were upset assuming I did smth . I didn't wanna say the truth so I lied I photoshopped it . They live in Europe so I won't see them till next year ..lol . Here are couple of pictures . I love my new shape . I would do round 2 in future to perfect my hips even more . Sometimes I get upset that I didnt get bigger rounder hips but I know I didn't have much fat to begin with . I am a tall skinny girl.

One month post op

Words can't describe how grateful I am to DR. Salama ! Today I tried on some jeans and I got tears of joy ! He is so talented and knows woman's curves . My recovery is going great . I feel great .., I do everything except sit , exercise and no sex ... Lol ...

Befire shape/ after shape

Before shape / after shape ... I am still swollen on my flanks


Some pictures


Almost 6 weeks

I am feeling great , my booty has dropped and fluffed. Can wait to get to gym to make it firm and toned up. Everything is going well!

Almost healed

I am so happy with my rezults ! I went into surgery thinking I will just have a bigger butt not 2 much of a difference and I can hide it ! Ladies there is no way people won't notice ! They will notice from the front and side and back ... Lol I was skinny and tall and didn't have much fat to begin with ! Dr salama found 1200 cc and he transformed my body ! When my hubby saw me he couldn't believe his eyes ! Lol ...I look like a different woman ! It still takes time to get used to a new look ! my whole body looks different and I feel different internally as well ! I had to update again becouse I am so happy ... Hehehe ... It is my birthday coming up and I will be sitting first time and go out and party... good luck to everyone .. Love Salama

One more pic .


Hi girls ... As times is going by my body changes and looks better z swelling is going down booty has dropped ... Beyond happy !!! Still get swollen at night but I wear my garment foams waist clincher... Thank you salama !!!


I have noticed my hips are getting smaller , it is painful to see that happen ! Thinking of getting them filled in more . Also my skin in bit contracting as I would like on my belly ! Any advice about skin care ? How long do we need to wear foams for !'v I am 6 weeks . I didn't sit yet ! Can wait to work out already and get toned ! I need my hair done and my nails. My poor hubby ... And this garment , this revert is taking so long can wait to get back to normal . I am feeling great it is just that I can't sit ! It messes up your whole life... Here are some pictures ...

Discoloration on butt

Any of you know how long my butt will have discolorations. I am very light skinned and I still have dark pigment on my butt...

7 weeks

I will be 7 weeks tomorrow . Doctor said I can sit but I refuse to sit .. I am so afraid I will loose this fat .. Lol my butt dropped . It feels heavy ! I can't run up the stairs it feels like I need a butt bra ! Lol I was thinking to buy a butt in garment because I like the way it shapes body and it gives me a better lift than this butt out . however I am not sure if it will compress my fat cells . Any of you ladies have this butt in garment and when it is safe to wear it ? Wishing you all good luck !


Just having fun


Had my massage today . Massage Terapist told me I am healing beautifully no scar tissue at all . Little swelling not much . My life is getting back to normal . I drove first time today !!! I sat first time ! I was so happy !!! I am 7 weeks !feeling blessed !

Dressing up


Hi girlies , wanna wishes everyone luck with future surgery ! I am 3 months post op . I feel great . I still wear my garment. My body has changed a lot . People ask me about my butt ! They say it is nice , and perfect ! My friends ask what did I do to my body . They mostly say I lost weight ! Everyone expect me to say the truth and be honest about my surgery !
However I think this is a personal choice and everyone should respect that ! My friends talk behinds back about body and it had started to bother me ! It hurts when I feel hate and jealousy ! Why can people just respect ones privacy !


I am almost 7 months post op ! I am very happy with my rezults ! I haven't lost any fat . My weight fluctuates. Once I gain weight it goes to my butt. People notice my butt looks good and I get compliments . Dr. Salama is the best. I would choose him again as my surgent.
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