Better Late Than Never!! It is So About Time!!! 44 Year Old Looking Not to Hide This Body Anymore!!! - Sarasota, FL

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Ok so Ive been playing with this flap on my...

Ok so Ive been playing with this flap on my stomach for 23 years...LOL... My husband and son are quite disgusted by me shaking at them on a regular basis.
I guess I try to make it funny when deep inside it bothers me so much. Ive been working out for 19 years on a consistent basis. Im 5'9'' 163lbs right now. I wear a 6-10 depending on what it is. I hold my weight well and am lucky enough to be proportioned. However Ive never been comfortable in a 2 piece since my oldest was born 23 years ago. I ended up with stretch marks and a lot of loose skin on my belly. Ive never had the money to get it fixed in the past but always had it in the back of my mind. For the past 5 years Ive thought about it but have looked at the scar from a TT and wondered whats better? stretch marks and loose skin or a huge nasty scar and a flat belly? I have thought about it atleast a million times and asked my husband what he thinks looks better. He never really gave me a good answer. Sometimes I think it's because he didn't want to have to shell out the cash for it. But after talking about it for so long and really working out and eating right for so long, 19 years, I finally wore him down.
It really does make me sick to work so hard and never see the results you want. Its depressing. Then some bimbo you know with perfect skin works out for a month and gets a 12 pack? WTF??
It really had me almost giving up on trying anymore....But I will never give up!!! hahaha. well I do but I always manage to get back up again after I hate everybody and everything.
I had a c section so Im thinking this will be comparable. I am still freaking terrified but guess Im gonna be brave like all these other ladies are on here. Reading the detailed post on real self have really given me the strength and determination to this. Even my 23 year old daughter was like "shut up and do it, you've been talking about it forever"
But they will be sad when I cant chase them around anymore with all the belly faces I can still make with this old thing. LOL!!
I am getting my implants switched out as well. I have 680cc saline overs that Im looking to switch with 800cc silicone. Im currently about a 34dd. I have had these for 10 years now. They've been good but I do have rippling in one breast and figured I should switch them while Im going under again and get a discount for a multi procedure. I would like more cleavage and upper pole volume. Not sure if that's possible?? But I really don't want to go larger than 800cc because I don't want them hanging to my knees. I heard silicone is lighter?? Not really sure at this point if there will be a big difference between 680 and 800 but because of the rippling and age I will trade up a little. my doctor says I don't need a lift yet. Thank god.
Im still having a hard time justifying the money I will be spending but I think if I don't I will regret it more.
Im usually a terribly private person but am trying to branch out more and get more support. Seems so far the 2 people that I have told seem jealous. Theres so many haters!!!!
My pre-op is in 2 weeks. Im starting to shop for supplies. SSSCREEAMMM!!
Thanks for all the post on here. Ive put this off and wasn't gonna write a review but I just appreciate everyone else being so forth coming with their experiences that I felt obligated do the same.
I will post more pics later. Im terrible at selfies!!!!

More before pics.

15 days to my preop!!!!

Went to me preo

Had a pretty good idea of what to expect for this so signing my life away to the fact that this may end up not good didn't even make me flinch. I understand that they need to cover themselves and they really do have no idea of how your body will react etc.
I was confident that I would pass all test blood work and office ekg no problem. I eat clean and mostly organic and workout at least 4-5 times a week.
However!!!!!!! Didn't pass my office ekg and now have to have additional ekg testing. Had a bit of a meltdown. My mother and father died when I was young so immediately I start thinking the worst. Really had a terrible day after that. I wanted it to be a happy and exciting day but I ended up worrying myself sick for the rest of the day.
After praying and readjusting my thinking I realized things will be fine either way. I really don't feel I have any heart problems so I'm sure things will be fine. The worst that could happen is I couldn't be cleared and not have the surgery. If that did happen I won't sweat it. So many people have serious problems that I feel lucky to be able to do this anyway and I will be just fine just the way I am.
I mean as long as I'm not dying of heart issues.!!!
So I have another ekg scheduled for next week which the Drs office set up for me since I will be a cash patient. They are awesome so far by the way. I swear every time tells me to relax and breathe easy it has the opposite effect. I immediately tense up and become terribly aware of my every breath. That's probably what screwed up the test. At least I'm hoping. Next week I will get it done and hopefully things will be fine.
On the positive note the dr said she could successfully remove up to 90% of my stretch marks and what doesn't get removed can be lasered after surgery. I was so excited!!!!!
I've never known adult life without this flap and my stretchies. I swear I won't even know how to act without them. But I dang sure want to find out????????????
Anyhoo guess I'll be just hear stressing like crazy til I get this freaking ekg done and outa my hair and hopefully find out that I won't be dead by next year.
Just tell the nerves to make my heart calm down!!!!!

Waiting to get the clearance!!!!!!!

Im 2 weeks out today and just waiting for the clearance. Still scared as hell. I don't really think of the results too much yet because I know I have this terrible hurdle of pain to go thru first. Plus im disappointed because I didn't lose weight in December. I didn't gain any but its so hard to lose weight in December. You really have to be 100% dedicated to it and I just haven't been. My emotions are all over the place and Ive been crazy busy at work and with other stuff. I knew that going in it would be tough to lose weight this time of year but wanted to be able to spend the cold months recovering so I could emerge in the summer with a new body.
It has been sobering to see naked pictures of myself too. Didn't realize one of my boobs looked square LOL. Don't know whats up with that. great!!! spongebob squareboob!!!
Got a wedge pillow so far and vitamins for recovery but nothing else. I plan on looking for a walker at a thrift store when I can and buying a moo moo to wear day of surgery. My PS is supplying bra and compression garments. Is there anything else you think is a must have for recovery?

Got my clearance. guess its gonna start getting real real

Feeling more excited that im finally clear to do this. Ive spent my whole adult life with this flabby tummy even though I work out very hard and eat healthy. I think Im gonna cry when its gone. I know this is really dumb but so many mornings I wake up and look in the mirror hoping my tummy will be flat and tight after a blistering workout the night before only to be disappointed again. Just to think Im gonna wake up on January 11 and that flab wont be there. 24 years later OMG!!!...................Good for you if you needed a tummy tuck and are able to get it while you are still young.

One week to go and I'm getting nervous

Feeling really anxious. If I tell my husband he just says we can call it off. Thanks. I know he meant to say you will be fine there's nothing to worry about. There's no way I'm calling it off dear!!!!!! ????
Reading the tummy tuck survival on here really calmed my nerves. I may have to read it every night to calm myself. My ps prescribed me lorezapam for anxiety but I'm scared to take them. I will when I get desperate I guess. Probably the night before. Just pissed because I emotionally overeat when I feel like this and that makes me feel worse. Just working on my supply list when I can. Was told to get one of those zippy granny gowns for surgery. Man they are hideous. My quest to find a cute one continues....
Did order a reacher tool from Walgreens for picking up stuff far away or on the ground. Made sense to me. I don't really want to buy a bunch of crap I don't need and will never use again. However just trying to sort thru what I will really need. On the fence about a walker. My house isn't that big and I pretty much plan on being home for at least 2 weeks. Bought a wedge pillow. I thought about buying a neck pillow but I find them not comfortable at all. I have tons of bed pillows so I'm hoping that'll be enough to keep me comfy. I'm sure I'm over thinking things. I know the build up in your mind sometimes can Make things worse which I normally do. i know I need to visualize results and quit worrying about the actual surgery????

tomorrow is the day.............

Ive been so busy its not even funny. Was hoping to knuckle down and concentrate on myself as far as eating and exercising hard and also preparing for surgery really well. Well-- that didn't happen. Not a minute to myself. Ive been reluctant to give details because I don't want anyone I know figuring out who I am because it would be embarrassing for me to have them see my naked photos.
Anyways after lots of emotions up and down, I feel good today. I did cry a few times the past week in anxious moments but I know I want this and that's keeping me calm today. Im not backing down that's for sure. I know Its going to be extremely painful and a long recovery but I have to go thru this to get the results. Im not going to be cocky by no means but Im so ready for a tummy I don't have to tuck in my jeans. I know it'll give me renewed determination in the gym after because I will be able to see the work in. Ill finally not have to be embarrassed to show my tummy and that's so liberating. Really excited. Just hoping for that low thin scar.
Wearing small hip hugger underwear tomorrow to make sure my ps knows how low I want that scar. I want a hooded belly button also. What I have now. feel that looks natural.
Not sure what to expect with the silicone 800cc. Theyre not much bigger but hoping for more natural feeling than these saline. My ps is supposed to do side sutures for more cleavage. Hope that goes well.
Got my basket of medicines, vitamins, and arnica gel ready to go. Took my mattress pad off the bed and put it on the recliner on someones recommendation on r.s. Seems like a good idea. seems pretty comfy. Got my mumu ready to go. Leaving at 6am. House clean. Bills paid. Im really hoping this wont be a horrible experience. It'll be worth it in the long run:) Thanks to all the ladies who posted reviews. It really helps!!

Almost here

on my way in. Feeling excited that all this forethought,emotions, anxiety, planning are all coming to fruition. Just excited to get it over with.

Wowzers!!! I'm on the flat side now but haven't gotten a peak yet

The surgery went well. I've had no nausea. But getting out of the car and walking into my house was really rough. I'm 3 days post up and feeling a little better today. I have to go in today for my checkup and I'm seriously scared of what pain that will bring. I'm so bent over when I standup. Dying to see what's under this mumu. I would say I have a high pain tolerance but oh mama this pain is no joke. Only hurts when I move though. My vagina is swollen especially my lips. Can't see then but they feel really weird and it doesn't hurt. Anyone else have that? I'm gonna try and get pictures today. Hopefully they will unwrap me when I go in.

First pic post up day 3

rough day. I know things will get better

Today I'm 9 days post op????

Well... That was a week in hell....
I never updated because I was in so much pain. My emotions were all over the place as well. P.O. Day 6 was the worst for me because I really thought I would feel better by then and I wasn't. So many people on RS that I read about were always feeling better by then and I wasn't, plus after that many days of feeling so much pain I was just frustrated and worn out. Plus I stopped my meds and developed a temperature. I was convinced that I butchered myself for vanity and that I was getting an infection or necrosis because of my fever. I was feeling like why the hell did I do this to myself and cried a few times.
Well I continued my meds and broke the fever and was able to sleep in my bed for the first time in a week. I slept on a wedge pillow and put pillows all around and two under my knees. Never slept all night on my back before but I did and it was heaven. My husband set his alarm to wake up and give me meds but other than that slept all night. When I woke up in the morning my swelling was down and I felt better. Even though I would get up to walk every hour or two days before it seemed like all that fluid was just collecting in my stomach,hips and legs from being in the recliner in the same position all week. Plus not being able to stand erect and see my results, I was just stuck in the pain mode and not thinking results. But that post op day 7 for me is when I started feeling a little better. It was if the clouds had parted and I could finally see the sun.
Post op day 8, even though I was feeling better I was still really hunched over. Couldn't walk without my walker. Had my 2nd po dr visit. Got my drains out and was put into my new scuba suit with a pee hole!!
I felt instantly better getting rid of those drains. Was even able to stop and a get a bite to eat at a small restaurant on the way home. Walked in and out without my walker. But pretty much collapsed by the time I got home.
Today I'm post op day 9 and feel like I'm on the road to recovery. I'm feeling happy about my decision to do this and sort of surreal because I finally did it after thinking about it for so long. I'm thinking that you really need to be 100% about your decision to do this because it is such a tough recovery and it will take time and you need to be mentally prepared to be out of the game for a while. It's just part of the process that you won't get around. And also while it is awesome to be able to read reviews and see what others went thru just remember that everyone is different and will react differently. For instance I was scared to get my drains out because I have read several scary reviews about that but it was no big deal for me.
Home alone today for the second time and feeling like I'll be able to shower by myself and even make a simple dinner.
Still feeling a little frustrated about what to tell people when they invite me to do something with them and I can't. I really feel like I owe them no explanation but I don't want to lie either!!!
Still can't get any good selfies in this bent over state. Will post when I can get a decent pic.

PO day 10

All my good intentions for the day yesterday did not come to fruition. Couldn't stand long enough to make dinner. I still felt bent over and defeated by bed time.
I did however walk most places yesterday without my walker which is progress!! I never thought walking bent over would bother me so much but it is a real pain in the ass besides looking like ygor. Did I tell you it absolutely kills your back? My stomach still is so tight and I'm so drawn over that I'm wondering how long will this take for the skin to stretch? And...
My stomach is still mostly numb which is really awkward feeling. No complaints. Just wierd. I stopped taking all meds and I have no pain other than that tight feeling and my back. If I make a fast move it does feel like the edges of my incision are tearing. But that's it.
I'm really happy with how low my incision is and these silicone boobies are awesome. Really soft.
I really like my dr and all her staff as well. Love it that they're all women and most have had procedures. They're very punctual on appointment times as well as call backs.
Starting this day feeling pretty good. I put my ikea plastic stool in the shower and had a seated shower and was able to shave and wash my hair. Dinner is going in the crock pot and today is the first day I've sat outside in 2 weeks. It is feeling sunny and cool and windy in Florida!! And did I tell you that January is an awesome month for surgery. Plenty of time to be healed for the summer.????????????????????

post op day 10 selfie pics

still not up straight. 800cc silicone

Po day 12

Yesterday was pretty tough still. Can't stand up straight and the strain on my back is burning painful standing more than 2 minutes at a time. Took meds to sleep last night just to get a good night sleep and it worked. I definitely do better when I'm rested.
Tried on pair of low rise hipster underwear for the first time yesterday and it hid everything. That made me feel so great. Imagining all the new possibilities for clothes and swimsuits that opens????
Did a lot of review reading on RS and it seems like it's totally normal to be hunched over for up to a month. That means could be 2 more weeks of this bs.
I'm not keep complaining because I'm loving my results so far.
Stoked to get out of the house today. Just for a long ride. But I'm desperate to be part of the world today. Yay!!

2 weeks postoperative

Everything is going great!! Getting really excited to be well again!! The worst is over????
Some helpful things you might want to know...
1. Couldn't sleep in my bed without my wedge pillow and a lot of extra still hurts and pulls too bad to lay flat. It was like 30 or 40$ on Amazon.
2. Try to schedule your tummy tuck when you won't be on your period. Couldn't imagine dealing with that on top of all the other issues from a tummy tuck.
3. Take all the help that's offered. I hate asking for help but you will need it. You will need someone with you first week.
4. This is worst than a c section. Due to lipo and muscle repair. More pain. ...I'm finding out that I can use my stomach muscles more than I did with my csection though. They were totally gone with the csection due to the fact of the incision cutting thru all muscle and tissue. I'm already pulling myself up with my stomach muscles 2 weeks out and that's a good sign.
5. Didn't want to buy a bunch of stuff I didn't need but I definitely needed the walker for first 2 weeks.
6. If you get breast implants... My ps recommends Victoria secret knockout bra afterwards and I agree. A great supportive comfortable bra without underwire digging into your incision. Sizing is tricky. I usually wear 34 band but wear 36 in this. You really need great support to hold your boobs in place and this works great for me.
7. After years of debating whether I'd rather have a loose belly with stretch marks or go thru a tummy tuck and have a huge scar.... I'd definitely go with the tummy tuck and scar. Even though I've done nothing but lay around last 2 weeks I feel so much skinnier and will have so much more clothing options than with the bigger belly. It's so much tighter that I'm dying to be able to go for a run without my stomach not moving around. No judgement to any girls who opt to keep the natural belly but for me I have no regrets even at 2 weeks out.
8. I feel finally able to work again at a desk sitting mostly. If you have an active job you may want to seriously consider more time off.
9. the compression garment is your frenemy. ????
10. I'm thrilled with my results so far. If you have an opportunity to do this go for it. And if your debating on breast augmentation size always go bigger. Majority of girls I know wish they would've went with the bigger size if they were debating sizes.
11. In the end if I can't live with this scar. I will laser it or get a tattoo over it.

5 months out feeling great

I'm 5 months out and feeling 90%. My tummy is still tight and numb but feeling better all the time. I love the 800 silicones compared to the 680 salines. Feeling squishy and great instead of hard and wierd. My surgeon also brought them a little closer together and put a few sutures on the side. I absolutely love them and so does my husband. It feels great to get rid of the mom belly at 44 years old. I've had that skin for my whole adult life and it is wonderful to be rid of the jiggley belly and stretch marks. My belly button has a scar around it but I'm hoping it'll get better. Been wearing metipac silicone tape I got off of amazon and it really is working very well. I'm really happy with my results and I feel lucky to have had the surgery. I know it's a large expense but I feel it was 100% worth it. I know I'm terrible at selfies and I have no help. Here's the best I could come up with. I'm currently 34ddd or bigger size 6/8

She was great at the consultation. Answered my questions and was very attentive. Looking forward to my pre-op!!

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