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I called this office on Wednesday requesting...

I called this office on Wednesday requesting information on going about getting a tummy tuck. I spoke to a lady by the name of Cynthia Perez, she informed me that I wouldn't have to take a picture and send it to the office, and have the doctor look at it and when they look at it they won't reach out to me and let me know if I will be candidate are what will be the next step to take. So I was so excited and I took all these pictures and I sent it to them that same day she told me that she got them and that she was going to have a doctor to review them so she emails me back and says the doctor has looked at your pictures and we want you to call the office so we can tell you his opinion please give us a call today that was Thursday. So I called and asked to speak with Cynthia they said that she was busy with the client and she would call me back I never heard back from her to make a long story short every time I was calling I truly felt like everyone in the office was making excuses why she could not get to the phone. It's really hurt me so bad because ,I'm thinking in my mind was my pictures so Darn ugly that they just didn't want to tell me straight up .She never called me she never called back I have been getting the runaround from Wednesday to Friday right now there is this receptionist by the name of Rachel who kept putting me on hold and never coming back so I had to hang up and recall I feel like maybe im just way to fat for them to help me. I know that this is extremely busy extremely professional and his craft very well-known doctor but why isn't any One going to at least tell me what the doctor said does it have to be Cynthia could it be anybody. I spent two years obsessing over this doctor building up on the funds to have this procedure done and now I'm finally ready and everyone disappears. It truly broke my heart and now I just don't think even if they ever did call me back I would move forward because you have to build trust in a situation like this this is our body that we're altering as they trust us we must also trust them. So I don't know where to go who's going to take a chance on me .I feel like the fattest ugliest monster in the world right now.

Still the very best in Florida I will recommend anyone.

After speaking with the wonderful lady on the side I realize that I allowed my motions to take place I feel awful and bad I would like to take at my frustration and work toward having that body and I've been trying to work hard on getting.
Still the very best in Florida I will recommend anyone.

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