Ultra Jessner Chemical Peel is Good but Do Not Do Microdermabrasion Prior - Florida, FL

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I am an expert in chemical peels , have been doing...

I am an expert in chemical peels , have been doing it often this past year to achieve an even tone, which I am very close in getting, last year I had those deep acne scars and dark spots, now I am doing the peels a lot more superficial a single layer and spread out few months apart
Luckily I can do my own as I am a skin specialist

Well , this review is to speak about my recent experience
The last 2 peels had gone bad, the one before this I had it done at the Spa cause my microdermabrasion machine was out for service, so I had to do my peels as scheduled, plus I've gone there for years, and is much better when another person does it for you.
I've noticed that there's an area where the micro might of irritated and once the peels was applied it burned, I didn't make much of it cause it wasn't too bad then , but after the peeling was completed 10 days later that area was pink in color which is much LIGHER than my natural tone
Now as I also did the micro before the peel, same thing is happening but much worse cause it is a bigger burn and worse cause is under the eye.
Also there's a slight scratch by my cheek which seems typical of when the diamond brushed the skin and once the peel was applied it also slightly burned it,luckily very superficial
My theory is that I've noticed how good the peels results are when applied without the micro, vs with the micro the skin is bare, I will not perform a peel ever again if the face was already undergo a micro, I will wait a week apart.
If you think about it, makes perfect sense, the micro exfoliates the first layers which by nature peels of some of the skin, some of it can be row, if you apply a chemical to an irritated skin it will burn. But when the skin is healthy the peels have less chances of burning and do its job how is suppose to be.
I have not been able to get the tiny area back to my Normal skin tone ever since that peel I did at the spa which is about 5 months ago. This second time I just did it July 10
I am praying won't go as bad as then.
I started to see the skin coming off and underneath is looking a lot lighter than usual which worries me that it also turns into that light pink color it did last time
I will keep posting pics and new comments but my main interest is let you know to be careful with the microdermabrasion before applying a chemical peel

Microdermabrasion before chemical peeling can be too harsh and cause burns

Because the skin is bare after a microdermabrasion the chemicals can be harsh in the skin and cause some spots burns, it happened to me in my peel few months before this last one on July 10th and in both cases I got few spots where it did burned, luckily it was superficial and it only discolored a small spot in that sensitive area under the eye, hopefully that pink color will go back to my normal skin tone and won't darken as it did before, it remains pink for couple of months then slowly turned darker, months later I am still trying to get it normal, now this last spots looks a bit more superficial it may go back to its natural color faster
No micro or exfoliating before a chemical peel, that is my opinion, ironically it's not same that most people share , when you go to a Spa it's a common practice to do a microdermabrasion before the peel, I believe it is risky

Here's more photos of the area, the skin is mostly peeled off by today

I am a real self who wants to transmit my own experiences

Luckily the burns were very superficial and the discoloration is not too deep, with enough sun protection will be able to keep it from darkening. Right now is slighter lighter than my natural skin tone.
I am posting this comments based on my personal experience and also some other comments I've heard from few other people saying that microdermabrasion can cause some Minos abrasions and naturally when a chemical of this strength is applied is only normal that it will penetrate a lot deeper and can cause Minos (in my case luckily )or in some cases deep burns
I am not here to open an argument with doctors nurses etc I have no interest in getting into a debate with anyone in this forum specially when it comes to my face for which I've been fighting hard against the unfortunate effects of adult acne, I've learned in how to control it and clear it same as getting rid of acne scars that is why I called myself an expert in this matter, not sayng I am a doctor, so please save any comments mal intended, I have o interest in listening to anyone who hasn't gone through a personal experience like I have, you can perform micro, peels, laser you name it but there's always the chance of something's going wrong. Lucky those practitioners whom can say none of this has the wrong, there's always the chance and will always be that particular person who wouldn't be a good candidate.
I go to a professional establishment rated top of the line, we know what we are doing same as myself therefore any negative comments are absoltlyt not necessary nor welcome
Use common sense and think microdermabrasion causes abrasions to the skin, exfoliates , peels ,brings a bare skin to surface , a chemical peel BURNS simple as 123
There's aalways a risk in every single one of this chemicals but I am not implying here not to do it, I made a sanse comment, just be careful
It's obvious that two procedures will cost more than a single one but I say play safe and charge it as a package and have them come a week later once the micro has settled
No debates for me please I will not entertain and will report it, this is a site to help the community by speaking about our own experiences, not brag about a tittle. Save those to your competitors, I am not here soliciting any clients therefore I represent not competition to anyone.
I am a real consumer with personal experiences one who can speak for myself transmit the community what has worked for me or not, who openly post real moments real pics real self.

Ipad typos, not me lol

Please forgive the typos, I have an ipad with a mind of her own, she changes words as she pleases,lol
I clearly stated this so I won't find anyone sending me grammar corrections as I noticed there's people here more concerned in making negative remarks than actual providing the community with helpful advises
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