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After several years of research and completing my...

After several years of research and completing my degree I've decided to reward myself with a BBL in Miami with Dr. Pane of Straxx Rejuvenation. I've had 2 children, both c-section and a tubal. I've never had a butt and believe this is a sufficient gift to myself! The Straxx Family was very nice and attentive. Although the doctor was a bit behind schedule, as expected with most doctors, he was very friendly and informative. I felt very welcomed and not just a number. I was able to get in on a special deal and am looking forward to surgery. In the meantime, any advice you can offer as I prepare is greatly appreciated.

Less Than 1 month pre op!

The countdown begins. I've completed my blood work and compiled a list of things to order on Amazon based on the list provided in an earlier message. Later, I realized it may be easier just to purchase a heavy duty first aid kit.... like the kind EMTs use. Once everything comes in, I'll compare and share.

I made it!

Day one after surgery and I'm feeling pretty good. The pain is much like that of a c section or tubal but from my bum.... Not too bad and definitely tolerable with medication. I can already see the difference in my dresses and although I'm swollen I'd be just as happy with 70% of the results.

Dr Pane's bedside manner is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Understandably, my blood pressure was slightly elevated. When he came in my nerves eased and I was READY! He was so nice and descriptive in every mark he put on my body. He took his time to explain and confirmed my hopes and expectations. He is truely an exceptional professional. My lifelong plastic surgeon!

Can I tell you about how wonderful the nurses, especially Nurse Linda, are at BROWARD SURGERY CENTER?! It's reassuring to see coworkers treat each other like family. They were informative and gentle. I don't think I ever laughed so much before a surgery. After surgery was swift and pleasant. I didn't feel too groggy nor did I feel disoriented or nauseous because my anesthesiologist, Jeff, was the bomb! This was really a top notch bunch of people! Everyone from Strax (Paoula, the cardiologist, daniella, jeff, javier) to the surgery center (jeff, LINDA, Lea with planets foot, the lady in the minions hat, the nurses who wheeled me into the surgery center, helped me into the bed, got me dressed and even Mario who wheeled me out to my car were all A+ providers. I am truely grateful for their calming and helpful, non judgemental demeanors. I'll remember them forever!

Lots of drainage the first night. DO NOT FORGET THE SHOWER CURTAINS TO LAY OUT IN THE BED. .. GET LIKE 5 FROM THE DOLLAR TREE. I was starving and cold. I wished I remember a blanket. My breakfast the next morning tasted like the best thing I've ever eaten in my entire life.
I look forward to seeing my progress and providing photos over the next few weeks.

Day 3 post op

I'm moving, drinking lots of water! My body feels like it's about to explode. I have pain in places I didn't know were part of the surgery. I'm super tired but doing well!

about this feeling like csection recovery. ..

Soooo, sure this feels like c-section recovery if you had 87 mini c-sections all over your belly. Feels more like a ripping of flesh that was almost done healing. It's painful but I'll live! Please disregard my previous post.
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