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Hello:) I'm 41 years old and I recently found this...

Hello:) I'm 41 years old and I recently found this site while researching breast implant removal without replacement and I'm so glad I did.

3 years ago I decided to get a BA/lift because I was unhappy not so much with the size but mostly because they were saggy. I wanted a full C to a small D cup but my doctor ended up using a smaller implant (he didnt want to risk going too big because of the lift) so after a year he replaced them for me and this time they were much bigger.

At first I liked them but then once the novelty wore off I realized I made a mistake. They are heavy and make me look top heavy. They are also very uncomfortable when i work out or lift weights. It took me a while to let my husband know how I was feeling because I knew he loved them but he actually was very supportive and said it was my boobs...my decision.

I have a consultation scheduled on Oct 4th with the doctor who did my initial surgery to discuss removal. I'm nervous about it. He did a great job with my surgery..they look great but I hate how they feel. Its like i cant be my authentic self with these huge boobs and I can't wait to feel like myself again.

I'm considering doing it under local anesthetic but I'm not sure if my doctor will do it that way. It should be a pretty easy removal since they haven't been in all that long. I'm hoping having had the lift before hand helps the overall appearance of my breasts after the removal. I see a lot of info about having the lift during the removal but I'm wondering if anyone here has had a lift prior and how that factored in? I'm really not too concerned either way since I'd rather be small, soft and a bit saggy than have these big hard balls on my chest.

I will report back after my consultation:)

looking for support

I am looking to explant without any more surgeries..lifts...fat replacement etc. I have large implants but I had a full lift 3 years ago so I'm thinking they should look ok after the explant but when I posed the question the doctors all said yes I would likely need a lift.....confused as I'm not saggy at all now I would think given enough time my skin should tighten no?

a few quick pics...

This is what I currently look like. I've had a BA plus a lift a few years ago..these are DD's. I wanna say they are in the 650 cc range..I actually don't remember the exact number and I can't find my card.

Explant scheduled....

I had a great consult with my doctor yesterday. He was very understanding and said that he would gladly remove them for me. I'm scheduled for October 30th and he's doing it under local anesthetic taking a xanax 30 minutes prior...and said it shouldn't take more than 30 minutes. I'm a little nervous but he assured me it's a very easy procedure. I wont have drains just compression and he said I will be a little sore but nothing major. The cost is about $650 which I'm thrilled about!!!!

Sizing advice on the Champion zip front bra...

I just purchased 2 of these bras from Amazon to wear for compression after my explant. Most if the reviewers said they run small. Right now I would probably be an XL(I am a 36/38 DD) so I went down a size and ordered the L but I'm wondering if I shouldve went with the medium. .I don't want it too tight either. Those who own this.. what has been your experience with sizing?


I know that I'm making the right decision to explant but its weird because I don't feel overly emotional about it at all. Maybe its because I have never really felt like the implants were a part of me...its kind of like I'm disconnected from them. Has anyone else felt like this?


Just want to say again how thankful I am for this site and all of the amazing ladies represented here. If it werent for all of you I would be feeling very alone in this process to explant. It makes me wonder how many ladies are out there unhappy with their breast implants but keep them in fear of what they might look if they opted for removal.

the Champion zip front bra..

I did receive mine in the mail and the large is too big to use for compression. I reordered them in medium and hopefully that will work better. I will report back.

Starting to get nervous...

So up to this point I have been very calm and solid with my decision to explant. I still feel like I'm doing the right thing however the unknowns are what's getting to me. I haven't really been concerned over what I'm going to look like but now I feel that fear creeping in. I haven't seen that many cases here of women who have had very large inplants (over 500ccs) removed without replacement. I hope my skin firms up after and I pray that the feeling of being 100% natural is enough. Either way I'm getting this done and I'm going to try not to think (obsess) about it for the next 12 days.

A few lingering thoughts

So many things are going through my mind. In 4 days from now I will be implant free and I can't wait. This week has been such a surge of emotions. I started Monday feeling really down and depressed. Panic came flooding in and it not only surprised me but made me really stop and think about why I'm having this done.

Its really not so much for the health benefits, although I know my body will thank me. For me its more about closing a chapter in my life that was extremely painful. When I got my implants I was going through a hard time in my marriage and personal life. I was nearing 40 and after almost 20 years and 4 kids I felt I could use a makeover. I started working out...lost weight and then decided to get a boob job just that fast.

I loved all the attention. My husband and I started going out and partying all the time. I took on a life that was completely new to me. Got into things I shouldn't have, developed dependancys and long story short nearly lost everything I once treasured so dearly.

The past year has been a recovery period for me and my family. I've learned what's important in life. I now have such a strong desire to live an authentic life, love myself and all of my imperfections. Live boldly putting others before me. And to instill in my daughters that their bodies are perfect just the way the are. The sagginess, the stretch marks and scars all tell a story and that's something that should be embraced not eradicated.

Having this explant symbolizes a new chapter in my life and I'm so ready to say goodbye to these implants. Too big, too fake and just not me anymore:)

Tomorrow is the day!!

Well my explant date is just about here. Tomorrow at 4pm I will be under the knife hopefully for the last time. I opted for local and I'm really not nervous about it. It helps that I will be sufficiently doped up on xanax and lortab :) but I've never been awake for surgery and it is very interesting to me to see what goes on.

I will update as soon as I'm up to it. We have a long drive home so if I feel like it I may do a quick post update in the car. I think it's so important for people who are contemplating this procedure have as much info out there as possible. I know for myself I couldn't wait to read updates and see early after pics...so I will do my best.

Through all the reviews I read I was surprised to see how many women haven't told their family and friends about their implants and or removal. I haven't broadcasted mine but I have told the people I love about my decision to explant. I have 4 kids ranging in age from 22 to 11 and they all are aware of my procedure. Their thoughts on the subject vary but it has allowed me to have open communication about self esteem and body image with my kids which I'm very happy about.

Well I guess that's it! Thanks to all of the ladies who have shared their stories and have already had this procedure done. I will be drawing on your strength and I can't wait to be implant free and 100% me again.

See you on the other side!!!!!

Explant Done!!!

Just a quick update. Everything went fantastic. Very quick and easy. A little sore which I'm surprised since I'm still numb so we will see how the evening goes. I took a quick peek before i was wrapped and I think they look good. A little small and flabby but thats understandable. Feeling great about my decision and I'm just so happy right now. Thanks for all the well wishes. .. you ladies rock. Will post pics soon:)

A little about my procedure.

I opted to do my explant under local because I wanted this done the most easy and non invasive as possible. Not to mention its a lot less expensive. My PS did say that he normally doesnt do it like that but if I was up for it than he wouldn't mind. He also said that he would be able to do the procedure in the office and that would save on OR room fees as well.

The most nerve wracking thing was that my appointment was scheduled for 4pm and we had an almost 3 hour drive there so I could feel myself getting more and more anxious as time went on. Finally it was 3:15 and I took a lortab which I was happy about since by then I had a bad tension headache and I was hoping that would help.

3:30 we arrived at the office, took a xanax, signed a release form and waited to be called.
4:00 they brought me back to the procedure room. A tiny supply room with a table and a bright light. They had music playing and my doctor came in to numb me up. He gave me several shots in the crease area which really didn't hurt. It was pinches here and there but not bad at all.

I sat there for about 10 minutes and waited for the numbing to kick in which it never really did. When the nurse checked on me I told her that it doesn't feel numb to me so she tested the area with a needle and I didn't feel it so I guess I was numb.

My doctor then made the first incision and then I could hear him snipping the old scar away which was weird but didn't hurt. I then felt him digging around for the implant. He tugged on it and then took a syringe and started emptying it and then I felt it rupture and warm water spilled all over my side. He removed the implant dried me off and then started to stitch me up. The last few stitches were really the only painful part. He asked me to bear with him because he would be done in seconds and he was. This whole process was repeated very methodically on the other side and then before I knew it they were sitting me up..steri stripping my incisions wrapping me with gauze and then an ace bandage and sending me on my way.

I was very uncomfortable when I got home..I felt like I was wearing a cast..so tight and I could only sleep on my back. I took 2 more pain pills and was able to find a somewhat comfortable position propped up on pillows and I crashed.

Today I'm supposed to take off the gauze, shower then duo an ace bandage compression. At this point I'm wearing an Ah Bra and then wrapping the ace bandage over it so that I don't get too itchy. I will switch to a regular compression bra in 10 data after my steri strips are removed.

My initial thoughts are that I'm smaller than I was expecting but I'm totally cool with that. I'm so happy I made this decision to explant. I weighed 3 lbs lighter this morning and I feel great about not having that weight pressing on my chest. And even me than that I'm 100% me. They are soft and real and I love that.

Anyone on the fence about having this done with local I say go for it...it really wasnt nearly as bad as I was fearing and no post GA side effects. The xanax and lortab helped take the edge off my anxiety but didnt make me loopy. My husband and I left there and had a quick dinner and then headed home.

I hope to have unbandaged pics later after I take a shower but for now here's what I have:)

unwrapped pics....

Its really hard to take pics of yourself when you can't fully lift your arms lol. I did my best:)


2 Day post op

Physically I feel good and I'm having to pace myself so I don't overdo it. I'm super tired though. I've been doing light housework and taking the dog on short walks besides that I'm not doing much. I'm starting to get bruising near my incisions but nothing too bad. My back hurts but I think it's more because I'm having to sleep differently than usual. By the end of the evening I'm ready to scream with my back and this ace bandage.

Emotionally I'm still doing great so I hope that continues. I will be going to my kids soccer games tomorrow and wondering if anyone will notice. Its such a huge difference in my size you can't help but to notice but I doubt anyone will ask. I hope not lol.


My incisions are so itchy. I guess they are healing and the skin is getting tighter but man it is uncomfortable.

A quick update :)

So its been 12 days since my explant and everything is great. My steri strips were removed at day 10 and I've been putting polysporin on my incisions ever since.

My PS said I can wear whatever type of bra is comfortable and that I don't need compression anymore. However, I am still wearing the champion zip front sports bra during the day and the champion cami at night. My breasts still feel very soft and jello- ish so without a supportive bra they feel strange and kind of achy after a few hours so that's why I'm sticking with the zip front for now.

I tried so hard to get some side pics and wanted to get a few shots wearing a tank top but I couldn't get good ones. I'm hoping to get my husband to help me out in the next few days. I am posting a front view shot so I can document how I looked at this point.

Before my explant my PS estimated that I would probably be a full B. I would say that he was pretty accurate. When I first saw the difference between my implant size and my actual size it surprised me a little. I know some of you ladies tried to encourage me by saying that my view had been skewed by those huge implants. It wasnt until some time went by that I realized you were right:) It just took some time to get used to the drastic change. I love my post explant look 100 times better than with implants.

I can't wait to start working out again. One more week to go.

wonderful man..great doctor...amazing staff.

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