2Year post op: SALAMA- new pics

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Ok ladies, so i have been reading your reviews for...

Ok ladies, so i have been reading your reviews for a year. Now that I've decided to go ahead with the BBL, I thought about doing my surgery without documenting my journey. However, since so many of you have helped me decide whether or not to move forward with this procedure... I've decided to share my experience. So today I took the final decision and booked my date. January 27th, 2014 with Dr. Salama. I will be traveling to florida from Montreal, Quebec with my mom (it was not easy to convince her to support me). I'm scared and was definitely taken aback by some of the bad reviews, but life is short and this is something I have wanted to do for a long time sooooo, here goes. Prep time has begun.
I'm 5'1 and currently 128 pounds. The doctor has asked that I gain 10-15 pounds (which seems to be the standard amount asked...) so let the eating begin. Oh and I'm a smoker so i was told i gotta kick the habit by one month prior to surgery. Voila. I'm scared, but excited.

DR Salama Patients: Where are you staying in Florida?

HI ladies,
I'm having a hard time finding a hotel that is available for my dates (jan 26-feb 6). Anyone know of a condo near Salama's clinic? I'm not trying to break the bank, but I want to stay somewhere clean, nice and CLOSE. Let me know!
A xo

Wish Pics

More Wish Pics

Before Pictures of Me- Prior to Gaining 10-15 pounds as requested by Dr. Salama

Clothing after a BBL

HI ladies,

Thos of you that have had the BBL, how did your clothes fit you afterwards? How much of your wardrobe needed to change? Any tips for online shopping spots?

I'm so excited about my surgery! JAN 27TH can't come soon enough!
Thanks for your tips and feedback.

Almost 1 Month away from BBL!

Ok so, I pretty much think of nothing else. I'm busy getting everything prepared for my big day with Dr. S. I have gained weight as requested and I feel GROSS! Unfortunately for me, I carry most of my weight in my legs (thighs and calves). I'm confident he has enough fat to work with so, I'm gonna stop the binge eating.
I'm currently 136 pounds. (I was 128) At 5'1- I'm not a tiny little thing.
My measurements are:
36 (chest)
28 (waist)
37 (hip)
I dream of being 36,24,41- I've attached updated Pre-op pics for all you ladies. Next week I'll post a detailed list of all the supplies I've purchased for the big day. I'm so excited for this- what a way to kick off the new year! take care bbl sisters!


Ok so i have purchased most of my supplies. Just missing a couple of things.
I basically followed the guide:


Follow this and you'll be ready. :)
Happy new year ladies... for all of you 2014 BBL sisters... this is a year of big changes for all of us. I for one cannot wait 'til my big day. Jan 27th is in 26 DAYS! Omg.

All Paid Up

Hey guys,
So Today I paid the balance of my surgery. Since I'm in canada.. the 9000 surgery cost me 10,000. :( Whatever. It will all be worth it.
I'm all packed and ready to go. t- 16 days until Im in Florida and SALAMFIED!
You should all know I am so scared, but equally excited. :)
Happy Friday Ladies!

Pre surgery butt

HI guys,
so i have gained so much weight I feel gross. I decided to take a couple of close up pics of my current butt! (soon to be the old me) REALLY hoping the cellulite on my thighs gets better once I'm Salamafied.
This time next week, I'll be one day post-op. I can't believe it!

Final Wish Pic before D-day

HI ladies. I just wanted to post my final wish pic before being SALAMAFIED. THIS GIRL'S BODY... its just.. everything. Love it. Can he do it? Let's see. Jan 27th is just a few days away. also- my girl MistiSD is going in tomorrow so everyone... let's have her in our thoughts. Wishing you a safe and speedy surgery. You're gonna look AMAZING!! xo

i made it to the other side!

hi ladies,
gonna keep this short because my hands are so swollen!!surgery went really well. i gotta be honest... so far no pain! I've attached a few pics- i'll update in detail in a couple of days.

Update Post-op Day 1

HI ladies,
Ok so my hands are swollen like crazy but im gonna do this. Ok so Justin (the driver) is amazing. I love this guy- If you are going with salama- hire him for sure. You wont regret it. He picked me and my mom up at the airport and we went straight to the pre-op meeting. Signed me life away and then decided to go eat by the beach. Florida is beautiful!

Next we went to visit some real self bbl sisters at the recovery home and I was hilarious! 4 big booty salamafied girls together telling me their experience was awesome! Said my goodbyes and headed to hotel.

Morning of surgery I got picked up at 7:00am. My surgery was at 7:30, but it ended up being at 8:30. I met everyone and let me tell you... they are ALL great. We laughed, made jokes... they calmed me right down. Dr salama was great too. We hit it off right away and after some questions- he marked me up, told me he was gonna give me an upside down heart shaped booty and that was it. I was laying on surgery table, nervous as hell, and chris (anesthesiologist) made jokes and 1.2.3... OUT.

Woke up shaking, but too groggy to really remember much. I was asking the nurse who was pregnant, whether she was having a girl or a boy. :) they wheeled me out and somehow i got back to the hotel. I remember hearing my mom say... omg her butts too big! lol. The ride was fine. Back at hotel, I went right to bed.

All I can say is everyone is different, but I have been very lucky. I havent had pain- im just sore. I didnt get sick or faint. I have been walking around, peeing A LOT, sleeping, eating, chatting with friends, reading, watching tv...

Today was is my post-op appointment and im nervous for them to remove my garment. Last minute i decided to lipo my arms and inner knees as well as my inner thighs, full back and full tummy. He said he was NOT gonna be aggressive in the tummy area to avoid burns... I'm good with that. Whatever they cant fix here, you can fix by working out in a few months.

Drains are fine- they dont bother me. I pee with a funnel and a plastic cup- works perfectly. Haven't gone number 2 yet. Ladies my hands are swolllllllen and so is my poor face, but that's normal.

Ok thats about it for now. I'll keep you posted my bbl sisters!

Post-op: Day 1 - first post op appointment

hi ladies,
i went in to take a look at my new bod. all is well. some redness so they gave me cream. gotta apply it twice a day. so far im happy! no pain taking off garment. just very tired and sore.
enjoy pics.

me again

hi ladies,
I'm two days post-op and still feeling great. This morning I woke up at 4am and suddenly NEEDED to go number 2 (sorry!). I woke up my mom in a panic and we finally got the garment off (NOT EASY). i basically just climbed over the toilet seat and went for it. ladies, there is no classy way to do this- you gotta do what you gotta do. baby wipes, baby wipes, baby wipes.
At around 8am.... same thing happened and then again around 2pm and 6pm... :( whyyyyyy?!? My stomach feels settled now, but Salama said we'll watch it and see if it persists.

I got a surprising call from Dr. S today that he wanted to see me again... so i went it. he just wanted to check two spots on my skin that i had started putting that special cream on. seems everything is fine. gotta keep it up- looks better already.

Still black and blue, but no real pain. arms are a bit of a bitch but so far they look tiny, so i feel like it is worth it! DR. S said i got 1000cc in each cheek... doesnt sound like much but it looks huge! (i know it'll go down).

Piece of advice- dont pay attention to your results. Your body will be changing so much over the next few months so just take it one day at a time and focus on your healing. :)
Tomorrow morning i have my first massage. I'm scared. wish me luck.

Massage NOT so bad!

HI ladies,
I didnt have my phone after the massage so I wasn't able to take any pics! I'm really loving my body! My butt isn't gonna be HUGE- i can already see that, but my shape is beautiful so far.

I woke up with loose stools again this morning (6am). It took everything in me to remove the garment, go to the bathroom, shower and apply cream to my sides. Once I did it (it took an hour!), i had some time to nap before justin came to pick me up for my 9am massage. I was SCARED!

I ate eggs and some bread and chugged water. I took 2 perks, 30 minutes before my massage. Went in, feeling HIGHHHHHH, it was great. The massage was fine- I didnt feel much pain- for me it was about a 2 on a 10 scale. Not sure if it was the drugs, the food, or just me.

Back at hotel, I ate, slept and now Im writing in. I'll update with pics in the morning after my shower.
By Lovelies.

Just a couple pics from tonight- in garment #2

I'll add naked pics tomorrow.

Itchy and worried

Guyssss its happening!
Im panicking about my shape being uneven, butt too small and stretch marks!
Ps/ itching started and is badd! Normal??


Feeling a little low emotionally

HI guys,
last night and pretty much all of today I was crying. Not sure why... miss home, my boyfriend, my dog... Im not sure. I have just been an emotional wreck. I had the BIGGEST migraine also pretty much the whole day. My mom spent hours putting warm compresses on my forehead- bless her heart. She has been amazing.
I have no pain. Just annoyed about my sleeping situation and my damn neck! I'm feeling better now.
Here are some new pics from a couple of hours ago. Feeling confident that this new body is just gonna keep getting better. Ladies... always remember where you started. xo

Kim k pose!

Hi bbl ladies! Heres a kim k bathroom pose! Lol
Feeling good today. Played a little dress up without the garment. A quick 10 min thang! :)

Arm lipo

Oops forgot to mention my arm lipo... It has been annoying, but since you are there... Do it! A difference is a difference and so far i see a good one! Xo

Massage from hell

Omggggg today i had my second massage. I was acting all tough becAuse the first was a breeze..... Ummmm i almost died! Lol
Got both my drains out, new garment and cleared to go home!!!! Yay! Feeling amazing!

Swollen legs!

Wtf is happening!?? My thighs, calves, ankles and feet are both insanely swollen. Anyone else out there have the same??

12 Days post op Update and Pics

HI ladies,
so I'm home now and feeling so good. I had a couple of days where my legs were insanely swollen but things are calming down now. I always carried my weight in my legs so even though my tummy is flat, back has no fat and butt is big and plump... my legs (mainly my calves) are still bumming me out. Dr S REALLY did his thing on me and i do love my body 100 times more than before. Just looking forward to working out and tightening up my legs.

No pain... mild stiffness. I wake up swollen in the hands, legs and feet but it calms down after shower. NO sitting at all... except at my massages. I thought it would be much worse, but I'm still ok with it.

Bruises are MUCH better, but still got them on the back of my thighs. I've been trying on tons of clothes and having so much fun with it!
Here are some new pics. happy weekend!


HI ladies,
Sooo I want to say you will HATE living in this garment. I feel stupid and my body looks fucked up in it. Once i get out of it... I love my shape and my beautiful butt. Can;t wait to be done with this phase.

Wanted to tell you I went out with my boyfriend for dinner. We stayed and ate at the bar... everyone's eyes were on my ass. the attention is CRAZYZ! This past weekend, we had my boyfriend's son and I didn't want to miss out on any fun so I drove around on my belly and went to all the different adventures. lol. Also we ended the night at a resto and i simply sat with my chair backwards (90's style). Some people looked, but who cares.

Here are some new pics- i find my belly looks chubby and my back is all messed up... i need more massages.

more pics

feels good to be home!

3 weeks post op

hi guys,
some days you love ur bod, other days you are disappointed in not being kim kardashian. lol. I've been having lots of ups and downs. my inner knees and thighs are irregular due to swelling and it kills me. also, my calves are swollen... :( i feel my waist could have been a lot smaller... im at 28inch which is what i was before weight gain.
anyways, here are some pics. no pain and body feel pretty normal. hate garment life but its all worth it!

BBL: 5 months Post-Op

it has been 5 months. My overall shape is MUCH better than before my surgery. I get stares like crazy when I wear tight clothes and its pretty fun! I wish my shape had stayed perfectly hourglass.... ive boxed out a bit and im not sure why. I feel my back is fat again... i havent been going to the gym, but i also dont eat like shit so Im a bit disappointed in that. Ladies! After lipo.... you start gaining weight in other random areas... for me its my calves and my forearms... :( i really need to hit the gym and lose some of this weird weight. My tummy isn't as flat either.

My thighs are a disaster. DONT lipo your inner thighs. Mine are deformed and I HAVE to re-do them. Even in jeans they are deformed. :'(

No Pain and life is completely back to normal.

New pic for you ladies

Salama Butt ;) Taken today.

Hips are gone

Hey guys here is a picture of my silhouette 2 months post op vs today about 6 months post op. :( I miss my shape. You can also see my thighs. They are terrible!

1 year up;dated

Last year this time I was waiting in my hotel room… so scared and excited for my bbl the next morning. It has been a long year and even though, its not perfect, I am very happy with my overall new shape. I wish i had hit the gym like i was advised, because my belly and back fat is back. I would consider doing a second round, but it was tough. The 6 weeks of no sitting was unbearable. So i think for now i will just hit the gym and work my butt muscles. The shape is gorgeous. I do love dr Salama. He's great! How your body heals is really up to you. Here's a new pic, taken just now. xo

Couple more pics for my 1 year update.

Here are a couple of pics. I wish i had more of an hourglass. i feel i have no shape. any girls waist training? does it do anything for you??

Second summer coming to an end

Hi ladies,
Second summer with the new booty. I feel it has gotten so small and back fat killing me! Thoughts? Be honest!

Fall booty: just an update pic

See the back fat! :(

One side Smaller

Hey everyone!
So here's the deal, i have definitely gained some weight so my belly and back have fat on them, which is my fault so... that sucks. One thing I have to say is that my right bum cheek is noticeably smaller than the other. I lost more fat on it and ... that sucks. I've reached out to the office and dr salama has assured me that when i am ready to go back, he can do a revision and add more fat to it. Until then, i will live with it.

One Butt Cheek...

So guys, here is the update on my inner thighs that I was upset about. They really need to be fixed. I dont recommend inner thigh lipo AT ALL. Also, I'm not sure our bums as permanent... Here you see one of my cheeks has become MUCH smaller. :(((((((((
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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