Breast augmentation

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I've always been a late bloomer and I have a HUGE...

I've always been a late bloomer and I have a HUGE Butt fixation. I love Butts NOT the sloppy "girl can you properly clean that thing butt" but I love butts with a seemingly firm look but soft to touch. Now my butt isn't as bad as I may make it seem, I have a tear drop butt. (All back, but I have a nice cup-age at the bottom) I want to enhance my poor little tear drop. I want to have a ROUND butt. I already waist train, I ordered two from perfectmysilhouette and I am willing to work out to maintain that shape upon surgery. My problem areas are my stomach, my thighs rub (all my pants has fuzzies where my thighs rub) I am very self conscious of my bra/back fat I want that GONE asap and I just want some damn curves. Other issue is that I am a tomboy, I don't dress like a boy lol, but I think because of my wants I don't flaunt everything I do have. So far in my search Ive come across several Dr's I am very interested in, however the Dr I really want is asking for $10k and his work is amazing I follow him on IG. But since I do not have any credit established yet I cannot get approved for a Care Credit Card....=( But my Budget is NOTHING over $7k I would love to spend my recovery time in Florida. And Luckily the prices down there are pretty good. My boyfriend, laughs at me because he said I've become obsessed over this research but he know I am dead serious. I've already saved $1k in a month I have to set aside $555 each month if I want it done by the end of the year. I want to have a body of a 24 year old.

Dr salama it is

So I've done extensive research and I've picked my dr. I also put down a deposit. I'm hoping I can get my money together by my scheduled surgery date in March. The staff is very friendly nancy def helped with a lot of the questions I had
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I was quoted $7,799 and had to put a deposit down because their prices were going up Thursday the 1st to $9k my price was given to me because of my size (I knew one day being small would benefit me somehow) but I put 200$ on Wednesday the 30th to lock my price I stated in my last post it would be march but it is May 2015. I didn't qualify for care credit:-( but it's not because I have bad credit it's simply because I have no credit history to gain it so I plan to get a "secured credit card" to pay for it and build up my credit. Did any other female have credit/money problems if so how did you over come them.

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