5'7, 155lbs, 23 Y/O, Asian, BBL.

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Hey RS, I've had this account for a while.. I just...

Hey RS,
I've had this account for a while.. I just decided to start using it because I have my surgery date coming up real soon... April 30th 2015 with Dr. Salama. I am very nervous and need everyone's help... please help me with everything I need to know for pre op and post op. I'm scared for lipo burns and scarring.. I am Asian so we are know to be more prone to scarring. Please send me some tips to prep myself for the surgery and also tips for a healthy recovery. What do I need to buy? What are things I should avoid? What is are the best things to help minimize scarring and bruising?

Pre-op pictures. 155lbs. 5'7.

Hey RS,
I can't believe I'm posting these pictures.. I've been so self conscious. I went from 130lbs to 155lbs now. I'm getting lipo on my upper back, lower back, inner thighs, upper stomach, lower stomach, sides, double chin, armpits... Man am I going to be in crazy pain. I've booked for the recovery home so I should be in good hands. I'm not looking forward to the flight home to Canada after the surgery though.


Hey RS,
Has anyone else had troubles filling in their prescriptions that they send you in the Mail? I live in Canada. I tried going to different pharmacies and none of them woul fill my prescription. They said it has to be written by a Canadian doctor. I called Dr. Salama's office and they said I can try a pharmacy once I get to Florida, but if it doesn't work then there isn't anything they can do for me... I'm getting really nervous for the pain. I'm too close to the surgery date.

Flying out tomorrow night.

Hey RS,
I'm leaving Canada tomorrow night at 7:30pm for a long night of travelling to Florida and will arrive at 7:00am the following day. I'm crazy nervous. I decided not to do lipo on my face, armpits and inner thighs, I'll do it the next time around. The U.S. dollar is too high right now. I'm already spending way over my budget with the currency exchange. Here are some of the things that I packed with me...

Long flight, pre op and recovery home.

Hey RS,
I had a long night of traveling, landed in Florida at 7:30AM. I was supposed to get picked up by 8:30AM and have my post op appointment at 9:00AM, but Justin (the driver) was late. He was really nice, we talked and laughed majority of the time. Justin drove me to the recovery house to drop off my luggage, everyone here is so sweet, put me at ease. It's very clean and spacious here. Justin drove me to my pre op appointment, filled out a bunch of paperwork.. Met Nomie, then Dr. Salama! Boy did he make me nervous!! He's such a nice guy, he complimented me and made me blush. Feels nice to hear a man compliment you after being so self conscious and feeling like poop while gaining all this weight. Whoever his wife or girlfriend is must be very lucky! Nancy came in after and she is just the sweetest! She just comes in and hugs me right away! She's so cute I didn't want to let go of her!! As I leave the waiting room is jam packed filled with people. My surgery is tomorrow at 7AM... I'm very nervous. Here are some pictures of the recovery home...

3rd day post op.

Hey RS,
I appologize for not keeping everyone updated. I have been in soooo much pain it is unbelievable. I've been way to exhausted to update my review. I woke up from the surgery crying and shaking in pain, Justin drove me back to the recovery home. Lordes put me to bed and made sure I was nice and warm, fed me lentil soup in bed and gave me tons of Gatorade. I've been trying to eat and drink as much as I can. I've also been trying to walk around as much as I can handle. Yesterday was my post op appointment, she put foam pads in my garment. I was so tender. She also put an arm garment on me because Dr. Salama ended up doing lipo on my arms trying to get as much fat out of my body as he could. I had my first shower and got my garment washed.. It was tough to get that garment back on. I got really light headed and was feeling a lot of pain. Last night I got up to go pee, I got so light headed I couldn't make it back to my bed and ended up laying on the ground till I felt better. I'd say getting on and off the bed is my least favorite part. It is so damn hard.. Especially having my arms lipo'd I have to use my face to help push myself up. Everything is extra swollen today. My hands look like pillows and same with my eyelids.

4th day post op.

Hey RS,
Days are going by and I'm not feeling any better. My face and hands are so swollen, I'm in pain. I'm uncomfortable and getting so tired of this constant feeling. I can't wait till I start feeling normal again.

6th day post op.

Hey RS,
I can't believe it's already been 6 days... It's making me nervous. I'm not getting any better and I have to fly home in a few more days.. I'm really starting to think why the hell did I put myself through this. This whole experience has been long and hard, very hard. I went for my first massage yesterday. Oh boy.. Did it hurt like hell!! I took 1 & 1/2 percs and I was making all kinds of faces. I didn't cry or scream. When I got back to the recovery home that's when I felt it, I had to do the number 2 for the first time since surgery... Now that was a whole experience on its own... Ladies... I was probably trying for a good 3 hours. I felt like I was pushing so hard that I felt like i made my stomach look weird after. Not fun at all.. I was in a lot of pain.. After that I decided that it was time to lay off of the percs. I was in pain all night and morning today. Oh I forgot to add that they took out my back drain yesterday. I had too much fat blocking it or something so all this liquid has been dripping out everywhere from where the back drain was.


I clicked update post too fast. I meant to upload more photos..

8th day post op.

Hey RS,
Yesterday was my second massage, I took 2 percs this time and it still hurt more than the first. I haven't taken the percs since yesterday morning for the massage and let me tell you.. It fixed my #2 situation. I went twice today and it was a breeze. They changed me in to a different garment yesterday and it is so much more uncomfortable!! :( I have my 3rd massage tomorrow before I fly home. I wish I could stay here for longer.. I'm going to miss all the girls here. I love being at the recovery home, having everyone's support and company. Lordes.. She is an angel in disguise. She has the kindest soul and is so funny!! Grace is such a sweetheart. The girls recovering with me have been so supportive, we have grown a bond in such a short amount of time. The girls at the the office... Nomie, such a nice person always coming to the house and visiting us girls, Nancy, as cute as a button! Celia.. I hate you during those massages, but you are just so sweet it makes me forget about the pain that you just put me through. Dr Moises Salama.. Such a talented man, so honest and such a charmer.

10th day post op.

Hey RS,
Yesterday I had my third massage, it was way less painful. It was so hard saying "bye" to the girls. I miss them all already. I got my last drain taken out yestersay so thank god I got to fly home drainless!! the flight home was very uncomfortable. I started swelling up so much... Today I woke up feeling super stiff and still swollen. My arms and legs look like sausages. I don't know when the swelling of the lipo on my inner thighs and vagina are going to go away, but its looking so puffy down there it's so funny looking. I made some before and after collages.

13 days post op.

Hey RS, All my bruising has gone away. My arms and legs are still swollen though. I decided to try on a dress with no garment on.. Here's a picture..
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Dr. Salama and his staff are great. He sure does work wonders and is amazing at what he does. I could not be any happier. Thank you so much for giving me my dream body. :) xo

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