Butt Implants!!! - Sarasota, FL

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So I just scheduled for Dec with Dr. Lacerna. Ahhh...

So I just scheduled for Dec with Dr. Lacerna. Ahhh I'm so excited! But seems so far away. I am 5'7 1/2 and 139 lbs so I'm kinda tall but normal weight. My bootys normal, nothing special and nothing to unbearable lol just normal. So I'm really looking forward to an upgrade. I'm debating the size implant I want right now. I want about 700ccs in each cheek I'm just trying to figure how to disperse it. Maybe 360 implant with 340 or so I'm fat, or maybe the 485 implant with 250 in fat! Ahhhh I don't know. I've been looking at reviews with different size implants and they all look so good I'm torn. The only thing is I know with fat grafting the fat deposited as a low possibility so all staying without getting absorbed. So you could get 300cc of fat placed and half or more could be absorbed by your body. So that's something to take into consideration. Knowing that I think I'm leaning towards the 485 implant. Dr Lacerna told me I could get up to 600! I think that's wayy too much lol well for my body atleast. Hmmm I'm torn :/

Dec couldn't come faster!

So I just had a phone consult with Dr. Lacerna because I wanted to ask about the size she recommended! I totally thought 600cc implants would be to big because that's huge! But she told me from my wish picture that I wanted a big booty lol and that around the area of 550 - 600 cc is the implant that id want. She told me to refer to her profile on here because she recently posted a female with 550 cc implants and additional fat grafting, so I looked and yeah 550ccs with fat grafting looks pretty dang good, not outrageous like I was expecting. She said well find out the exact size to give me my desired results during my pre-op appointment . She's so nice and very real. I can't wait until dec !!!
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