Upcoming Surgery Still Debating on Size. Florida, FL

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I'm so excited/nervous/terrified/happy haha! I'm...

I'm so excited/nervous/terrified/happy haha! I'm currently 5'5, 130 lbs, a small B/large A cup. I had my consultation 6 months ago and I will have so many more questions for my pre-op appt this Friday! But last visit we discussed 390 cc or 490 cc. My PS said that would put me at either a large C or a D cup if I chose the bigger size. I am looking to be a full C cup and it was suggested to me by a friend who worked in plastics for years that a 390 may even be too big. We will see....I don't remember him giving me any specifics on the type of implant like gummy bear, tear drop, high profile, etc......he just suggested silicone and going under the arm. I've been going back and forth about silicone bc I'm still reading horror stories about women who end up sick from them.....but I've spoken to plenty that have never had any issues and had them 10 plus years. Will keep everyone updated along the way!

32 yr old, no kids, 390cc Silicone submuscular

Pre-op appointment was 3 days ago, my surgery is Nov.3rd I'm so excited !! We decided on 390 rather than 490 because I am active, play softball and other sports and go to the gym regularly so I didn't want to be too top heavy. Plus I'm just looking for a full bust, some nice cleavage but nothing too obvious. I am currently a 34B with padding, probably more of an A cup according to the PS, I'm 5'4 and 130 lbs. I want to be a full C cup. Will post pics of me and what I want, PS said 390 on me should achieve thi .

Have to Find my Own Post Op Bra

Just curious, if my PS doesn't provide a bra just the band that goes over the top, should I need a bra directly after surgery to bring with me? I'm trying to find one to buy that maybe zips up in the front ? Wasn't sure which type would be best like if I needed loose for comfort or more supportive. And how do I know which size to buy?? My goal is a full C cup and that's what he said I should be. So I wear a 34B sometimes 32B now so should I do 34C?? Any help is appreciated thanks !!

So much pain

Surgery went smooth today. Everyone was super nice and I felt very comfortable from beginning to end but so far I can't keep any food or drinks down and the pain is really bad. The pic I'm going to post is when I first got home but since then they have swollen a lot I hope when they drop the size doesn't change much bc I actually love them right now. The nurse told me I will probably hate them right after surgery but I don't so maybe that's a good sign they will also look good after dropping. What has everyone else's experience been like? Do you think mine will appear much smaller after a few months ? :(


Still very sore and tight but I haven't had any more nausea since surgery day. I have severe morning boob especially your left one, it makes so much noise I hope this is normal. But so far so good. They are slowly getting softer aND maybe slightly dropping some

9 days post op

They are finally starting to drop some. I had my post op appointment yesterday and the nurse kicked my ass! Showed me the RIGHT way to do my stretches and massage and it was brutal and painful but necessary of course. Since I've been doing it all right I can already tell there's less pain and they feel a little softer !
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