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I always wanted a nicer butt. I am 5'8 160lbs...

I always wanted a nicer butt. I am 5'8 160lbs and a size 36dd. After having my daughter I lost some of my curves and have decided to get a bbl. I am scheduled for dec 16 and I am getting nervous dose anyone have any adviceUpdated on 5 Dec 2011:So next week Friday is the big day. I am getting more nervous as the time gets closer. I am not sure if I have everything I need for the after surgery part. I am having full lipo and bbl so I expect to be soar. I also have a 4 yr old daughter and think this should be real intresting. I will posting before pics today. Any advice would help....Updated on 14 Dec 2011:2 days away and I have a mix of happiness and being scared. U am looking forward to the results but not looking forward to the inbetween time.Updated on 15 Dec 2011:Tommrrow at 6am.Updated on 16 Dec 2011:Had my bbl done this am and I am not in that much pain. More sore than anything. I can't wait to see my results !!!!Updated on 17 Dec 2011:Day 2. Other than having to pee every 2 hours. I am not in alot of pain. Just really sore. Hope things stay this wayUpdated on 18 Dec 2011:Day 3 finally pulled my garment down all the way. But but is still very firm but that is to be expected. I see my waist has shrunk alot and I love it. I am able to move better. Haven't been really hungry but have been sleeping a lot. Tomorrow is my first post op lets see how it goesUpdated on 19 Dec 2011:Went to my pre op today and it went amazing. The doc said I am healing exceptionally well. I am able to get up and move even do some light cleaning but nothing that makes me bend. I road the entire way to the doc and back on my stomach witch made me really sick but I refuse to mess up my results. I took some pics and wanna post but I am a lil special when it comes to stuff like that. Can anyone help!!!!Updated on 20 Dec 2011:posted some pics today .. the doc took out 3300 cc's and put 680 into each cheek .. I also learned that the law in my town says they can only take up to 4000 cc's out ..

It's official. I am 1 week post op and I am still...

It's official. I am 1 week post op and I am still pleased with my results other than the fact that I weigh more now then before and right after surgery but the doc said it is all just water from swelling and it will go away. It better!!!! He was amazed at how fast I am healing. My booty has all ready dropped down a bit which is what I was waiting for but I like it where it is now better. He dose not expect me to lose much more back there as far as volume but his said it wil get much softer. 1 week down. Months to go...,

I am 2 weeks post op tomorrow and i am still as...

I am 2 weeks post op tomorrow and i am still as happy as I was when I first got it done . My waist is getting smaller and smaller . I love the job my doc did...

Went and had my 2 week post op and he said I can...

Went and had my 2 week post op and he said I can take of my garment. I went to one of those Columbian stores and got a post op garment which is made specifically for my stomach and actually fit an extra small.

So I have changed garments to one of those Fajas...

So I have changed garments to one of those Fajas which I love I can fell it getting bigger already .. The lady said to wear it for about a month and then drop down to an xxs. I must say it is not the most comfortable thing to wear but it doing the trick.. ohh and lots of water . I mean so much I am going all the time it helps to flush your system out .. i hope my info is helpful to someone out there ...

So today i decided that my garment was getting to...

So today i decided that my garment was getting to big so I decided to get a new one. I must say that they get expensive after a while but they do the trick my waist is getting smaller by the day and my but is looking bigger....

As the weeks keep going by i am liking the turn...

as the weeks keep going by i am liking the turn out more and more.. i thought at one point it was getting smaller but i was wrong!!!! i have dropped another size in the waist compression garment and hope to be out of it for good soon but the lady at the store said to keep wearing it for a few months extra...

I have learned that taking care of a new figure...

I have learned that taking care of a new figure is a lot and takes time and dedication. I wear my garments almost 24/7. Last night i took it off to breath just to give my skin a break. They work if you use them on a constant basis and don't give up it is a lot and uncomfortable at times but believe me in the end it is worth it. My waistline is just getting smaller and smaller..

Its official I am 6 weeks post op and I feel great...

Its official I am 6 weeks post op and I feel great. I still have some hard spots but other wise I am happy still sleeping ont stomach and sitting on pillows

So I about 8 weeks pot and still pleased with my...

So I about 8 weeks pot and still pleased with my results.. I continue to wear the body shaper to help shrink my waist a bit more and have started to work on my abs to get them more defined.. I must say it take some getting used to when I look in the mirror.

So i have been asked to take pics to show the ...

so i have been asked to take pics to show the back completly so here they are sorry it has taken so long..hope this helps

Almost 3 months out and deff loving my results i...

Almost 3 months out and deff loving my results i have ben doing so many crunches my stomach is getting really toned . now it is time to keep in shape

So it has been a while since i have last been on...

So it has been a while since i have last been on the site .. It is almost 4 months down andI am still very happy .. I have not lost much of the fat if any.. Funny enough i weigh the same amount i did before I had the transfer the weight is just in s different place now..I celebrated my 30th with a bang and they body I have always wanted.. I will go this friday to get my final messurements and before and afters..

Ok so I am offically 5 months post op.. I am still...

ok so I am offically 5 months post op.. I am still loving my new shape and glad that I did it.. Although this surgery is a quick fix to a visual problem you still have to work on the inside thoughts about yourself..It has to become a lifestyle change. I have completely changed the way that I eat and exercise.. I am now pround to be in clothes that fit me a lot better.. I am glad that I came into it with a realistic visual of myself and not thinking that i was going to step out of a phone booth looking like Nikki, or Buffy.. I wanted something that was gonna look nice and natural.. I didnt want men just looking at my ass. At the end of the day I am a Woman and a Mother and dont need my daughter thinking she is supposed to be looked at like a piece of meat.. I hope that the women that go through with surgery do it for them self and not to please someone else cause at the end of the day all you have is you.. I am thankful that I have a supportive hubby that loved me the way that I was and just thinks that my change is just a bonus..

So it will be 6 months on sat and I can not...

So it will be 6 months on sat and I can not believe it. I have gone home for the first time since surgery this week and the reactions that I have gotten are amazing. The people who know me know what I have done and are very supportive. I didn't realize the change until I come back to a place that has not seen me since I decided to do the surgery. I can honestly say that I am a happier person now. Not only did it this whole thing change my outtward appearance to others but it changed my life. I now enjoy life more because I am not consumed by negative thoughts about myself. I am no longer stressing about the belly fat that I could not hide. I take much more pride and my apperiance. I saw to all the bbl sisters out there. Don't do this to be the next NIKKi, KIM, or anyone else. Do it to be you!!! An upgraded you. I love who you are, take care of the investement you just made so that you will see the profit and gain. New pics soon. Luv ya

So it is almost 1 yr since having the surgery and...

So it is almost 1 yr since having the surgery and I must say I am still happy with my results. My waist continues to shrink. I have maintained my weight of 164 by eating right and working out on a daily basis. /my hubby has been very supportive of my decision and encourages me to dress sexier. at times i have to do a reality check at what I now look like. Those who know me have given me nothing but positive responses. I hope that all that are looking to get this surgery stay realistic about their results and not try to be someone or someting that they are not. I believe that has kept me happy since having the surgery. You have to be happy inside and look at the changes ypu will make as just an improvement. Of course there are the haters out there that will talk crap about you but just remember they are just jealous....

Over a year and still truly happy with my results....

Over a year and still truly happy with my results. My not have the biggest ast but I got one that fits me and gets betters everyday

Round 2.

Now I know the girls I have been in contact with Are gonna kill me but I have decided to go round to mainly for lipo to correct some uneven areas and since I was doing that might aswell put the fat to use. The doc said he will get about 1200 in each check not sure where he will get the fat from but kinda excited. Made my decision Monday had pre op Tuesday surgery on the 7. Looking forward to it

It's over

It is official went in at 10 and have been sleep on and off all day. My but dose not hurt nearly half as much as it did the first time but my upper body is a litte more uncomfortable. I am getting around so easy this time without help from my husband. Whe I am looking a lil better will post pics


So just had my post op and I got an additional 500+ put in making it a total of 1200 will take pics later

2 days out

So I am going on 3 days out and other than being extremely bored I am good. A little bit sore but other than that doing great. I will be posting pics as soon as some of my swelling goes down. I wanna say Thanks to all my girls that have hit me up just to check on me it means the world

Some new pics

Sooo like I said I was really only concerned with a few touch ups mainly my back area and a little from a side on my abdomen. I told my new doc that if he could get more in he was welcome to since I was already going to be under and a second BBL actually cost less then just lipo. He was able to get all and any rolls from my back and abd. He made my waist even smaller and added another 500+ ccs into each cheek. He also did a back scoop which is what gives you that amazing arch. Now I am positing pics today just to show the difference. I am extremely happy so far and expect it to only get better with time. My ass is ridiculous now which is ok cause I loved it before. And this is truly my last surgery. Upper body lipo is a pain !!

1week post op

Well got stitches removed today and gonna start wearing my faja on top of my cg to sinch the waist more.. The said I am healing well and honestly I feel great. Still sore in some spots but nothing major. Now back to the program of sitting with a rolled up yoga mat and pillow behind me. Will upload some more pics soon. Love my bbl sisters

About 10 days out

10 days and feeling great. Still some swelling and harder spots in my butt. The soreness is almost all gone. I took some pics dressed with NO garments on underneath not a faja or compression garment and I can see the difference. Have been sticking to my salads, fruit and water and lost 6lbs since last week.

3 weeks

So it will be 3 weeks on thurs and this time was so easy. I do have some tender spots in my stomach but other than that I am good. I am in love with my results. My husband can't keep his hands off of me although I will say shopping for this new ass is not as much fun. I can't find a nice pair of jeans that I like. American Apparel has some high waist stretch jeans which seem to do the trick. I have not taken any measurements but I want to because I am now curious as to what they are. Can't wait for my ass to finish dropping it is a bit heavier than it was before

5 weeks

I must say doing it again was a good idea. My husband is do happy and so am I. The ass has been getting so much attention. I still have some sore spots in my abs but that is it. I thought that healing last time was easy this was even easier. I still haven't actually sat down on my butt yet but I will be partying in south beach this weekend and will have to eventually. I love my new surgeon Dr Alaxander. He gave me the curves I wanted.

Just more pics

Added a few more pics these are from today you can really see the projection and the arch he gave me



If any of you ladies are having issues finding jeans Gap curve fit is amazing. They are made for females with bigger asses and smal waist.

Summers over

Well the summer has come a gone and my body has gotten so many compliments.. Especially my rear. I encourage all the women who plan on having this surgery to think long and hard weigh the pros and cons and make the best decision for you. Having a nice big ass may sound like an amazing idea but know that the focus from men goes from you to your body. Women (mainly black) can be haters at times. You will have up and down times. Just make sure you are doing it for YOU and no one else

3 months out

I go to see my doc tomorrow for my 3 month check up and I must say he did the damn thing. I honestly haven't realized how big my rear was until recently. Having an ass can draw attention and sometimes when I am with my child it is not wanted but other than that I am in love with this body and will continue to take care of it

Big trip

I am going to Cancun in December which means a bathing suit 24/7 which by the way has become a new love hate relationship. Ladies who haven't had the surgery yet trust and believe shopping for swimwear will be just as hard and expensive as clothing can be but it is worth it. But anyway this up coming trip is making me go back to post surgery days. I am wearing my faja 24/7 watching what I eat and working out daily. I haven't gained any weight since the surgery but god knows I need to knock them dead when I walk out in my bikini. I have been enjoying this extra booty but have had a couple times where men have gotten extremely disrespectful. I don't go out looking for attention but having this large asset makes things a lot harder to go about my day without men staring or trying to take pictures. Please be prepared for the attention positive and negative

Enjoy This!!!

So I am about 8 months out from my second procedure and 2 years from my first and I wouldn't change a thing ladies.. There have been some days were I questioned if I went large enough or if I have lost some of the ass that I paid thousands for and let me tell you I haven't!! I took a recent trip to cancun with my husband and lived in a bathing suite for 7 days and women and men kept staring and giving me compliments. No one asked if it was real or not like I have been asked state side. They just thought it was perfect. Which made me realize I made the right choice. Realize this after doing this surgery you will have the body people WISH they had so it will come with some jealous words but stay calm and realize this was about your coincidence not others opinion.

Keeping it up

Ok ladies I get inboxes all the time with questions about the up keep after surgery and let me just say hat if you don't put in the work after surgery your results will change and you will soon be back were you started. I take the money that I spent seriously so with that I am in the gym 6 days a week. I watch what I eat and do a lot of legs. Doing this has actually made my butt bigger and firmer. I also do a lot of core work that allows my stomach and waist to be smaller thus giving me an hour glass shape. I have finally gotten measured and they are

Bust 42
Waist 30
Hips 48.

I hope this helps

Miami Plastic Surgeon

The doc was very informative and respectful. He understood my concerns, and expectations while being honest. I would go back to him anytime

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