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I have finally decided to go ahead with the...

I have finally decided to go ahead with the Brazilian Butt Lift with lipo of inner and outer thighs and arms.
I researched various doctors and preferred nearly immediately Dr Salama and closely watched the reviews from the other patients of his and realised that his customer care is also second to none.
I also heard about the botched procedures but I am standing by my decision and going ahead with my surgery.
My deposit has been paid and I'm ready to start getting everything ready.
I quit my job in a month and am ready to focus on preparing for this surgery, experience and journey.

I will be staying at the recovery house seeing as I live in London and will be travelling alone. So will also review about this too.

I am excited but I'm still researching everything and making sure that I am ready for this completely.

Treating myself finally to something I should have done ages ago.
I prayed over this and feel year, new body, new mindset!

Chocolate booty prep

I have to say that I am very impressed with Nancy as she has contacted quickly and efficiently.
If I send any emails they are always responded too within maximum of 3 hours.

They process has been painless and quite relaxing as all my questions regarding the procedure, the recovery have been answered with plain and precise information.

The staff are very friendly and I have just sent an email requesting the compulsory and optional items that I will need to buy for this surgery as well as anything that would be helpful to assist my recovery.

I will make sure to list this for you guys so you can see.
Also I will be making sure you guys are updated with pictures of the various item I buy and the things I pack so you have a detailed guide to what you too could pack should it be your turn.

I have been watching YouTube videos of BBL and I won't lie, those videos do look rather daunting, but I'm of the opinion that its better to know exactly what I will or could be going through so I am fully aware of the surgery and healing process.

My only issue is making sure I can go to the bathroom unaided as well as making sure I'm ready for the whole naked on a table thing.
I tend to catch colds easily of I'm uncovered for too long, so I would like to know the temperature of the theatre I will be in.

Hopeful I can have a covering for the lady parts too, lol though I won't really care if I'm out of it.
Was also strangely having thoughts like
: what if I roll off the bed when there doing surgery as the manipulation of the patients body is rather intense looking.
:what if they puncture internal organs?
Thing like this.... I shouldn't but the mind tends to wander at times! Lol ( I'm not weird) just overthinking things.

I have been looking at booty and body types that I think would suit my 5"4 160lb body. I will be trying to loose at least 10lbs by my surgery date.

Strangely I gave no doubts about the surgery, I may get nervous but i am calmly looking forward to it.
I won't be telling anyone much, I have only told people I will be joining fat camp for 4 weeks,regardless of the fact I will be away for 2-3 weeks.

I currently have flu so I feel like I gave just lost 10 lbs and have a six pack through the sneezing and coughing so watch this space!

Enjoy my wish list pics.
Will upload my before pics as the day before surgery.

Booked my flights and just Booking my accomodation...Getting excited!

Hi Guys,

I have booked my flight to Miami and will be arriving on the 27th (the night before the big day) My flight will actually come into Miami International Airport in the evening slightly before 6pm, so there really isn't much for me to do in the way of looking around, as jet lag can be a ...... you know what I mean Lol.
I have decided to fly Premium economy there and then first class back so that I can lie down on my stomach and not have to worry about sitting down for too long a period. I am treating this as a early birthday present to myself.
Flying Virgin Atlantic for the first time so I will also comment about that and the experience, just in case you guys where wondering.
I wanted to go via British Airways but lets face it PREMIUM ECONOMY ON VIRGIN ATLANTIC or ECONOMY ON BRITISH AIRWAYS for the same price basically!!!! EXACTLY!!! LOL

I had previously said that I would be going to take the Serenity Recovery House route, but as I will be staying for 2 weeks exactly, I didn't want to shell out the near $3000 it would cost to stay and even more if I wanted my own private room.

I personally enjoy my own space so I don't really want to go through the route of sharing with someone I don't know, especially at a time where I will be groggy, in pain and so on... I need to have my space, not feel the need to be sociable if I don't want to be.

I have decided to go the renting apartment route, which is considerably cheaper than going the recovery house route.
For just over £550, for the 2 weeks via (airbnb) I have secured a lovely 1 bed apartment which looks lovely and its only 8 minutes away from Aventura, so no long taxi rides to Dr Salama, whoop whoop. the only draw back is the £75 fee from the website!!!! yes the shock was intense from me.

I have been having a little problem getting the medical clearance forms from the Nancy and Cynthia, which I think is rather odd considering there are some you could download from the web, but when I suggested downloading this, they said it was incomplete, so maybe they have updated them but haven't been able to send the forms out as it all comes with an information pack regarding carers, things you will need, so I will be a good girl and just patiently wait. However, In all fairness, Cynthia did contact me and tell me that she will be sending the pack soon.

Strangely, I have been wondering what I will be looking like in a few weeks from now and I have already booked my gym sessions, swimming lessons and I am trying to block book all of my massages, so that once I come back from Miami so I can keep it going and make even better progress with my body.

I keep wanting to buy clothes and then I say to my snap out of it, hold it down woman!, you don't know what it will look like yet, so buy clothes once you have settled back into your new body and are at least stable with your weight and size!!! I start looking in the mirror and saying """ You looking great girl"""" I am imagining the new body and I'm turning and striking all sorts of poses.
Stuff just got serious!!!

I am also making sure that I leave my house completely bare and then just a few days before I am due to come back, I refill everything, my cupboards, fridge etc. with new fresh foods, vegetables, fruits and everything that I will need. I had done this before and became lazy due to my long shifts at work, but I am determined to cherish the redesigned body.

At first for convenience I will probably buy pre made fruit pots, with fresh fruit and olives, cheese and such from the deli, so its all in handy convenient pieces so that I don't have to move around too much as I wont lie to you, I am dreading the whole coming back on the flight for some many hours!!!
Miami to London Heathrow should be a fast flight. ;-(

Once my confirmation come through for the accommodation, I will upload pictures, juts I case you guys are interested in where I stayed.
I wont really be going all that much sight seeing for the first week, just so that I can get used to the whole recovery process and get a handle on the pain, but If I can I will definitely take pics as soon as I feel better.

That's all for now folks!!!!!

A few more updates for you all

Hi Guys,
I know I have been MIA, but please forgive me. I have been feverishly working in order to get my work finished as I leave my job of nearly 2 years for bigger and better oppurtuinities.
I have been thinking a lot about this surgery and im thinking about all the things that could go wrong and all the great things that could go right as well and drastically improve in my life.

I'm strangely not scared. I'm just looking at the procedure as one that is going to help jump start and boost the reasons as to why I need to be healthy and in shape.

I contacted Cynthia regarding transportation and she recommended Justin as he is currently doing a deal for $275 for 10 days, that's airport pick up and drop off from Fort Lauderdale.
It's $60 extra from Miami International Airport. I know! I was shocked too.
There were clauses like you have to live or (your accommodation) within a five mile radius of Elite and they will take you for all your appointments, massages, post op appointments. Any fittings etc.
Drug and grocery drop offs and pick ups.
I am going to make it all work for me. I will definitely get my money's worth!
I am now looking Into getting a nurse to stay with me for 3 days after surgery and that will cost me $175 a night.
The 3 days are mandatory but I would like to do a 12 hour shift with the nurses as opposed to 24 hour live in system.

In other news......
I spoke to my holiday landlord and he is going to show me around the area as well as give me a grand your if the complex where I will be staying.

He also will let me use the apartment till LATE as I have a late flight, I have found a great person who is so accommodating and thoughtful. Makes me feel safer and happier as the days get closer and closer.

I have uploaded pictures of the apartment, I decided it was prudent to have my own space and rent as opposed to pay crazy money for a single room.
Yes, I know I said I would choose the recovery house.

So peeps, I will not be going to recovery house so there will be no review! Lol.

I just need to get my medical forms in and then send off to Dr Salama ASAP and pay the eat of the balance then I'm done!

It's getting exciting guys, please enjoy the pictures.......

A little about me / I went shopping.

Okay, so I'm more than a little excited for this butt, I'm kinda at the stage where my mind is just looking out for nice butts, big ones, round ones, the butt obsession issues are real!

I decided that I wanted to really go hard with this whole idea of a BBL, so as I'm getting my arms and inner and outer thighs lipo'd as aggressively as possible.

Let me drop a little History on you guys.
I'm 5"4 and currently weigh 11 1/2 stones, it's a lot ( I'm working on it) I have a "thick" body, so my legs and thighs are bigger than the average, small waist and rather large boobies (34E) but I have grown some so I'm thinking I need a bigger cup, well see....
These are natural boobs by the way, it's a family trait.
Unfortunately for me I started dancing at a young age and rather than being lovely and lean I got muscly and with me putting on weight after I stopped dancing, my body just put the fat over the muscle.

I wanted small calves, but alas what nature doesn't give, the surgeon will....
Yes indeed it does suck for me...
So much so i'm considering a calf reduction, but this will depend on my results from my lipo. Maybe it will make my legs look more in proportion to my body???
Simply Wearing boots is an issue for me and I love bootzzzz.
The only ones that fit nicely are the suede timberland boots, but at times you have to "wear them in" before you get your desired results and that's not always guaranteed.

I'm hoping the shape of my body will dramatically change as I want to be able to have a small but definite coca cola shape, I just want less of the circumference to my dimensions. I want to get down from a size 12-14 uk to a definite size 10.

I have block booked twenty sessions of lymphatic massage and will also start a juice diet to facilitate the weight loss as well as swimming lessons and a personal pilates trainer, not looking to build muscle just lengthen it.

I will start six sessions of hydro therapy ( colon irrigation) you know where they insert a tube into your stomach via your bottom from the 17th of February. This helps remove any clogged food, old stale food or waste matter. I will however start Pilates to facilitate the movement process.

Now to the shopping.....
I went shopping and my first port of call is and will always be Ebay, I love a deal and I love a bargain, so I check eBay first before going to the shops or markets.

I bought some onesies, they are warm snugly and quite frankly pimpin. I bought a pre loved denim baggy from a LV approved site, as a pre surgery, pre pre birthday treat ( my bday is in May) and decided to buy myself some make up and some teeth whitening vouchers.

Bought some baggy clothes to wear and am still making a list of things to buy for my surgery.
Need a new laptop and need to purchase ladies essentials as my red friend will be close to the time if surgery, I'm hoping to get tablets to hold it off for even 2 weeks or so, so i can be comfortable after surgery.

Bought a wallet, made a list of costs for everything which I will tell you guys about once it's completed.

See ya!

Colonic Hydrotherapy

Hi Guys,

It's been a minute but you know u was busy finishing of the 9 to 6.
So I'm taking extended leave in order to focus on my getting ready for my surgery. This is also part of my bid to loose excess weight from my body and kick start the weight odd and fitness regime before surgery so it won't be such an issue once I have surgery.

So as the title say's, I had colonic hydrotherapy on Wednesday 19 th February. Mmaaaaannnn was it an experience. The therapy was done in Harley street as I bought a voucher for 4 cleanses.
The cleansing is a proper hour and the consultation is 30 minutes long. You do fill in a very important questionnaire.

I had a 13:00 appointment and decided that I would be early, I was in the heart if London and hopelessly lost even with google maps in my hand.

So I got there about 1:20 and went straight into the actual assessment and a brief introduction to the machine I would be using.

I will call the machine Tyrone, lol.
Now Tyrone looks a lot like a mix between a bucking bronco a jacuzzi and a massage chair. Tyrone is made of plastic and is very sturdy, he features a bidet type mechanism which us obviously where the er...waste products go. Plus something that resembles a boiler where all the clean water cones from. It's temperature controlled and has done shiny knobs which control the flushing mechanism, the speed if the water, the temperature and the power switch.

There is also a pipe that is see through so that your able to see all the things that come out of your stomach, this is a morbidly fascinating thing and you will sit there for most if the treatment looking at it.

I was given an introduction on the ways the tube could be inserted. Though I was listening to the advisor, I was horrifically mesmerised by the tube. It resembled a transparent toothbrush with a bend, but the part which you insert into your bottom is very small.

I was shown the difference in sizes that were available a few years ago, my knees threatened to buckle.

You are told to take off your clothes excluding the bra, (go figure) then you put on your hospital attire, booty out dressing gown and also given a cover to put over your legs. Then a buzzer that is fixed to a table next to you is pressed and you just sit down and wait for your therapist to come in and start the treatment.

So, I was given the option of inserting it myself or getting the therapist to do it for me, I tried to do it myself but couldn't quite understand how to manipulate my body at the right angle, so I pressed the buzzer for the therapist to do it, which I apologised. I was told to lie on my side, to relax and breathe in and woods, I felt the intrusion and then had to scoot closer to the bidet instrument in order to be connected to the pipe. On my back then legs places to keep me comfortable then the water is turned on.

You lie down on the contraption with your legs slightly elevated and spread hip width apart, it is quite comfortable except you know there is a foreign object in your bottom that shouldn't be there and it does play in your mind. Though it is only an inch that goes in your bottom, you do feel it. It's not pain, just a pressure in your body.

I didn't notice the therapist turn on the water, but she was surprised with how quickly the water was going into my colon and was telling me how important it was for me to drink at least 3 1/2litres of water a day, as apparently I have a dry colon.
I am dry it would seem internally... No words!

The water filling your stomach is a weird feeling, like your very full and cold at the same time, this dies give you goosebumps, just persevere. You will feel really full and your bottom will let you know and you have to push in order to get the water out, this is done repeatedly after the water fills your stomach. After a while you will start feeling cramps like mild period pain and you will feel the water get warmer and warmer.
My advice to you guys is try the warmer water as your body responds to warm water more than cold in general.

Your'e embarrassed at first as the therapist is talking to you as you have to push and so on and your'e making noises that aren't all that great at times. Therapist is very much accustomed to it, but will keep talking to you regardless as it's hard to talk when your body feels like water is filling constantly.

You are left sporadically to listen to soothing music, to gather your thoughts, so next time I'm bringing my own as the offered music is commercially boring rainforest sounds, random temple type music and so on... No offense to anyone by the way!

It does get intense at times, to the point where I was literally praying to get through it. Many times it will feel like you have lost the connection to the pipe, but with the water going in and out if your stomach you realise that the pipe hasn't dislodged at all.

Your stomach cramps can get really painful, but you can literally feel the water going into your stomach further and further the longer you stay there and you do feel better for the treatment.
With all the pushing you feel like you should be holding a baby or something at the end.

After you treatment you have to keep pushing until you feel your empty and then you are given a hose to clean up yourself, with wipes both wet and dry for extra comfort.

One thing that is worth mentioning, after a while if pushing you feel like the water is going everywhere, but it isn't as the bidet catches everything. Do but be alarmed!!!!

I was given some supplements to take which will help restore my good bacteria and also build it up.
I was also given a personalised sheet which told me what bit to eat and what to consume or avoid. It was rather very helpful actually.
I felt lighter inside straight after I got dressed. I also felt calmer for done reason, maybe I was just thankful I was free from the mini violation.
I will be going again on Friday as
in tomorrow for another treatment as I bought a course of 4 treatments so i will let you guys know the differences.

I was given an electrolyte after the teeatment and made to go toilet again, I was five going back home, but I was very tired and had to lie down for a few hours.

Your not allowed to eat red meat a week after your first colonic and no raw veg I till 24 hours after your colonic. Just to let you know!

I will update you guys on the second treatment.
I need this to work every which way.

I'm so ready for this new body it ain't even a joke!

2nd Colonic Hydrotherapy / Laser Hair removal Plan

Hey guys,

I had my second colonic today and I must say I'm feeling very good for the most part!
I am used to the unpleasant attachment process and I'm steadily accepting the slight discomfort and focusing only on the benefits.

My only pet peeve is that the therapist will talk and talk, all I want is to be left alone to do my thing.

With my upped intake of water, I had more results today and I am coming out of the dry colon specification, yay!

I felt a lot better this time round and strangely I was given a few drops of peppermint in my belly button to help relax my stomach and bowls.

I was given a heating pad and had both mechanical and manual massage. The manual massage is the uncomfortable one as it's a deep massage which helps move waste from the stomach.

My discomfort level is good and my pain level is great, I survived this session so that I was able to progress a lot more today.

I am seeing good effects with my skin being not so dry and I do feel lighter, I'm just trying to lose a good few pounds as I finish the course.

I am also going to be scheduling my laser hair removal ( I bought six sessions for the bikini line and armpit area) within the next 7 days if possible as I want to have at least 4 or 5 sessions before I fly out to Miami.

I do suffer from hyper pigmentation and ingrown hairs, so I'm hoping that the treatment will improve the whole pubic area!

The struggle is real!

I will keep you all informed!

New surgery date of November 17

Due to a death in my family and the imminent departure of another family member I will no longer be able to have my BBL for the 28th March.

I have been put on the waiting list for dates in July/August as this is my preference.

I have been given the new date of November 17th.

I'm gutted, but such is life, hopefully within a short while I will have good need and a new perfect date!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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