38 years old no kids getting boobs redone soon and wishing for a bbl :))

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I'm 37 years old. I used to be super skinny, too...

I'm 37 years old. I used to be super skinny, too skinny with no curves. At 20 years old I got breast implants and still have the same pair 17 years later. They gave me a boost of confidence! I later gained weight and magically had a big booty. But also with the butt I gained belly arms and fat face I didn't like. I lost some weight and am happy with my size overall, just need some stuff rearranged lol! I currently weigh 137 and I'm 5'7". I want a flat stomach small waist and projection to my butt. I have a full booty on the bottom but my back blends into the top part of my butt. I'm not sure what dr to choose but I'm leaning toward Salama. I don't have my finances in order but am getting a small inheirtance so that will cover my surgury. It's just a waiting game now. I'm so addicted to this site!

My before pics... need more curves

Do u guys think I'm a good candidate for bbl? I'll probably need to gain about 10lbs...

Real self is causing problems with home life!

So my boyfriend blew up on me. Said he don't want anything to do with me if I do this surgury. He said I'm obsessed with this site and I have problems. He says I'm going to botch myself and be a mess and he's not dealing with me after that. He thinks I'm selfish and greedy to use my money for this surgury. He said he is disgusted by me ever since I started talking about doing bbl. Side note: been together 15 yrs. I see so many girls with supportive husbands on here and I'm disappointed at his reaction. I don't know if he's being a hater or is honestly worried about my well being. This surgury could give me a pow body instead of an average body and I really wanna do it. But what do I do about him? I'm thinking I'll stay at a recovery house so he don't have to deal with me at my worst and he'll get over it. What do u guys think?

Dates available with Salama

So I sent pics to Dr Salama by email and Nancy responded. I talked to her by phone and she said I should probably gain 7-10lbs. She also said due to some cancellations from out of state patients not able to come, there are dates available Oct/Nov of this year. I'm not ready money wise and need to gain those lbs. But I thought some of u girls would love to have this info! Otherwise he's books until April I believe.

Need smaller waist and projection!

I want my dream body! I need a smaller waist and bubble butt then I'd look good in my clothes! Hope I can achieve the look I want with bbl!

Prayer before surgury

So I found this prayer on pinterest and thought I'd share it. Whenever I end up getting my surgury I will def use this!

Bump in the road

A month ago I was diagnosed with hashimotos thyroid disease/hypo thyroid. It's an autoimmune disease that attacks your thyroid. I'm now on a gluten, dairy, and soy free diet. I've lost 6 lbs which puts me at 132. I need to gain but can't eat shit! I'm feeling discouraged and wondering if this disease will effect my results and recovery. Do recovery houses deal with food allergies? Will they feed me s paleo diet? Anyone with hashimotos who has has bbl chime in pleeeeasssse!

Weight loss now I need to gain more

Before pictures

Wish pic

I love this projection. I think this size would fit me nice!

Waist to hip wish pic

I need this waist... wonder how big my ribs are! Lol

Some more before pics and pre surgury measurements

I want alot of before pics so there's something to compare after surgury! This is my good angle of my butt. My butt has some fullness to the bottom but none at the top. I always wear a shirt that strategically covers the top half of my butt, showing only the good part lol. After bbl I can wear anything and feel confident! I also wanted to do my pre weight gain for surgury measurements. They are 34D 28 38. After surgury I'm hoping to lose at least 1 or 2 inches in waist and gain at least 2 inchest in butt. Making waist to hip ratio more emphasized! Do u girls think that's possible???

When u wanna lose u can't but when u need the fat it falls off!

So I could never lose when I tried now that I need the fat it's falling off! Wtf! I took similar pics to my first before pics I took and I def lost! But I might be going on vacation in January so I'll keep it off till then, then start gaining! I'm posting my pics from today. Hopefully after procedure I'll be smaller than this in the waist and alot bigger in the booty

A girl can wish


I was sure I wanted Dr Salama but I recently read some reviews from a couple girls that are 1 year post op and they say their stomachs are very lumpy. They didn't provide pics which I hate bc i like to see and judge for myself bc us women are super critical of ourselves. Every dr has some complaints, I do understand. But I'm not willing to look good only in clothes or to trade a smooth belly for a lumpy one just to have a butt. I'm more afraid bc I'm small and aggressive lipo might leave me a mess. I see so many wonderful salama patients that recently had surgury. They don't look lumpy... maybe he changed his technique? I heard a small cannula produces better results for the stomach. At what stage did any dolls out there realize they were left with lumps that couldn't be massaged out? Any dolls who had surgury with great stomach results please comment who did surgury! I'm a perfectionist and want my whole body to look good. My stomach result is equally important as my booty result!

Should I even do this?

I'm flip flopping girls! Should I even do this? Will I be happy with my results? Should I chose Dr. Salama even tho I've been reading girls reviews that aren't happy bc they have lumps or even worse infections! My other choices would be hasan or del vecchio. But with the way things go at vanity sometime I wonder if the surgeon u pick is actually the surgeon who does the surgury! I like del vecchios results but I don't know... I'll prob need a recovery house and del vecchio in Boston does not have one. All the RH in Miami sound scary. I want a booty so bad but I want to love my results! I'm so confused at this point. I'm so worried about lipo results being uneven! I will not be happy! What should I do????

This is the difference about 10 lbs makes on me

This is the difference about 10 lbs makes on me. I was 137 now I'm 128lbs. I need to gain that 10 back and either 5 or 10 more pounds. I think 145 would give me good results. What do u guys think? I def gain in the belly!

In limbo...

I'm in limbo. I don't know what dr to choose. I will have my money for procedure by mid March. I don't wanna make an appointment til the money is in my hand. That's when I'll be able to buy supplies and book flights ect. I'm really hoping I'll be able to get someone's canceled appointment and won't have to wait long. I like hasans work but not the drama I hear about at vanity. I feel hasan does good work on slim girls and his fat sticks bc he injects in the muscle. I'm also interested in del vecchio and prob will do a Skype consult with him. I really want a dr to tell me how much to gain and I'm hoping I can maintain that weight after surgury so my booty sticks! My main concerns are my health issues and stomach results. I do not want a lumpy stomach, that's my biggest fear. I want to have a set plan, this is killing me. I'm so obsessed with this and I want everything to fall into place. Today I was buying clothes and all I kept thinking is my new booty is not gonna fit this shit!

All I want for Christmas is this booty!

All I want for Christmas is this booty!

Still haven't decided on a dr!

What a hard decision! I just want good results! I can't pick a dr.! I sent my pics to Vanity which I can't believe I did since they have a bad rep for customer service! I said I wanted Dr Hasan for surgury. They sent me back an email and said my bmi is 21 and they needed to see my wish pics to tell me if I should gain weight. I asked what type of lipo Dr Hasan uses and she said PAL. Power assisted lipo. She said the dr would go very aggressive on my stomach, I don't know if she meant to get the fat needed they would have to go aggressive. This is where the fear comes in bc i don't want a lumpy stomach! So... I'm just as confused as ever. Dr Salama, Dr Hasan, Dr Del Vecchio? ???? Del Vecchios office never contacted me after I requested a consultation. I wish I could go to FL and interview all the drs I'm interested in. This process is overwhelming me! I've stopped my gluten, dairy and soy free diet so I'm sure I'll gain about 10lbs which I need to get the results I want.


I was watching the Kardashians yesterday and I know Kylie Jenner joined her two sisters in the bbl sisterhood lol. She was walking in front of Tyga and he was like "it just jiggled" and she was all excited! Yup she's in her fluffing stage. So funny that I read into that shit. She looks amazing, I'd be thrilled with results like hers. Too bad she don't admit a bbl and I could know what dr she used lol!

This is exactly what I'm afraid of!

This girls results are my biggest fear. I found this on utube. She had a decent body to start. Her ass did turn out great but her stomach is horrible! Also I'm super concerned with my healing after surgury bc of my hashimotos disease. When u have autoimmune disease u have wide spread inflammation and surgury causes more inflammation. I'm worried scar tissue may be a side effect with my disease. Also I was interested in fillers or botox but read my body may reject those things and my autoimmune system may attack the foreign material injected! WTF! Anyone with autoimmune disease get bbl or botox/fillers?

Sent pics to Ron Hazani and got response

So one of the girls on RS suggested I check out Dr Hazani. I sent him an email and these pics I attached. He responded about 1 hour later which is amazing. But bad news is he said I don't have enough fat. (1st Dr to say that! )He suggested lipo for waist. It's so weird to get different responses from different drs. His work is nice...I'm disappointed, he didn't even say gain weight. He just said no :( look at all that juicy waist and flank fat doc, what are u talking about lol!

I try to imagine myself without these hunks of fat!

Email from Dr Ron Hazani

I hope someone can take my fat and turn it into a nice booty!

Playing with plastic surgury app

I'm no closer to picking a dr. I also don't think I've gained any weight yet. I need to get it together. Most important to me is getting the results I want not just getting the surgury. I need help from vets who love the dr they picked! Pleeeaaassse and thank u!

Sent these pics to del vecchio today!

Today I contacted Del Vecchios office. They were very nice and immediately sent me an email to send my pics to. I'm excited to hear back from him and I will keep u guys posted! I've been eating but haven't gained! Damn thyroid medicine doing its job lol! Del Vecchio dolls let me know if u think I'll have good results!

He didn't ask for did view but I included it

Dreaming of a better body

Wish pics!

Kailyn from teen mom is getting mommy makeover

Woke up to watch Super bbl Sunday on Dr Miami's snapchat and Kailyn from teen mom 2 is on there getting mommy makeover! Rema from bad girls club was on there recently too! He's the man!

So many opinions, which are true?

Since I'm undecided about which dr to choose, I spend alot of time reading different reviews from girls of all different drs and I've noticed each surgeon has so many different post op instructions! Massage is a big issue... some say start right away, some say wait 2 weeks then massage and some say no massage. Certain drs say massage helps skin heal and reduces fluid that becomes scar tissue if left others say massage is useless or even causes damage. Who do u believe? Ladies massage or nah? I def think I will want to but how long after surgury? Do u guys think it helps to get smoother belly results? I notice almost every girl goes thru lumpy phase, does it go away or are most stuck with some lumpiness permanently? Arm and thigh lipo are another shaky topic. Some girls get saggy or lumpy results from doing arm/thigh lipo and since I'm 37 I'm really worried how it would turn out. I guess it's normal to have fears and I'll keep researching til I figure out what to do!

Pinching my fat lmao

I've been eating up a storm...steak, nachos, white castle waffle breakfast sandwiches, crunchwrap sliders from Taco Bell, cookies, ice cream lmao! Far from my gluten, dairy, and soy free diet I was on a couple months ago! As far as a dr I'm still fucking confused! Following Hazani dolls, del vecchio, hasan (he's mia, feel so bad for girls with canceled appointments) and Salama . Don't know what will make my mind up. I'm hoping to have it figured out by the time I have the money. I've seen girls my exact size have some good results! I still wanna gain to be sure I'm not disappointed! Never thought I'd take pics showing off my fat! :)


Feeling super pessimistic, depressed & gloomy... so many thin girls are not having lasting results. Girls are posting that their butts are disappearing... I was planning on trying to do bbl by beginning of April but I have a formal event in May that I'll have to sit at. Then I'm wondering if I wanna waste my summer guarding my new ass fat. But then I take pics of myself and I know I'm not happy staying with this booty and little belly I got. I think I'm gaining but haven't weighed myself. I have so much anxiety!

Gained weight fast... feel fat!

Didn't decide on a dr but have been successful in gaining weight. I look like crap from only 8lbs. I have bat wings, bra rolls, double chin, fat thighs, belly and flanks are fat and hips look uneven, I have cellulite at this weight. I was this weight when I started my profile but after going down to 128 I now don't like this extra weight. Especially in pictures. I started getting cold feet and feeling like I gained weight for nothing. First I was super worried about bad lipo, now I'm seeing girls who are losing volume after 8-12 mos, reverting back to old booties. Sometimes I think staying on RS till 3 am is bad for me! Lol too much research has me trippin! But no matter how much I see that scares me, I also see amazing things that make me want this more than ever! I've been obsessing over this sx night and day forever! I really don't wanna gain alot more bc i can maintain this weight comfortably. Plus my weights going everywhere including my face so I'm not trying to have a big booty small waist and fat face lol. U guys think this is good. Maybe 5 lbs more? I can't believe what I did to my body in 1 mo. It will take me 6mo. to get back to that if I wanted to smh!

Why I'm always tripping

Thought I'd post some info

Hip unevenness with weight gain

Phone call from Del Veccio ;)

Today in the middle of a busy day (we had to go to hospital for a family member who had major surgury) my phone rings and it's him!! Dr Del Vecchio!! So I'm in the hospital with random people around asking about bbl! He said I'm good with the weight I gained and could prob get 1200 cc's each side. That would be good with me! I forgot to ask him so many things, I'm so mad at myself. I was caught off guard! He was very nice and asked about my dog in the pics I sent him lol! I'm waiting for a quote from javonica. So I'm kinda excited again. Flipping instead of flopping lmao

Wow really!??? Guess I really need a bbl!

Today I heard a kid about 17 say damn she's really cute them his boy was like who? He said her, about me, then his boy goes "no she's not, she don't got a booty" I was like okay your rude! They were no more than 4 feet away from me when they had this conversation! So I posted what I was wearing today with my no booty! I guess I really do NEED bbl!

weight is holding steady, not trying to gain

I'm 135lbs right now. My belly and arms are gross. I'm not trying to gain right now bc I don't have my money for bbl. I'm leaning towards del vecchio but until I have my money I'll keep researching. I saw on snapchat that dr miami trained a MN Dr named Christopher Balgobin. Anyone know anything about him? I saw 1 bbl result on snap and it looked good but I can't find much on him. Just curious...

Wish I already had bbl

Today I went dress shopping for an upcoming event. Everything looked like shit on me. Fitted long dresses made me look big. Couldn't show my back. Arms looked like a football player. I'm gonna have to get a flowy dress and those didn't even look good. I was hoping to already have bbl before this event so I could ROCK any dress and look the bomb. Now in just gonna look mediocre. Gonna try to dress shop another day, hope it goes better. In regular clothes I can make my body look good. Not in these dresses!

For my rsbff

Started working out

So since I don't have my money for bbl yet and summer is coming, I decided to start working out a little. I'm @ 139lbs. I easy gain when I don't work out so I'm not worried about gaining if I lose a few lbs. I really wanted bbl before summer but it looks like it will be after... so for now, I gotta try to whip what I got into shape. :\

I think 1200 ccs on top of what I got would be perfect

Maybe coolsculpting instead of bbl

For anyone who knows me on this site...I've researched and flip flopped a dozen times! I've seen some unfavorable bbl results along with beautiful results. Im fearful of being one of the girls who regret bbl. Lately I've been thinking about coolsculting instead of bbl. Just wondering if anyone has experience with it and had significant results? Even tho I'm afraid I'll regret bbl, I still can't stop stalking everyone's results. I'm a mess!!

No bbl for me

I think this journey ends here for me bc i found out my inheritance money is way less than anticipated! I still need to replace my breast implants and my dog needs surgury. I'm super disappointed but still feel blessed to be getting anything. So for now girls I'm stuck how I am... smh!

Blinski 800ccs??

I decided before I give up on my bbl dream to look into Blinski since he's half the price of the others drs I was interested in and he doesn't have many bad reviews (or many reviews at all..which sucks) I'm not on instagram to see his work there either. But anyways, I've emailed and sent pics. He respondes quickly but said u only have 2/3 liters of fat and prob would only get 800 cc's in each side. Ugh! That's 400 less ccs per side than del vecchio said. So... is 800ccs worth the chance of lipo imperfections and all the trouble of the sx? Any blinski girls get only 800 ccs?

Off the bbl subject I know, but I went to see my plastic sx about replacing my breast implants

I went to the plastic surgeon who did my boobs 18 years ago, Dr Raj Gupta to discuss replacing implants. He laughed and joked about how proud he was of his work and how good my boobs held up. I showed him the breast with the dent in the cleavage that kinda falls into the armpit if I lay down. He agreed I needed a repair to that pocket. He quoted me 5200 which is about what I paid 18 years ago. He agreed I should stick with saline bc of my hashimotos/hypothyroid disease. He was impressed that I don't have any rippling along the edges and said that's what he doesn't like about saline but I didn't have that problem. I told him when I was skinnier I could see rippling but not anymore after I've gained weight thru the years. He measured my nipple position and said I have no sagging, whoo hoo! Problem is bc I got implants so long ago he doesn't have my info any more! ?? He guessed that I'm 400 ccs high profile. He said I could go a little bigger this time. I haven't booked my appointment yet. I'm going on Vaca soon and don't wanna have to protect new boobies. I'll get them within the next few months. Still unsure if I can afford bbl. I also been thinking about getting botox and lip filler for the first time, anybody know good place in Michigan? I'm super afraid to touch my face but at 38 I'm kinda ready for a pick me up. I've been walking, walking, walking tryna tone up and I remember why I want bbl. This stubborn little belly don't budge! Hopefully I can afford everything I want and feel good about my body for once!

Zoom whitening

I got zoom whitening last week. I went to my family dentist I've been going to my whole life. She told me bc my teeth weren't bad I wouldn't see a huge difference. I appreciated her warning but still got it. $300. It wasn't too bad but there is some burning pain. For 24 I had sensitivity and some random pains but nothing too bad. My teeth are def whiter but not a crazy difference. I'm happy tho. Tomorrow I'm going for botox/lip filler for first time! Can someone say mid life crisis! Lol I wish I had enough money for bbl. I shoulda saved this money towards it but I need instant gratification at this point. I'm super worried about injections. Everyone who I've mentioned it to says I don't need it and to leave my face alone. I'm going on vacation and wanna look my best but prob can't afford to keep up afterwards, hope I look normal when it wears off and not worse than when I started!

Is Hasan back????

So I got this in my email today and was like what? Is Hasan really back?

I might cancel my appointment for botox/lip filler bc of hashimotos

I've been reading tons of info saying if u have autoimmune disease fillers and botox could cause other immune diseases or a flare up. I have hashimotos hypothyroid. So what? I have to age and can't do anything about it? The lady at the plastic surgeons office said it's safe and shouldn't be a problem. I'd have to do procedure without numbing agents bc of hypothyroid too, sounds scary. Anyone here with autoimmune disorders and getting injections? So many different opinions! What should I do? ?

I canceled my appt today

I decided not to go thru with botox and fillers bc of reading so much about it causing problems with autoimmune diseases. It's fucked up bc I don't wanna risk getting more sick to look better for a few months. Not worth it. Sucks that these things aren't an option for me. Super disappointed! I don't understand why the cosmetic facilities all say it's safe but people are on here saying they had a light case if lupus then after injections went into full blown lupus. And another had hashimotos like me and her antibodies sky rocketed which is the last thing I need bc mine are always over 1200. I think I'm just being responsible with my health bc who wants to look better but me stuck in the bed. And 3/4 months later botox wears off but your stuck with your autoimmune prob. I'll just save this money towards bbl!

3 mos of working out with minimal changes. Stuck going on vacation not feeling confident. Still want bbl

I've been walking 5 miles from 4-7 times a week for 3 months and lifting very light weight to tryna tone arms. I'm super disappointed. I've been eating less and making healthier choices. I'm just not seeing my work pay off. I have midriff fat then a lower belly bulge that will not budge. Also bra fat rolls. I weigh exactly the same (137) as when I started walking. If I can save enough money after breast implant replacement sx, I'm def gonna get bbl. I need some help with that waist and some more ass lol. I wanna feel confident. I'm gonna be hiding my tummy on vacation this time around. And I was super motivated but it just wasn't enough. Maybe being 38 and hypothyroid are the reason for exercise not being super successful. Damn I wish I could get that hourglass figure! Gonna keep praying for bbl ;)

Getting new boobs July 19 017 Started new reviews

Come follow my journey

Today was my post op and I'm feeling depressed :(

Post op appt was today. Dr Gupta was very satisfied w/how I look. Me on the other hand not so much. Ik I'm super early in healing process, 5 days post op. He said I had a capsular contracture on my left side, the one that was high and appeared smaller. He cut out a big piece of scar tissue that he said was like cardboard( the breast never felt hard to the touch surprisingly) that breast looks great. My other breast that had the stretched pocket looks very oddly shaped at the fold underneath. That breast use to look bigger and I actually liked the appearance of it before surgery except that it fell into my armpit when I laid down. My nipples are very far to the sides. He says he had to over correct the pocket so I didn't have problems in the future. Somehow this breast looks smaller than the other now and it use to be the large one. I'm being very critical rn and need to give it some time. I'm praying I don't get another capsular contracture! I was able to shower and take tape off nipples. My bottom of my boobs are super numb at this point. I felt kinda nauseous during shower. I got 2 Victoria secret pull over sports bras. It was hell lifting my arms to get it on, boyfriend had to pull it on for me. I'm going to post pics. Please any comments and suggestions very welcome!! Dr okayd be for work on Saturday. I have another appt in a week to remove stitches.

Up and downs are real lol

Feeling a lot better emotionally today. Boobs are less swollen and stomach bloat went down a little. I look 100% more normal today. Still far from perfect but what a difference a day can make. I'll post my next pics Wednesday after stitches come out!

I week po...boobs

Looking much better than 2 days ago!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I haven't booked an appt or had consultation yet

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