28th of March, the Beginning of my Rhinoplasty Adventure! - Finland, FI

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So, I finally had the courage to do something...

So, I finally had the courage to do something about that one "little" thing that had bothered me for most of my life. My nose and the big size of it pretty much dominated my life and was standing in the way of me being 100% of a person that I felt inside. It was holding me back in many aspects of life. I've been considering surgery for atleast 15 years, but only recently I felt I was ready for it. I'm ready to turn a new chapter in my life. I don't want to hold myself back anymore and I want to start living the life I was ment to live. My new life story begun 28th of March and I wish it will have a happy ending.

I've uploaded few picture to visualize my rhinoplasty experience so far. More detailed info coming later.

Thank you all for your kind comments :) So few...

Thank you all for your kind comments :)
So few words of my recovery and the procedure itself. I had the operation done in Helsinki, Finland by Dr. Ståhlberg. Rhinoplasty is not a common procedure in Finland, but I trusted my surgeon 100%. He and the hospital staff made the surgery experience wonderful. I remember going to the hospital, laughing in the operation room, then waking up. I would call it a nap of a life time! I woke up with an extremely dry mouth and a little bit of pain. Both of those were quickly taken care of by a nurse who was sitting closely to me when I woke up.

The word best describing the next 3 days after surgery is discomfort. Not really any pain (except from the swelling and pressure from cast), but not being able to breathe through your nose and sleeping in sitting position are not the most pleasant things to experience. However, you'll get over it. Main thing was to focus on getting better and not worrying too much. I drank lots of fluids, mainly water and ate fruits and vegetables in many different forms. My apetite was pretty much normal, except on the day of surgery. I had some bruising under my eyes, but those were gone in about 5 days. The swelling still keeps on going strong, but now it's mainly on the tip. And I need to remind myself everyday that only time will heal it. There's nothing I can do about it and I need to stop paying attention to it everytime I look into the mirror! However, even with the swelling I'm starting to really like my new nose.

Getting the cast off was extremely exciting and made me more nervous than pre-op. The cast came off quite nicely, but when I saw myself in the mirror I was in shock. I really did not like what I saw. My nose was very swollen and the bridge was very wide. But ones the swelling went down a bit, I started to see the shape of my new nose, and that was nice to look at.

Tomorrow I will return to work. I believe that people won't notice the difference, thanks to the swelling and in a way it makes it easier to go infront of people who doesn't know about the surgery. The swelling actually gives you more time to adapt to the change and won't make it too drastic. But if someone does notice and asks me something about it, I'm going to be totally honest. There's nothing to be ashamed of (I learned that by repeating that to myself several time) and it really doesn't matter what other people think.
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