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I am a 29 year old, single mother, with one...

I am a 29 year old, single mother, with one beautiful lil boy. He is my angel and I love him to death but darn if he didn't do a number on mommy's tummy. Haha!

Background on me:
In May of 2007 I was a size 10 weighing in at about 160 lbs. I have never been a tiny girl so 160 was a nice size for me. It looked right and I felt great. I walked around the beach that year in my nice new bikini. Then 6 weeks later I found out I was pregnant. I was over the moon! I had a great pregnancy. My 160 lbs went to about 230 lbs by the end. I looked like I was going to have twins, but instead I had a tiny 6 lbs lil boy. Well all that stretching left mommy with a new tummy. Or should I say an extra tummy, some stretch marks, hips, and thighs that like to hug tight to each other. Haha.

Well about 4 months after his birth my ex and I split, my father was diagnosed with brain cancer, I quit my job, sold my house, left my friends and family behind, and moved half way across the country to help my mom take care of my dad (and so my son would get to know his grandpa).

So here is it three years later. My son turned 3 in Feb, both my grandparents passed last summer, my dad passed on 14 Feb 2011 (this is still a hard one, but I was able to say goodbye so I am doing ok), and I have only been on 3 dates. Oh and did I mention I am turning 30 on 12 May.

So why did I choose PS:
Simple! I want to feel great again, I want that self confidence I had 4 years ago, I want to walk down the beach this summer in that bikini, I want to go on a date and feel sexy in the new dress I bought and not worry if he can see the rolls hanging over my jeans, I want to smile when I look in the mirror, I want to enjoy going shopping again. That's why. Not for anyone, but me! This is going to be my birthday gift to myself and if i counts also my mother's day gift. :)

Have I had PS before:
Yes. In 2004 I had my breast size reduced. I went from a still growing F to a small C. Before my son was born they grew back to a large DD. After his birth they were back at an F. And now they have gone back down to a full DD.

Even though they are large again they are lighter so I am ok with the size. I hate the scars I was left with ) mostly the ones on the sides - they are wider than they should have been and sometimes fold over funny (I plan to tattoo over them one day). The doctor I had was not the greatest and I regret using him. I should have followed my gut and gone with where and who I felt comfortable with. That is my goal this time. I am going to trust my gut!

How did I choose this:
I have been looking into this for about 2 and a half years now. I found a surgeon who came recommended and oddly is only 10 minutes down the street (not the reason I am going to him). My neighbor has had friends who have gone to him and his other members, the girl who waxes my brows got her boobs done by him, and my family doctor sends patients to him for vanity reasons to reconstructive reason. So I went in about two weeks ago for a consultation. I immediately felt comfortable, the staff was very pleasant, and the surgeon told me the truth with no sugar coating (I appreciate that). I went in only wanting lipo but asked about a FTT. The doctor said I would be miserable if I just got lipo alone and would probably be pissed at him, because my skin is so loose around the tummy that lipo would just make extra saggy skin. Not cool! So after talking with him We decided on a FTT and doing lipo on my whole back, my sides, and my inner thighs.

I went home thought about it some more. Made a few phone calls. And that next day I called and said when can you get me in. I figure if I am going to do this why wait around when I already know my answer.

What am I feeling now:
Excitement! - what am I going to be able to fit again. what new things can i buy. how often am I going to stare at my tummy in the mirror and smile. i wonder if I will get more dates because I will exude more self confidence.

Nervousness! - This is surgery that's a huge deal and a scary thing. Is my scar going to be straight. Is my belly button going to be huge. Is my belly button going to be too high or too low? what is something goes wrong. what if I don't heal right. Will people notice and look down on me for doing something that makes me happy.

If any has questions for me please feel free to ask. I am an open book.


The Technical Terms: Abdominoplasty -...

The Technical Terms:
Abdominoplasty - Full
Liposuction - Upper Posterior Trunk
Liposuction - Medial Thighs
Liposuction - Mid Posterior Trunk
Liposuction - Hips

OMG! I am so nervous. Surgery is a huge deal. As I...

OMG! I am so nervous. Surgery is a huge deal. As I said before I am a single mother and I know how big a deal surgery is (even the most routie ones), so I made a will. Is that crazy? I just want to cover my bases for my son. I don't want his crazy father to get custody of him.

Even though I am nervous I am over the moon excited too. I pulled out all my old shirts and hung them up in my closet. Wow to be able to wear the things I could wear just a few years ago and look good in them again makes me so happy.

To have that personal self confidence back makes this whole procedure so worth it!

I will post before pictures later today - Yuck! hahaha
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