Awaiting Full T/T with Lipo on February 8, 2011...SCARED AND HAVING DOUBTS! - Fayetteville, GA

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12 years ago I decided to get my body back. I had...

12 years ago I decided to get my body back. I had gained a significant amount of weight after my first child and with the aid of weight watchers, I lost 30 pounds. I had my second child in late 2003 and got back to my pre-baby weight fairly quickly.

Then in January of 2007, I started exercising and the results were fabulous - I went from a size 10/12 to a size 6/8. But even with the exercising I could not lose the sagging belly with stretch marks above and below. I have this pouch that shows under my clothes. I do not want to lose and more weight. I have been counting down the days to my surgery in February and now after reading some of the horror stories, I am having second thoughts. Some say the swelling never goes down - that scares me to death. There are also the stories of severed nerves causing excruciating pain. I know that there are do the anticipated results outweigh them? I have found the stories here extremely inspiring. I am still moving forward with my surgery. Does everyone have these fears pre-op?

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