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After years, and I mean years, (I am 44, my...

After years, and I mean years, (I am 44, my youngest child is 13) I've hated my boobs. I called them socks hanging from my chest. I didn't allow my husband to touch them because I was so mortified by the sag. I hated bathing suits and bras. When my 20yr old daugther and my hair dresser said to each other "why doesn't she just do it?" it finally resonated with me. I had seen 4 plastic surgeons over the years and just couldn't come to grips with putting a foreign object in my body. I didn't want to look fake and I didn't want to feel them in me every day of my life.

Over the years I have asked everyone that I know had implants what their experience was and found not one person that regretted it. They all said for me to do it that I would love it. I did it on March 14. Thanks to Dr. Feldman, who made me feel comfortable and helped me make the decision on saline or silicone and what size I should go with. He also would have allowed my husband in the OR to look at the sizing, but my husband chickened out. The outcome...pain has been tolerable, my right breast hurts way more than the left and it has some funky vibration thing going on in it. The nurse says it is air. ??

The worst part for me is keeping a bra on 24/7. I am so sick of pressure from bras on my ribcage, but not having pressure on the breasts is super painful. Showering is a tad torturous. Getting up from laying down hurts a lot too. I've tried to go with just tylenol yesterday and ended up almost in tears last night from pain and had to take 2 hydrocodones. I have 300cc's in my right, and 330 in my left(Mentor Smooth Round Moderate Plus Profile Saline implant). Went with saline because I couldn't handle silicone mentally safe or not. The swelling is far greater in my right. (has more pain too, I think because I use my right hand to do everything, brushing hair, teeth, wiping counters etc.) I am happy so far. Ready to be healed and start exercising again. Glad I did it for sure. Should have done it sooner.

Had my 2 week post-op check up today. They took...

Had my 2 week post-op check up today. They took off the steri strip tape and trimmed the stitches and then reapplied fresh tape. I took a quick pic to see what it looked like without the yucky tape and was amazed at how small my areola is. So young looking. It's been over 20 years since I had that! I finally remembered to ask why I don't have an incision underneath my breast in the fold and was told they were able to accomplish the lift without it. wooohooo. Still taking it easy even though I wanna exercise desperately. I had good advice from a friend "listen you to your doctor, you have beautiful boobs now and don't want to make them ugly by pulling or tearing something that was still healing" Thanks Leslie, I am repeating that daily! I do have some aches and a lot of itching but that is the extent. My car door blew open earlier and I grabbed it to keep it from hitting the car next to me and the wind was so fierce it kept pulling the door and it really hurt my left breast, but hopefully no damage was done.

So, I am 3 weeks post op now and having a freak...

So, I am 3 weeks post op now and having a freak out. I went bra-less last night while watching tv and started noticing a tightness in my chest on the right side, almost like cutting off breathing. I then noticed my implant was sitting way higher. Of course I went straight to the computer to look up capsular contracture, and everything I read says it most likely doesn't happen at 3 weeks, but it is not impossible. Well, my right boob is not near as soft as the left and it doesn't move around as much and feels like it is pressing down on my chest. I took a pain pill last night that was anti inflam also, hoping to help me calm down and sleep (it didn't) I called my PS and they can't see me till Monday. I have read every post on CC and started taking Vit E and was already on Claritin for allergies, I am doing massages too. I just want to drug up and sleep and pass the weekend away till Monday, but I can't. I am soooo worried. Hopefully it is just muscle spasms, but I doubt it.
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