36 Years Old, 2 Breastfed Babies, Currently a Small 34 C, Getting 475 Cc Mentor Memory Gel - Fayetteville, AR

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I have been wanting to have my breasts enhanced...

I have been wanting to have my breasts enhanced ever since I stopped breast feeding. I was lucky enough to exclusively BF both of my babies, so I often joke from the financial aspect, the "girls" earned it! I recently started getting back into fitness, and wanted to wait on the BA until I completed a half-marathon. However, my husband wanted me to consider it sooner (go figure!). After talking to the Dr, I became super excited and could not wait any longer, either! I am nervous about the recovery, but all in all, so ready to do this!

2 Days Pre-op and nerves are getting the best of me

I have been so excited about the procedure; however, now I am second guessing everything. It started with the size (which I know i will be happy with), and now I am dreading the down-time so much I just want to call it off. I have 2 littles (4 and 5 - 1/2 yo), and the idea of them not being able to depend on makes me want to cry. My husband is fantastic, and I know he will be just fine but I am their mommy. I hope this is just typical pre-op jitters.

"B-Day" (aka surgery day)

Today at 8:38 I walked the threshold of the OR. By 10:10 is was headed to my car! Wow it went by so quickly! Albeit I'm sure the good meds are still in my system, but all in all I feel pretty darn good! I've been up walking, and even enjoyed some time on our back porch.

My dr called an audible and decided that due to my assume they he would like me to consider 25 cc larger in my L breast. So we went 500 / 475 cc. Although I knew to expect this (because of lurking on all of your reviews), I still find myself shocked at how high these girls are riding!

My husband has been super awesome! Even surprised me with a lovely "happy boob day" bouquet.

Well that I all for now. I will update again later.

Attached are my before photos.

Day 1 Post-op

Today was the day I anticipated being the worst. I woke up rather tight and found it difficult to get out of my bed (husband to the rescue). Once I was up, I walked around for a few mins and have felt pretty great since. Tightness and pressure is certainly present, but I've managed to stay ahead of the pain. I even managed to wash a few dishes, until I was caught and sent out of the kitchen. Ha!

As far as the boobies go, they look huge!! I know I am really swollen/bloated but WOW! I'm still in my wrap the dr put on and can't take it off to bathe until tomorrow. Oh the anticipation! I just pray these things go down a little very soon. I've tried making this procedure discrete, but it will be hard to hide boobs under my chin! ;-)

I will post pics tomorrow once they are free for a moment. I hope all you lovely ladies are doing fantastic, as well!

Post Op Day 2

So yesterday I posted about how good I was feeling, but last evening took a turn for the worse. I believe it's because I over did it, and caused myself a decent amount of pain last night. I did wake up feeling better today, and decided that was my cue to slow down a bit.

I was finally able to take my first shower today, and see the "sisters." If it hadn't been for this site and the mental preparation for the big reveal, I'm afraid I would have completely lost it! I am so appreciative that I "knew" what to expect. With that said, the deformity and high ride still got to me a little. I was emotional and told my husband I hated them. He assured me that they looked better than he expected at day 2, and it would only get better. I know it's true, but it's hard to grasp sometimes.

I hope all you other lovely ladies are doing well.

11 Days Post-op

Just a quick update since it has been a while... Early Sunday morning I developed a fever (102.6 orally). I have heard of others in my area being sick, so I anticipated sinus related symptoms to ensue. By Monday morning my fever was still persistent but still no other symptoms. I called the PS office to confirm there was nothing to be worried about in relation to the BA, and they assured me that unless I was having pain or my incisions seem infected, it was not probable to be related. (Phew!!). I still don't know what's causing the fever, but it seems to be getting better, so likely just a virus. Other than that anomaly, healing seems to be on the right path. I get sharp sensations in my breast frequently, which are from the nerves healing. It feels weird and shocking sometimes, but I know it's normal.

Every day seems to be better as far as the "boobie blues" go. I am still riding very high, but the nurse reassured me that was still to be expected, and when I have my sutures removed on Wednesday, I will receive instruction for massaging. I'm just overly eager for the drop and fluff...patience is not my strong suit. ;)

I hope all you ladies are doing great in your healing process! And good luck to those of you awaiting your surgery date!

Post-op Appointment - Sutures Removed

Today I had my first post-op appointment where the PS removed my sutures. Because I am still a bit tender at my incision, I had somewhat dreaded this appointment. However, I did not even feel them come out! :) I received instructions on "exercises" to help move the implants down. The Dr. said everything looked great, and I was on track. I tried to talk him into some light exercising, but he shot me down. He reminded me the first 3 weeks were the highest risk for bleeding issues, and told me to go for gentle walks if I was feeling antsy. So I will be a "good listener" (this is the verbiage we use with our 4 year old), and do as I am told. :)

It was a relief to hear that I am on track with the healing process.

I hope you all are doing well, also! Happy Hump Day!
Fayetteville Plastic Surgeon

Dr Vanderpool and his team are amazing! I cannot express the respect I have for Dr Vanderpool and his work. Several years ago, Dr Vanderpool performed a different procedure for me. The results were perfect, and it gave me a confidence I had not known before. When I started considering Breast Augmentation there was no other choice for me than Dr Vanderpool. He is an exceptionally skillful surgeon with a warm, welcoming manner. From the time I scheduled the consultation for my Breast Augmentation, to the scheduling of the procedure, I felt comfortable and valued by each person I encountered. The consultation was something I had anxiety about prior, but Michelle and Dr Vanderpool made it an enjoyable and encouraging experience. They were both very helpful in determining the optimal breast size that suited my body shape. I am confident that I will love the results!

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