61 Y/o Hoping to Help Atrophic Vaginitis - Farmington, MI

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Being post menopausal, there are many noticeable...

Being post menopausal, there are many noticeable changes in my body. The vagina is especially hard hit, had I known the repercussions , I would've chosen to take estrogen replacement . However, I was encouraged and excited to read and research ThermiVa. I found Dr Joseph Berenholz, the only provider in Mochigan ( Farmington) to offer this treatment. My expectations were to maintain vaginal area, like the rest of my body ! To increase vaginal secretions , help mild urinary stress incontinence and improve orgasms.
I had my first treatment yesterday, took about 30 minutes. Was very comfortable , maybe even somewhat pleasurable. Today notice increase in vaginal lubrication, I'm so pleased to have found Dr Berenholz! The fees include a total of 3 treatments a month apart. I have 2 more treatments, and am excited for more improved results.
Regarding the orgasmic issues --- (of course I had to do my own research)--
Last night, I had the most intense orgasm than I had in more than 15 yrs.
I'll keep you updated as my treatments progress.

Thermiva after third treatment

OMG!! What more can I say? My life and relationship with my husband is so enhanced by the wonderful outcome from Thermiva treatments. I just had my third and final procedure. I will be having touch up procedure every 9 to12 months.
Let's start with the fact that I had a hysterectomy and removal of left tube and ovary when I was 39 ( for severe endometriosis) . I started having menopausal symptoms at 43. I did not take any hormone replacement therapy, and, in hindsight, had I known the repercussions-- and how the quality of my relationship and intimacy with my husband would be affected--- I would've made a different choice.
By my 50's I had severe vaginal dryness and pain and vaginal tearing / bleeding with intercourse, by my late 50's my relationship w my husband was celebate for almost 2 .5 yrs, he was not wanting to face his ED issues , and my libido was nil.
Approx 1 yr ago , we decided we were going to seek help/- I went w my husband to his urologist and we had a frank discussion, and prescribed treatment which was successful for him. My gynecologist prescribed estrogen vag cream for me--- and without successfully resolution of my difficulties . Then , 4 /5 months ago I saw a presentation on "The Doctors " about Thermiva . The ThermiVa web sites led me to Dr Joseph Berenholz, the only provider in my state of Michigan that does these treatments. What a wonderful kind man, how he changed my life and relationship!
My libido is unbelievable, my husband is a very happy and satisfied man -- 32 yrs of marriage -- to go from celebate to newlyweds!! He says my vag area is like a faucet is down there!!(excuse my graphic statement). Orgasms are like nothing like I remember from my youth. I've never had multiple orgasms until this past month!! I'm peaking sexually in my 60's , I would've never believed it possible!!
As far as urinary stress incontinence , about 90% resolved, if my bladder was full, in the past, and I coughed or sneezed-- I lost a significant Amount of urine-- nor it's only a drop or 2 . After this last treatment, today, I expect it to be totally resolved.
I can't tell you how much the quality of mine and my husbands life has changed.

1 month after my third ThermiVa treatment

My life and relationship couldn't be better. The vaginal moisture, pain free intercourse, and easy, intense orgasms have improved even more over the course of the month. My husband is amazed how tight I am, hence improving the quality of his orgasms. And no more stress urinary Incontinence ! I haven't worn a pad in 3 wks! This is such a life changer. My husband calls me his new woman, and he definitely is my new improved man. Thank you Dr Berenholz.!

2 months post Thermiva Procedures

I feel like a new woman, my relationship w my husband has never been this great , my whole being is happy and fulfilled, my friends, family and coworkers have asked me why I'm so happy all the time-- and I just respond "I'm high on life"-- and I do talk to my girl friends about how Thermiva has changed my life, Incl one good friend, my age, who hadn't had intercourse w her husband in years. I hope that my passion for this treatment came across to her--
Now, because my husband has said he can't remember me being this tight ( vaginally) , he , initially, was having premature ejaculation problems ( something he never did the prior 35 yrs). While he was adjusting to this new sensitivety, I noticed, after the second Thermiva treatment-- that my orgasms are like I've never experienced before. Multiple orgasms are the rule, rather than the exception. I've never had multiple irgasms prior to Thermiva. This brings up a question, I've read nothing in the Thermiva Testimonies about this treatment causing them to have the ability to ejaculate with orgasm? After my second treatment , I noticed , during intercourse, I " squirted" approximately 2-3 oz of fluid from my vagina. My husband and I were surprised-- the fluid didn't look or smell like urine, looked clear. We were puzzled , at first. I had a very intense pressure like sensation, extremely pleasurable , just prior to the ejaculate. This was not exactly like my clitoral orgasm, which proceeded the ejaculate orgasm by 1-2 min. Now , over 2 months later, I have this new type of orgasm 75% of time, we have intercourse 3 times per week. FYI: I make sure my bladder is fully empty, prior-- and the ejaculate is definetly coming out vaginally, not urethral .
Anyone else noticing anything like this?
Anyway, I love it , you can't have too many way to orgasm, I suppose.
As I've told Dr Berenholz, the $3000 I paid for these treatments was nothing compared to how Thermiva has changed the quality of my life. There's no price I wouldn't pay for this result!! Best money I ever spent!!

G Spot ejaculate

I've been trying to figure out where this forceful orgasmic spray is coming from, But I don't think it's vaginal, now--I believe that the spray/squirt comes from an area near my urethral opening. It is not urine, and it doesn't feel like I'm emptying my bladder. The escalating urethral pressure that peaks prior to the release of this substance, is extremely pleasurable orgasm, equal to my clitoral orgasm, which sometimes occurs simultaneously, or within a minute or so after ejaculate. My bladder is always emptied prior to coitus. Also the quality of this new orgasm increases over time. Anyone else experience this after ThermiVa? I've not seen any postings about this, even on ThermiVa website.

3 months post last ThermiVa treatment

Things couldn't be better! My 2(!) orgasms ( w ejaculate) are stronger and last longer than ever. Good thing I'm an athlete, because I don't think the average 61.5 y/o heart could take this intensity, LOL ! Lubrication is better than ever- I swear, this is the best time of my life with my husband of 35 yrs! My USI is great, no more pads or leakage! My doctor is so impressed w my results and ability to describe theses amazing results, that he put me in his commercial for patient testimony. My husband says I'm tighter and wetter than when he met me when I was 26y/o.
How's that for ThermiVa testimony! Much more than I ever expected.

Thermiva Testimony video

Thermiva Testimony by canag54
I wanted to verbally document my amazing ThermiVa results with this video!!

As Requested: The ThermiVa Commercial I'm giving patient testimony .

Dr Joseph Berenholz Thermiva Commercial
The 30 sec ThermiVa commercial started playing on WXYZ, the ABC affiliate in the Metro Detroit area March 2016. Dr Berenholz was impressed by the 2 written testimonials that I wrote after my first and third treatment. Funny side note: I agreed to do the patient testimonial in Nov 2015--with further info to be given to me when arrangements were made for the shoot. I had a message on my answering machine on Jan 6 th, 2016 the afternoon I came home from the hospital after my 7.5 hr circumferential abdominoplasty, on the 5th of Jan. The message was from Dr Berenholz with the information that the camera and reporter would be at his office at 10:00am on Jan 8th---2 days later! Well, my husband took the day off and drove me there--and surprisingly, they made me look pretty good, despite dropping my hemoglobin 2.5 gms and feeling like a wet noodle! Great experience and glad I did it.

5 months post last procedure

Everything is as described previously, just enhanced 10 times more!! Lubrication is better than ever, no more pain with intercourse! ( which was my reason for the procedure in the first place). All the enhanced perks were such a welcome surprise! Best money ever spent!!

Maintenance treatment 10 months post first ThermiVa procedure

Aug 24, 2016 I had my maintenance treatment-- my results remain fantastic! But a few weeks prior--I noticed slight urine leakage during my abdominal crunches with 25 lb weights.
3 days post procedure -- didn't have problem during my workout last night.
So very pleased!

2 wks after maintenance ThermiVa treatment on Aug 23rd, 2016:

I had noticed a resumption of slight urinary dribbles with exercise the last few weeks. (Especially when I do my ab crunches with 35# weights! Lol.)
My dear Dr Berenholz just smiles and says what's wrong with doing regular abdominal crunches? ( I like to "up my game")
And I had noticed a slight decrease in lubrication-- not to the point of painful intercourse, but needing to add personal lubricant.
This was 10 months after my first treatment, last year. And I knew there was the maintenance with ThermiVa, since it doesn't stop the aging process.
But this second treatment was about half the price of a single treatment cost $1250). So my out of pocket cost was $650.
Well worth it for all the results and fix for my issues. I personally have decided to get repeat treatments every 6 months on a regular basis, to maintain my status quo.
Now, no worries doing my weighted ab crunches! And moisture is improved!
I recently did a HealthWorks feature with Fox2detroit.com about ThermiVa and its miraculous results. I was interviewed by Deena Centofanni. The web site is as noted, if you want to view. When you get to local affiliate web site www. Fox2detroit.com/health/203663505-strong#9LMhi2EU. OR just go to web site and scroll to Healthworks, click on it-- the segment is titled: Incontinence and women.
It was first aired September 8, 2016.

1.5 yrs post initial ThermiVa treatment treatments for vaginal pain, tearing of thinning mucosal tissue w penetration

Just scheduled my second ThermiVa maintenance for March 14 , 2017, with Dr Berenholz. Not having any diminished results, just decided that I'm not going to wait for symptoms of atrophic vaginitis to happen, or USI . I'll be scheduling these treatments every 6 months as advised by Dr Berenholz.
I cannot help but , again, express how the quality of our relationship has intensified and evolved over the last 1.5 yrs/- we've never reached this level of emotional heights and connection. I know, you're thinking-- what has that got to do with ThermiVa? But, for almost a decade we have been emotionally distancing ourselves as a couple, I was depressed, felt unloved and unwanted, I didn't feel feminine. I avoided the least amount of affection, because of the let down of physical contact. ThermiVa gave us back our life, love and intimacy--which is as necessary to a balanced life and a healthy relationship, as good nutrition is necessary for the health of the digestive system, and air/breathing is necessary for pulmonary/cardiovascular system
Thank you Dr Berenholz and ThermiVa!
Farmington Physician

What a pleasant, easy going , humorous man and made me feel at ease, answered all my questions. In unrelated treatment, Dr Berenholz informed me about a homeopathic treatment for my hot flashes ( Relizen) . After only 3 wks of treatment I've noticed my hot flashes to be less frequent and less intense. Thanks to this forum I received information that led me to Dr Berenholz . Correct name of my Dr is Joseph Berenholz

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