Trim Cut Left Labiaplasty (Minora) Farmington, MI

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Well I'll start by saying I'm 61y/o, and I never...

Well I'll start by saying I'm 61y/o, and I never thought I'd ever have elective procedure of my lady bits. My husband of 35 yrs had no complaints of the appearance of my vaginal area.
However, 3 yrs ago I became involved w competitive swimming, joined 2 Teams, a Masters and a Senior Olympic training swim team, went to Nationals in 2015, great experience. But because of the rather form
Fitting competitive compression swim suits-- the hypertrophied lt labia minora became problematic, had to constantly make suit adjustments to retuck into my labia majoras. Decided I would have it trimmed down--- always had this issue, now is more noticeable in my swimsuits-- which I'm in 8 hrs or more per week during competition season. Time to take care of and heal prior to this training season.
I'm embarrassed to say anything to my friends, they'll think I've lost it! I'm thankful for this site

1 day preop

Received all my pre-procedure information. Have my Tucks and Dermaplast Spray. Still all nerved up for this more than any of my other elective procedures (TT/BL) . Let you know how things worked out.

Post op day of procedure

3 hrs post op , still numb, feeling that itch , tingling sensation, as the local wears off. Took 2 Norco as instructed by my dr. Had a blood vessel spray all over my dr during procedure. Glad he ligated the bleeder there-- if it didn't let loose there- could've let loose at home -- which would've meant a trip to the hospital. Otherwise, everything went well.

1 day post op

During the night, I woke up about 2a with throbbing pain, took 2 Norco refreshed ice pack and fell back asleep. Not too much swelling, some bloody drainage, wearing a pad for oozing. This morning, I felt pretty good, sore to sit, guess I need a donut?? My dr called to check on me, I gave him the update, felt good enough to keep my 6 wk postop TT appt w my PS. Icing frequent to keep swelling down.

2 days postop

There's still a lot of swelling from my liposuction of Mons -6 wks ago with my LBL.
Area tender and sensitive, difficult to sit, have to sit sideways. Not requiring any narcotics. Tylenol occasionally

Another Preop photo and 3 days postop

Don't miss all that "hangage"!
Day 3 noticed a very swollen and sensitive clitoris. No pain, sitting still a problem. Using my small neck pillow, thanks to suggestion of my fellow labiaplasty gal pal-- it's working out well.

Day 5

Clitoris very swollen, sensitive. Notice suture sticking straight out of that area, it's attached to clitoris, when I pull on it. Not too painful, more of an Annoyance . Does this appear normal?

1 wk postop

Saw my doctor, he trimmed my sutures back, to lessen itchiness. The issue of my clitiris-- I had discussed w my doctor about what he could do to increase sensitivity to my clitoris-- and at the time he said he could take care of that too- so , silly me, I forgot that conversation-- and hence my surprise clitoral hood reduction. I'm pleased that he took care of that for me., also.

12 days postop

Let the itching begin ! tenderness is gone and it appears that the incision is closed and most of suture knots have fallen off. Still a suture on top of the clitoral glans-- itchy , sensitive,in a good way-- not uncomfortable. Going back to work tomorrow . Next post op visit at 3 wks postop

4 was post op

Other than an expected slight discomfort with intercourse, my results are amazing, my sensitivity and orgasms are so much stronger and longer, from my unhooded clitoris glans. Still getting used to the increase in sensitivity with my clothing, feeling aroused all the time-- hope this gets better, but it sure is good from keeping me in a bad mood at work!
Best of all-- no more "hangage ", no more pulling, tugging or tucking my girl part. Yay! Absolutely no regrets-- wish I did it sooner. And to think I was having an anxiety attack over doing this!!!

3.5 months post labiaplasty

All is healed and back to normal . Very pleased with my results, unhooking clitoris was the best thing I could've done , has really enhanced orgasms!
Farmington Physician

This man has changed my life w Thermiva! He's kind, compassionate and skilled.

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